Black Friday is nearly upon us, and Oculus is cutting a few bucks off both Oculus Go and Oculus Rift to celebrate.

While we knew from Best Buy’s Black Friday deal that Rift was getting a $50 discount, bringing it to $350 pretty much across the board, up until now it wasn’t certain if its standalone sibling Oculus Go was going to see a similar price reduction.

Today, Oculus announced that Go is getting in the fun too, knocking its base 32GB model down by $20 (or local equivalent), bringing it from $200 to $180.

Image courtesy Oculus

A 10% discount isn’t exactly the deal we were hoping for on the company’s standalone VR headset, although it did release only six months ago. Make sure to check out our deep dive review of Oculus Go┬ábefore you plonk down those two Benjamins (or local dead president equivalent).

Oculus Launches Referral Program, Free Store Credit When a Friend Buys Rift or Go

As for Oculus Rift, a Touch bundle including two sensors will be, as previously seen, priced at $350. It’s the same Black Friday deal as last year, so while not Earth-shaking, it still represents a great price-point for one of the best PC VR headsets out there.

You’ll find both Oculus Go and Rift deal at, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Argos, Digitech, CoolBlue, Newegg, and other official retail partners.┬áThe deals are available in the US, Canada, UK/EU, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

The company’s Black Friday deals will go live on a rolling basis, and running worldwide from November 22nd at 11:59PM local time through November 26 at 11:59PM local time.

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  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    Please Google Oculus Trump before spending money on Oculus’ hardware and software.

    • Steve

      Lol. You are obsessed with persecuting someone who supported Trump. Too bad for you we live in a free country where people can have different political opinions than yourself.

      • Jeff Schmidt

        That can’t happen anymore. People are so blinded by what team they are on they can only see the opposing party is wrong and they are right.
        Because a lot of people anymore are morons and unwilling to actually think of solutions to problems they just blame someone else.

        • Steve

          I agree.

    • gothicvillas

      Are you talking about Palmer donating money to Trump? I did too. Of course less amount that Palmer did. Still unsure what your comment actually means

    • ImperialDynamics

      Palmer Luckey is no longer in Oculus

      • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

        Yes, everyone on planet Earth knows that.

        However, it took Facebook and Oculus 6 months to realize that the co-founder of Oculus was an alt-right supporter.

        And when Facebook and Oculus did find out, they did fuck all.

        For six months.

        And then, the reason they fired Palmer was unrelated to his alt-right ways.

        FFS, Google Oculus Trump.

        • Steve

          I think you’d be happier in a dictatorship. There are still some countries out there you might be more happier with.

          Palmer did nothing wrong except in your imagination (he supported a different political party than you.) Too bad.

    • Mike Hearn

      Orange man bad. I’m literally shaking!

  • We Europeans do not have dead presidents on our banknotes… what can we do then? :P

  • Steve

    I finally decided to get an Oculus Go for development. I am looking forward to working with it.

  • ImperialDynamics

    I’ve ordered 2, one for me and one for my nephew :)