Oculus have just announced via a blog post that you’ll be able to pre-order the consumer Oculus Rift on the 6th January @8am Pacific Time.

As Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, recently hinted – Oculus have finally announced when you’ll be able to get them to “take your money” for the Oculus Rift consumer headset.

In less than 48 hours, on Wednesday the 6th January at 8am PST, details on how to purchase the Oculus Rift will be announced, so have your F5 keys ready.


Prices are still a mystery, but we do know that you’ll receive both CCP Games’ EVE:Valkyrie and Playful Corp’s Lucky’s Tale alongside the Rift headset, tracking camera and Xbox One wireless controller.

Stay tuned and we’ll update you on the latest.

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  • P. Pzwski

    Prepare your money losers… We should wait couple of months, for lower prices, better gpu’s and fixed bugs.

    • Thomas S.

      should wait for the controller.

      • JoeD

        yeah, the lack of controller at release is really disappointing.

    • After_Midnight

      Better GPUs, that’s what I’m waiting for. When will Pascal be released anyway? If it’s in the 2nd half of the year, i’ll just go with the 980ti.

    • Tweebock McCleverReady

      Fuck that! You can sit out in the cold whining about us “first-genners” while I bask in the glow of my VR fireplace (in Unity, natch).

  • Piotrek

    but, but, but… you gonna get xbox one controller plus you can rock on in guitar hero ;)

  • an4rchos

    I hope I misunderstood that you have to purchase the xone controller no matter what…

  • Buttsie

    will be getting the Rift and the HTC VS VR but very disappointed there is no Oculus Touch with preorder hmmm what to do . thinking get the HTC VS and wait for the Oculus Touch controller combo , don’t need another xbox one controller unless it was the elite.