oculus rift gdc 2013 interview palmer luckey nate mitchell
Looking for a 5 minute ‘interview’ montage about the Oculus Rift? You won’t find it here. I sat down with Palmer Luckey (Founder) and Nate Mitchell (VP of Product) at GDC 2013 for an 18 minute chat about the Oculus Rift.

For those of you who shared your questions on Reddit, I do apologize that I wasn’t able to include all of them in the interview. There were some 130 comments on the thread and there’s no way I could use them all! But I do thank you for contributing and I incorporated those questions where I could.

You may be interested to know what lengths we go to in order to get you this precious Oculus Rift news out of GDC 2013; to get this video out to you today I stayed at the conference hall, long after everyone had cleared out, to get the necessary bandwidth to upload the video:


Stay tuned for more Oculus Rift coverage at GDC 2013!

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  • WormSlayer

    Best GDC interview of the boys so far, even if the audio is a bit crappy :)

  • Oliver

    Wow, is Palmer Luckey almost falling asleep? Must have been exhausting…