Oculus Go, the company’s $200 standalone headset, is finally here. While the headset retains much of the basic functionality of Samsung Gear VR, including access to the communal Oculus app store, there’s a few neat ergonomic updates to the headset that aim to set itself apart. Case in point: Oculus Go drops Gear VR’s focus wheel, and provides a few ways to use your own glasses.

Go comes with a rubber gasket spacer which can be inserted behind the headset’s facial foam, increasing the lens-to-eye distance to make room for glasses.

Oculus Go with removable facial foam | Photo by Road to VR

It’s admittedly a little awkward to install, so you probably won’t be mounting and unmounting it at a moments notice—if you have an uncommon prescription, or two different prescriptions for each eye, there’s nothing better than using your own glasses.

Oculus Go with glasses spacer installed (facial foam goes over top) | Photo by Road to VR

Maybe the second best option is the little detachable plastic brackets which Oculus says are designed to allow perception lenses add-ons to be attached. There isn’t any info on prescription lens manufacturing partners yet but we’ve been told they will eventually appear Oculus.com/glasses, which ought to have a list of providers at some point.

Oculus Go with facial foam and lens brackets removed | Photo by Road to VR

If you’re interested in Oculus Go, check out our full review for a deep dive into Oculus’ first standalone VR headset.

Update (1:40 PM ET):  According to the Oculus Go startup guide, the following sizes of glasses will fit into the headset: Width: 142mm or less, Height: 50mm or less.

You can also now buy Oculus Go prescription lenses from FramesDirect for $80 which are available in 1.60 Hi Index Essilor lenses with anti-reflective coating.

We have feet on the ground at this year’s F8 2018 where we’ll be bringing you coverage on all things AR and VR. Check back soon.

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  • Rich John

    Since the design of the headset opening looks pretty similar to the Rift, I’m wondering if the spacer for glasses will also work on it? The ability to wear glasses under the vive was quite a big issue.

    • Rift you mean? I have a donning issue with the Rift over my specs but for the Vive its no challenge.

  • I already have a 3d printed glasses insert for my rift, but I would buy an official replacement part with that feature for my rift.

    • Jistuce

      Did you make it? I was looking for one, and it didn’t seem like they exist. My glasses not fitting is the leading cause of me not spending more time in cyberspace.

      • Ok, a bit involved:

        The object to print:

        And buy the harry potter glasses “frame #550021” from Zenni optical, you really just want the prescription lenses

        But be warned, I’ve gone through about 5 of the prints, they will last for months, but if you fidget with it, it will break.

        • Jistuce

          Ah. I thought you meant a spacer, or replacement facemask thing.

          Sadly, I share my headset with others.

          Next time I get glasses, though, I’m definitely gunning for something that fits inside the Rift better.

  • WolfB

    I really hope this gets added to Rift. I can use Vive and PSVR with my glasses with no problem, but not Rift. My eyesight isn’t terrible- so I can make due with a bit of squinting in the Rift, but it really makes things uncomfortable after a while.

  • Porn Jack

    I was able to use my glasses with the oculus rift, but I had to constantly readjust them, in the end I just played without any. Id rather watch VR Porn with no eyeglasses. They keep foaming in the headset