OrbusVR: Reborn is the first expansion to OrbusVR, a VRMMORGP in Early Access from indie studio Orbus Online. Now in its third open beta weekend, owners of the base game OrbusVR can hop into Reborn starting today, which comes with plenty of new stuff to see and explore.

Orbus Online calls the expansion pack a “ground-up re-imagining of the original game,” which includes new hand-painted visuals, enemies, dungeons, raids, classes, and more.

Image courtesy Orbus Online

The OrbusVR: Reborn beta has already begun, starting today, January 11th at 12 PM CST. It’s not certain when the beta weekend will end, although it’s safe to say come Monday users will be greeted with a ‘server offline’ message.

Reborn is set 20 years after the defeat of the Order, so much has changed in the land of Patraeyl. Users again find themselves at the central hub ‘Highsteppe’, where they venture out from behind the the safe walls of the city into a land of new possibilities. “It’s a time of chaos…and opportunity,” the studio says.

Image courtesy Orbus Online

The full version is slated to arrive sometime in Q1 2019 for free to existing OrbusVR owners. Users that purchase the base game before Reborn launches are said to receive it for free.

OrbusVR is a VR-only game available through Steam (Vive, Rift) and the Oculus Store (Rift).

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Here’s a list of all new content on show in the third beta weekend:

  • New Avatar Creator We’ve re-worked our avatars to give you much more control over the look of your character. Change the shape of your body and face, and choose from a variety of hair, nose, and eye styles to make a truly unique avatar that represents you!
  • New ClassesThe Bard is a support class focused around conducting your own personal mini-orchestra of musical orbs. By keeping them in-sync and choosing the right instrument at the right time, you can support your party members, heal your allies, weaken your enemies, and even deal a little damage of your own! The Shaman is a high-powered offensive class with the ability to affect the entire battlefield. Throwing down totems, the Shaman can spread effects to slow down enemies, or throw down a spell-slinging totem and grab some arcane energy to hurl for massive damage. Disciplines Three and Four will be revealed soon!
  • New EnemiesFace new, challenging foes from a variety of core races, including creatures of chaos and corrupted nature. Enemy AI has been vastly improved, and enemies will now dodge incoming projectiles, retreat and seek help, and choose between rushing the player or hanging back at a distance depending on the situation.
  • New ActivitiesWith Highsteppe as your central hub, take on a variety of new activites in-game, including airship adventures with a party, dragon pet racing, and public events throughout the world. All non-endgame areas will also be level-scaled, so veteran and new players can easily quest together. And of course, we’ll have new dungeons, raids, gear, and more!
  • Redesigned World PvP and BattlegroundsWe’ve listened to your feedback on the player versus player content in the game, and in this re-imagined realm, World PvP is an opt-in activity, along with additional rewards for those who choose to participate. We’ll also be rolling out our first Capture the Flag Battleground game mode for those who want some competitive action, along with Honor ranks and rewards.
  • Revamped Gathering and New Crafting Gathering resources throughout the world will now be more naturally integrated, with items such as ore found in caves (yes, there are now caves!). We’ll also be introducing a new Tinkerer crafting discipline.
  • Improved Performance and StabilityBy making each asset ourselves, we’ve been able to hand-tune the game for the performance that VR requires. Even when questing in the overworld, you’ll now find buttery-smooth framerates. We’ve also upgraded our engine and fixed numerous bugs to greatly increase overall stability and reduce crashes and disconnects.

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          because if you’re gona believe in a lie, at least have fun with it!

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      Would a mod maybe start curating this person’s posts? It seems as though they’re commenting on nearly every article now -_-

  • Was the original OrbusVR any good? The videos of it looked very poor so I never tried it.

    • JDawg

      It’s fun for a while. Think of it as the worst MMO you’ve ever played but that VR makes it actually a fun experience. Fishing in it has some depth but the combat is shallow. Combat involves spamming damage at enemies until dead while I stand here. Hopefully this update will improve things. It’s the best VR MMO right now because it’s the only VR MMO. Maybe also check out Karnage Chronicles

      • Now Karnage Chronicles I did play with a buddy, from beginning to end… or at least the end of the game 2 months ago. Since it ended abruptly, I would assume there’s FAR more happening in the future.

        But Karnage Chronicles isn’t really much of a RPG. There’s no real leveling, no skills, just a few simple weapon upgrades and 2 classes. Dungeon Knights, a less polished game, had more leveling depth. Outside of Skyrim, which has NO multiplayer, I haven’t seen any really good RPG’s.

        • Mike549

          Every time Orbus goes on sale I almost buy it. This update may push me to finally do it. I just wish it looked more like Skyrim. I love that atmosphere in VR.

          • jj

            I feel like the game itself should have been your motivation if you made the purchase, not an expansion especially since the game isnt even done yet.

    • Rosko

      Felt somewhat amateurish when i played it. Quite buggy & unfinished. Looks like they are putting the work into it though.

  • Briansama

    40 bucks for a vr title in early access…. get bent roflmao

    • Michael Slesinski

      an “expansion” for a vr game that isnt even out of early access at that! its not even a particularly good game, all aspects of it are shallow (combat, crafting, etc) and visually it reminds me of early 2000’s mmo games (ragnarok online or rose online in particular). i dont see how it will survive at that price point.

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  • Justos

    Not sure why the game is getting so much hate here.. Its actually really fun, and I put about 50 hours into it before i had my fill. Lots of value compared to single player VR games today. My biggest issue with it is the ‘quest text’, as it doesnt fit VR well. I know, small team, V/O is expensive, etc etc… but yeah.

    They are clearly putting the work in, I highly recommend it, especially after this expansion. Its not WoW in VR, but it is well worth the investment if you enjoy the genre or social VR in general. Just talking to people while fishing was a great experience.