After what seems like a very long wait (but in fact is only about 4 months) and at least one self-imposed delay (to resolve last minute SDK issues), it looks as if the first set of lucky DK2 pre-order owners are finally receiving joyful emails from Oculus stating that shipment is now imminent.

Posted in the subreddit /r/oculus, user ‘defactoman’ shared details of an email confirming final charges were made to his card and that his DK2 pre-order was about to ship:

You’re receiving this email because your Oculus Pre-order is about to ship, and we’ve charged the remaining balance to the credit card on file.
You can view your current order status and download an invoice for this charge using the Oculus Order Manager. Please note that you’re unable to make any further modifications to your order.

Thanks again for your support!

The Oculus Team

Update 1: It seems Oculus are continuing to process batches, cybereality confirmed as much on the Oculus VR developer forums. Additionally, the email pictured above will only be received by those who used a credit card for payment. Those who used PayPal will have paid in full already.

We are processing more batches, there’s still hope.

Also, the email only goes out to people who paid with credit card to inform them we are charging their card. If you paid in full with PayPal, you would not receive the email. However, in any case, you will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as the package ships. Hope that helps.

Update 2: Cybereality has told forum goers that these first order changes have been triggered by an initial manual test.

They will go out mostly in order. We are just running a few smaller batches on a per region basis to make sure everything is working good before we automate things.

Oculus VR community manager cybereality has confirmed stating: “We’ve started and it’s the real deal.”, followed by excitable exclamations from other Oculus VR staff – with at least one instance of appropriate imagery:


As we write this, more people are confirming that after checking their order status, including our very own Reverend Kyle.

Oculus stated in a recent shipping status update that it planned to ship 10,000 DK2s within the month of July, with the first batch of 5,000 landing on developers doorsteps mid July. They’ve also confirmed that local fulfilment centres are stocked ready to ship once the SDK supporting DK2 features was done.

Let us know if you’ve received any status updates in the comments below.

Breaking: We’ll update this story as we hear more.

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  • Peter73

    I got mine at 8:15 PM (Central Time)
    I completed order process 38 minutes after they opened it.

  • Sven Viking

    “Now shipping” isn’t precisely correct. Payment processing has started and shipping should start soon (hopefully within 24 hours), but nobody’s order status has gone past “processing” just yet.

    • Sven Viking

      Also, this is a minor point, but regarding: “Oculus stated in a recent shipping status update that it planned to ship 10,000 DK2s within the month of July, with the first batch of 5,000 landing on developers doorsteps mid July.”

      The original quote was “We expect to ship roughly 10,000 DK2s from the factory in July, with just over half of the units through distribution centers and on their way to doorsteps before the end of the month.”

      So the first >5k is estimated to be on the way to doorsteps by the end of July, but not necessarily *on* doorsteps.

      • Paul James

        The original quote did indeed state that you’re right. But subsequent comments stated that DK2 were (and are) in fact sat in fulfilment centres already 1-2 days away from developer’s doorsteps. This would have meant that the pre-SDK delay would have put at least a portion of these arriving mid July.

        It’s always difficult with breaking stories (especially when they break at 2:30am UK time), I think the article did it’s job, there’ll be some updates to it today no that things have settled to add more context.

        • Sven Viking

          Yeah, not trying to complain, just adding clarification to avoid potential confusion or “Oculus lied!” reactions if things don’t work out that way. To my knowledge, it hasn’t been stated that the units currently sitting in distribution centres around the world represent the full ~5,000 planned to be shipped this month. Some might still be en route.

    • Paul James

      It was correct, based on cybereality’s comments – they had started the shipping process. The email was merely the earliest indication things were moving.

      • Sven Viking

        OK, sorry. I thought you were meaning units actually being shipped out to people as in “you will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as the package ships.”

  • Alkapwn

    I didn’t pay the full amount with PayPal and I think they were having issues with the payment so they sent me an e-mail telling me to update my payment options. And that my order would be on hold until it was fixed and then put back in my spot in line. I responded to the e-mail within an hour of receiving it but I hope that didn’t bump me out of the first batch.

  • snake0

    Good. Now people might actually stfu about it. There isn’t going to be anything interesting until CV1 anyway. No way I’m paying 300 bucks for a semi-working alpha version. Never early adopt. NEVER.

    • Curtrock

      Actually, I am paying $350 for the DK2 + the $300 I paid for the DK1 = $650 paid to Oculus, so far. By the time CV1 is paid for, I’ll be in for over $1000. There are tons of really cool & interesting/mind blowing experiences already, and I’m thrilled to spend my hard earned dollars to witness/participate in the evolution of VR. Good times.

    • Alkapwn

      We’re talking about the future of virtual reality here though. This is like owning the first iPod. It’s a game changer and those that don’t see it yet, will in due time. I myself am doing everything I can to spread the word to people that don’t game of may not be into early/advanced technologies. These are the people that would never get a chance to try something like this. So spending a few bucks on this to me is a no-brainer. Even if it were to require cutting back on other things, to me it’s worth it.
      I’ve demoed the DK1 to over 60 people. Hoping to hit even more with the DK2.