Overlaid Videos Show Just how Accurate Oculus Touch Controls Are

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Oculus Touch tech demonstration ‘Toybox’ made its public video debut a couple of days ago and highlighted the sheer fun that can be had in VR with intuitive motion controllers. The videos used a side-by-side in-game and real-world POV technique to illustrate how Touch can be used and in this latest video, those views are overlaid on top of eachother. It illustrates quite elegently the accuracy with which Oculus’ Touch controllers respond to real-world input.

Thanks to Scott McGregor for creating the video.

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  • kalqlate

    Very impressive! It will probably take a neural interface to get touch and force-feedback working believably, but various amounts of mechanical buzz and a 3-axis opposing gyroscope would help for now.

  • guestmang

    From my perspective I thought the video was showing how inaccurate it was.. You can see the discrepancies between the real hand and the virtual.

  • asdfggg