If you’re looking to pick up an Oculus Quest after the holiday rush, you may be more than a bit disappointed to find out that online retailers across the board have listed it as ‘back ordered’, with Oculus US quoting an earliest delivery date into late February, early March.

Update (January 11th, 2020): Quest back orders seem to be growing steadily in North America, as the company is now quoting a March 3rd  delivery date for the 64GB version and February 27th for the 128GB version.

Amazon.com quotes the 128GB variant as coming back into stock on January 22nd; there’s no date information for the 64GB version just yet, as it’s still be sold well over its $400 price by independent vendors there.

Oculus Link is also in a high demand now too, with shipping slated for its earliest delivery on February 10th.

European availability from Oculus seems significantly better, with the 64GB version delivering January 23rd and the 128GB delivering on January 15th.

The original article follows below:

Original Article (December 26th, 2019): It seems all of Oculus’ standard online retail partners in the US are out of stock in both the 64GB and 128GB variants currently, which respectively MSPR for $400 and $500. This includes Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, NewEgg, Walmart, MicroCenter, and B&H Photo Video.

Oculus.com is taking orders as usual, however you’ll find that the 64GB version is slated to ship at earliest on February 20th. The 128GB version is quoted to ship two days earlier (see update).

Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find; you can always sniff around for remaining stock at brick-and-mortar stores, which in the US typically includes Walmart, Best Buy, MicroCenter, and GameStop.

Zuckerberg to Shareholders: 'Quest is selling as fast as we can make them'

Barring that, both eBay and independent Amazon sellers have both versions readily available, however you’ll find that demand has sufficiently jacked up asking prices to around $600 for the 64GB version and between $700 – $800 for the 128GB version.

If you’re in Europe however, you shouldn’t have an issue buying direct from Oculus or via any of the standard channels such as regional Amazon sites and local big box stores, as it seems the Black Friday hype and build up to the holiday season didn’t hit stocks nearly as hard there.

The company’s latest PC VR headset, Rift S, is only backlogged through official channels to early January, although you’ll of course need a VR-ready PC to play.

Notably, Oculus Link, the $80 cable that lets you play Rift games on Quest, is also out of stock, with shipping starting back up on January 15th.

Do you know where to find an Oculus Quest in-stock? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • ivan

    Maaaan, In Russia resellers ask $800 for 64Gb…

    And nobody wants PS VR…

    • Guest

      Does thr official store not ship to Russia?
      Unless if you mean auction or marketplace and don’t want to wait…

    • Can you not order from amazon.de or somewhere that has it in stock? I use the German site for quite a few things and live in the UK. Takes a couple of extra days for things to arrive if that.

    • NooYawker

      PSVR outsold most every other VR system. 5 million in sales, why do you think no one else releases their sales numbers? They don’t even come close to 5 million.
      No need to knock something you don’t want, but that doesn’t mean millions of other people don’t want it.

      • ivan

        Gears VR outsould every other VR system all together, it still shit, which nobody wants.. Sorry, but it is true)

        • NooYawker

          You mean that thing you put your cellphone in? They gave away millions for free when you bought a galaxy phone.

  • Alextended
    • Andrew Jakobs

      Why are you spamming this in a totally unrelated artticle?

      • Alextended

        Because I love your blonde hair.

  • I can understand this selling like hot cakes. A Rift CV1 upgrade (with Link Cable) that needs no sensors and can become completely portable and self running if you want to take it to parties or use for business. And half the price of the Index.

    • impurekind

      Less than half the price of the Index.

      • NooYawker

        Well, the Index is the best VR system so it comes at a price.

    • Jistuce

      Oh yeah. I’ve got a Quest and a Rift, and the former is much nicer in most respects. It has better displays, better lenses, fits over my glasses properly, and doesn’t need you to set up and calibrate sensor cameras.

      On the downside, the weight of the Rift is much lower and better-distributed(something about not having a battery and heatsink in front of your eyes), it functions in more lighting conditions, and the sensors DO make for more stable tracking.

      • Nelia

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        • Jistuce

          Come on, spamdroid. You could’ve said your last paycheck was $9001 for the obvious cheap “over nine thousand” joke.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I got my quest in May and the store was full of them.Usually I always invest early on.

    • Uncle Right

      Good, but you are a free beta tester :)

      • Marc-André Désilets

        But it’s still the same hardware anyway so…

  • עמית קיסר

    This is my new news site on vr/mr
    We have quest in stock

  • we have stock in israel but the price is up for now :(

    this is amazon link for quest

  • GunnyNinja

    I’ve been watching one of these get rich quick sellers constantly lowering his price until he is now back down to retail. If he goes below that, I might pull a muscle laughing…

    • Jistuce

      This tale of a scalper getting screwed over warms my heart. Thank you for sharing.

  • impurekind

    Well, it’s a good thing is many ways, as much as it’s a pain in the ass if you actually wanna buy one of things and not have to wait months.

  • impurekind

    Eh, isn’t VR supposed to be dead by now according to a bunch of ignorant naysayers a few years back?