Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey may have left Facebook in 2017, but as the designer behind the Oculus Rift and its two developer kits, he has unique insight into what makes VR headsets tick. In his latest project, he’s whittled down a few of Oculus Go’s pain points into a project he calls Oculus ‘GoBlack’.

Luckey began modding Go sometime after he posted a tear-down of the headset, which revealed a standard 2,600mAh 18650 lithium-ion cell inside. At the time, he concluded the battery would be “an easy upgrade.”

Now, Luckey has gone a few steps further in a new blog post by providing a brief look at some of the changes he made to the $200 standalone headset, which include a new all-black color scheme, reduced weight, and better battery.

“[T]he resulting device is a huge step up in terms of overall experience,” Luckey says.

While he contends “anyone with a bit of technical skill can make [Oculus Go] even better,” you might want to see some of the mods first before you dust off your spudger and boil up a batch of black polyester dye.

Instead of painting it and potentially adding on more weight, Luckey stripped the unit down to its shell, facial interface, and head strap and dipped it all in a near-boiling vat of black polyester dye.

Image courtesy Palmer Luckey

Whatever your hardware hackery skill level, Luckey issues a pretty big proviso worth noting first:

WARNING: Be careful if you try this yourself.  Dying plastics requires high temperature near-boiling liquid solutions, and if you go even a few degrees too hot, you will warp your plastics almost instantly.  If you go too cool, the dye won’t permeate properly.  Also, you can burn yourself.

While it’s clear a darker facial interface is the most important part here, as it helps defuse reflected light and deliver a better visual experience, the all-black exterior is undeniably cool too.

Image courtesy Palmer Luckey

Weight was also a big issue that needed addressing; the ‘face-borne’ body of the headset weighs just over 400 grams—lighter than the Oculus Rift. Go is pretty front-heavy though, which can create discomfort by putting pressure on your face.

Luckey has however whittled it down to 280 grams by relocating the battery and replacing the headset’s stock passive cooling system with a custom one which uses a shorter and lighter heat pipe, small aluminum fins, and electric mini-blower that draws power from the main board.

Image courtesy Palmer Luckey

Replacing the aluminum faceplate with a lightweight plastic and tearing out the internal shielding only saves a couple of grams however, Luckey contends, but the aesthetics were just too cool to pass up.

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Because Go’s stock 2,600mAh battery normally sits inside the headset, it makes up about 10% of that 400 gram curb weight mentioned above. Luckey has however relocated the battery to the back of the head strap with a Velcro compartment and entirely replaced it with a 3,500mAh cell, adding an hour of playtime to the headset’s stock two-hour battery life.

Image courtesy Palmer Luckey

Another fine touch: the power cable actually houses a magnetic pogo-pin connector, which allows you to hot-swap battery packs.

“Totally subjectively, it feels like a 50% weight reduction, especially during head movement,” Luckey concludes.

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He did try his hand at adding an interpuppilary distance (IPD) adjuster, which is sorely lacking in Oculus Go. This proved to be more difficult than previously thought though—a sad revelation considering Luckey’s IPD is on the high side.

“I have a pretty wide interpupillary distance, around 70mm, and Oculus Go is somewhat unusable for me […]  The VR revolution should be accessible for everyone, no matter the distance between their eyes. I will be writing more on this in the future.”

– – — – –

If you’re looking for a good place to start on your Oculus Go modding adventure, check out MindTribe’s detailed tear down. Yes, you’ll be voiding your warranty.

Also, in case you missed it, check out Palmer Luckey’s blog for the full rundown of his ‘GoBlack’ mod.

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  • blue5peed

    This is so cool.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I had hoped palmer found a way to make it 6dof.

  • Justin Davis

    “I have a pretty wide interpupillary distance, around 70mm, and Oculus Go is somewhat unusable for me”

    Then why bother with all of the mods?

    • spaceman1980

      i didnt realize that the go has no IPD adjust that effing sucks

      • Apparently the Go optics were designed to have a better eye box. Probably means, if you fall within the appropriate range, IPD adjustment shouldn’t really matter. Of course if you fall outside that range, it’s bad news bears. :/ My guess is Go can handle a decent majority of IPDs, but it’s still less than what you could get with physical IPD adjustment.

    • He modded it so he could adjust IPD…

  • spaceman1980

    the fact about the IPd sucks I really really really hope that the Quest has IPD

    • kontis

      It does have IPD slider.

  • What a magnificent abomination of science and hackery! Hat’s off to you Luckey, well done.
    The placement of the battery seems like a great middle ground between the front and back where you could still rest your head on a pillow or similar surface without having the batter press against your head.

  • I’m really interested in the IPD mod. My IPD is 75mm and the Go is less than enjoyable. I’d love an easy fix!

    • Proof XR Lab

      the IPD cannot be altered because Go uses single display panel with fixed lenses, Daydream View had same problem for users outside of “average” IPD range.

      Some devices (PSVR) offer software adjustment but its very limited in adjustment due to lens sweetspot constraints; mechanical IPD (Rift, Vive) physically move the lens and its focal centre along with each display centre. Vive shown below.


      • dk

        it can be done https://youtu.be/H_OFWAOdYbo but if u move the lenses u need to move the picture on the screen too ….having a screen per lens is one way to do it ….if it’s a single screen it can be done if u have some buffer screen area …..and people with the go have mentioned that they can see the edge on the right and left ….so no buffer area

      • Possible on dk2

        • Proof XR Lab

          thanks for the info, very interesting.

  • kuhpunkt

    Still a racist prick.

    • Kev

      That’s just plain false.

      • kuhpunkt

        Nimble America? Steve King? You wouldn’t support that if you were NOT a racist prick.

        • Orogogus

          Nimble America, as far as I can tell, was basically nothing. I think they made one fairly mild billboard and their website had a video from the GOP convention.

          Luckey supported a swathe of Republican candidates, not just Steve King, and King has a lot of other (also right wing) positions besides racism. If you’re an anti-abortion, pro-gun or pro-business voter, you’d probably support King even if you weren’t a racist prick. Luckey’s almost certainly right wing, but a lot of rich people are. I feel like the hate posse comes across as people with too much time to spend on social media and Internet rage, who never have to work with or deal with people with different opinions.

          • jj

            ” too much time to spend on social media” coming from the guy typing up a novel…..

          • Bryan Ischo

            That probably took him about 3 minutes to type. But you know, why bother with detailed discussion on topics? Probably better to just toss labels around and live a mentally simplified life where everything is black and white and nothing really needs to be thought about too hard … right?

          • jj

            or you know just set up a straw man fallacy to make yourself sound like your contributing when really your shit posting.

            Do you need me to explain what a straw man fallacy is, or do you know how to use google?

            I made ONE observational comment that was almost not even a full sentence long, and you chose to go after that instead of adding to conversation…. so yeah i guess we are just tossing labels around this black n white villa because nothing needs to be thought about too hard…right?

            My comment could easily be disregarded and not have made a branch of conversation, up until YOU decided that it is what the topic should be focused on. So i did not derail this conversation, mine was still relative, yours however was specifically about me and not about lucky, which in turn derails the conversation.

            as far as my comment goes, its still stands legit as him contradicting himself by saying on a form of social media that others use too much social media… if you don’t see the irony there that’s your fault. It wasn’t even that big or harsh of a comment, most people, including the writer, would read that and chuckle at the situation, its not pitchfork and torch type of event here like you’re making it out to be.

            Next time you try to be a smart ass, cover your own ass so you don’t look as stupid as you just did.

          • care package

            Who doesn’t know what a straw man is. It was the internet buzz words for years. Most quit applying everything to it. Seems you’re still riding that one. Instead of really adding to the conversation dude you just typed a whole lot of novel nothingness.

          • jj

            well thats what it is, he started the derailment of the discussion, not me, and if hes going to go at me about it of course im going to defend myself.

          • jj

            I also wasn’t the one saying people spend too much time on social media, so its not hypocritical of me to write a lengthy response, but it is for orogogus because he was the one making those claims.

          • MosBen

            Pinning someone down as a racist can be difficult, absent some direct evidence. But at the very least we could say that Luckey supports racism. People don’t get to pick politicians on single policies. King is about as racist as anyone in modern American politics. If Luckey didn’t want to support racism, he shouldn’t have supported King.

          • Orogogus

            Well, that’s the thing. If you’re a white guy or gal in the US, you can look at a range of issues and not care much about racism, because it’s not a real problem for you. You might care more about (for example) gun rights, outlawing abortion, the death penalty, and promoting evangelical agendas. I think Steve King is scum, but he’s Republican scum in a tightly contested race. I’d probably give to a Democrat scumbag if I thought it would have a major legislative impact.

            At the end of the day, a lot of people vote Republican. It’s not a fringe movement. I feel flipping your lid because someone donated money to the GOP is a problematic attitude in most work environments and social situations.

          • MosBen

            Voting for a racist because you’re white and feel like racism doesn’t affect you is a problem. Caring more about gun rights than racism isn’t like preferring cake over pie. There may have been a time where there were good Republicans that you could support without empouring a toxic movement, but that’s not today, and it would never be acceptable to support someone like King. That doesn’t mean that it would be wise to harangue your Republican boss, but that doesn’t change the underlying reality, nor does it change anything about Luckey supporting King.

          • Orogogus

            It seems unwise to harangue your Republican anybody. Even in blue states like California and Texas, there are lots of Republicans (likewise in Democrats in red states). The extremes are usually around 70/30 of voters (except DC, which is one urban area). It’s not a good use of time to go picking fights with every third person you run into, and it’s not good for anyone.

          • MosBen

            Standing against racism and making clear that people should not support racist politicians or groups is always the right thing to do. It may be unwise depending on specific context, and there are more and less effective ways of making those points, but the answer to the fact that there are millions of people voting for racists is not a great reason to be quiet and not bring those things up. Racism is wrong, and you’re either against it, of you help it exist and grow.

          • George Isaacs

            Speaking of helping racism grow, you also berate people who voted for two of the people (one a former recent president, the other his secretary of state) who made it possible to buy a black man in Libya for four hundred bucks, yes? The reality and history of racism in this country is long and complicated (goes beyond Slavery and Jim Crow), and if you think only one side is complicit, you either aren’t too bright, or worse, you are part of the problem by trying to make excuses by diverting attention to a single boogie man while pretending to be one of the good guys. Most black people aren’t republicans (I am), but those who aren’t and aren’t being paid to defend them on TV are generally not happy with that party either (which makes us like most Americans of either party and any ethnic group).

          • MosBen

            Both parties have some real problems with their foreign policy, but the idea that they are equally bad on race issues is laughable. The Democrats are really far from perfect, but compared to Republicans, it isn’t even close.

          • George Isaacs

            If by “race issues” you mean the factors that effect black people on a day to day basis, like red-lining, (dating back to the New Deal), police violence (cops live in red districts but are hired by blue districts), generations locked into poverty, mass incarceration, etc., and not factors that trigger well to do white liberals, like political correctness and other nonsense like that, then yeah, it’s really freaking close. Some history that won’t make you feel good; https://www.epi.org/publication/the-color-of-law-a-forgotten-history-of-how-our-government-segregated-america/

            Full disclosure; haven’t actually read the book, yet, but familiar with some of what’s discussed within from interviews with the author and others (some bits, I knew beforehand, others not til recently). I realize you may not be interested in this, but when the dems start debating each other, somebody is likely to ask Kamala Harris, “whatever happened to all the black people who used to live in San Fransisco?”

          • SmithW6079

            George, I received an upvote from you. And clicked on your profile to see what you were about. Straight away you made a good impression by not being ashamed of your posting history. So I started reading.

            I’m writing you to express my disappointment that you haven’t posted much. Especially in recent years. You sound thoughtful, calm, and like your preferred plane of existence is fact and reality, rather than theory, based. Even when talking about comics.

            The internet is filled with cranks and goons. And I wouldn’t wish to spend time with many who probably share my love of individualism and personal liberty. But I get the strong impression I would greatly appreciate being able to call a man like you a friend.

            Take care.

          • Orogogus

            The specific context seems very unwise — attacking everyone voting for the party that won the last presidential election and holds the Senate. Yelling at them and calling them racists and scum until they switch to Democrat. Looking for enemies, refusing to interact like normal human beings, and verbally flipping tables as a means of discourse. This probably won’t make anyone on the other side less racist.

          • MosBen

            That’s making a lot of assumptions. I haven’t called people who vote for Republicans scum. I have said that several elected Republicans, including Steve King, are racists. I haven’t said this here yet, but I will say that the elected representatives of the Republican party pursue racist policies in several areas. And I have said that voting for those elected Republicans, and especially for the outwardly racist members like Steve King, is to give support for their racist agenda. Now, it may be the case that some voter likes the idea of lower marginal tax rates for their small business, but hates the racist agenda that the party pursues elsewhere. I’m totally sympathetic to that position, but we don’t get to choose to support only the small, limited area where we agree with a politician. Steve King serving in Congress means that he gets a platform to project his racism, and his voters help him do it, even the ones that disagree with his racism. The solution is to either vote against him, knowing that his opponent may not agree with you on some issues, like taxes, or to vote for him with the understanding that you are willing to accept his racist agenda if it means you get your preferred policy on taxes. It’s about priorities. If someone really, truly cares about fighting against racism, they have to understand that that may come with trade offs for them, personally.

          • Orogogus

            You said, “There may have been a time where there were good Republicans that you could support without empouring a toxic movement, but that’s not today…”, shorthanding what you just wrote. The message is that it’s unacceptable for people to vote the way they did. That seems unlikely to sway King, Luckey, or anyone who votes Republican. And I think that’s a problematic attitude because they won the presidential election. The Democrats won’t win over the rural and suburban electorate on a platform of berating voters and donors, and I don’t see it winning over hearts and minds on message boards, either.

          • MosBen

            I thought that it was clear from the context of my post, but when I said that there may have been a time in which there were Republicans that you could support without empowering a toxic movement, the Republicans refers to elected officials and the you refers to voters. And yes, voting Republican today means voting to support a toxic movement that condones racism and pursues racist policies. I don’t think that it is berating people to point out that the modern Republican party is actively racist. I wish that it weren’t the case. The country would be much better off with two parties engaged in positive debates to address the country’s problems. But that’s not what we have today, and the only way for that to change is for the Republican party to be utterly rejected by people who refuse to support racism, even though they probably don’t agree with the Democrats on lots of issues. Rejecting racism needs to be a priority.

          • Orogogus

            “the Republicans refers to elected officials and the you refers to voters”

            I’m not saying otherwise. But I think those voters will read plenty of beratement in some guy telling them they’re supporting a toxic movement that supports racism. I think there are lots of voters who proudly identify as Republican and will take offense at attacks on the party. To say nothing of the posts preceding yours flat out calling Luckey a racist prick, or all Republican voters racists.

            “the only way for that to change is for the Republican party to be utterly rejected by people who refuse to support racism”

            And that happens by calling out and attacking everyone who supports the Republican party? Even though they won?

            It’s well and good ask people to help make a stand against racism, but if you’re going to opt for petty vengeance against everyone who says no, you’d better make sure you win first.

    • care package

      Racist, lmao. Accusers are usually the biggest offenders. Giving money to a conservative group is hardly prejudice against particular pigmentation levels. Only the racists find racism in everything. If Luckey specifically said something racist then you’d be on to something. Until then quit making shit up.

      • It is not possible to be Republican in 2018 and not be a racist. It isn’t even logical to separate the two things. Republicans are, by definition, racists.

        Without any exceptions whatsoever.

        • care package

          lmao. It’s not possible to be a liberal degenerate and not call evil good and good evil. The truth is not in you. Please though, give me a credible reason why being a republican means you hate any other pigment variation other than your own. lol. It’s too bad you don’t realize your own stupidity. Like I said. Accusers are usually the biggest offenders. You’re the ‘racist’, against I’m guessing Caucasians. What it’s really about is anti-Christianity, which I’m sure you’re all about . lol

          • Your logic is faulty. If I accuse someone of robbing a bank, chances are I have not robbed the bank.

            By the way, use of the term ‘degenerate’ harkens back to a time you probably have not read about. It’s sort of a marker. A red flag, to say the least.

            Republicans have gone on the record in support of Neo Nazis and white supremacists. Republicans openly wage warfare against non-whites. To deny what we all see on a daily basis is futile. You’d spend your time better by watching Fox News and drinking a Coors.

            There isn’t a gray area here.

            Republican = Racist

            That’s simple math. They didn’t have that at school, did they?

          • care package

            Actually no it’s not. I said accusers are usually the biggest offenders. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase it takes one to know one. I can tell by your wording you are as prejudice ad they come, especially with youre generalizations lol. I can tell you’re a real moral activist lmao. No one is going to take you serious with generalizations like that, because you sound like a fool. You really should try thinking for yourself instead of letting social engineering do it for you.

          • MosBen

            You say “moral activist” like it’s a bad thing. How can that possibly be the case?

          • jj

            at least CP is analyzing whats being said and reflecting on the things that have been said with a decent response. you, MosBen, are just trying to have edgy comments and doing a terrible job at representing your side of the discussion.

          • MosBen

            I’d be concerned if my comments relied on logical fallacies, or we’re factually incorrect. I’m not terribly moved by the assertion that my comments are edgy. And my post was a legitimate question: in what sense is being a moral activist a bad thing?

          • Firstly, you cannot spell.

            Secondly, let’s address your argument that Republicans come in all ethnicities. Barely. Sure, any party is going to have a few of this or that here and there. One can cherry pick to support a losing argument. Republicans are mostly older and white. Come on now, silly, let’s not ignore the obvious. This is well documented. Your argument is a spit into a high-speed fan.

            You can tell that I am prejudiced against racists. You are perceiving things accurately. I am prejudiced against racists.

            And by the way, no, it does not take one to know one. That is one of those foolish little quotes that uneducated idiots toss around. Sort of like, ‘we are all in the same boat.’

          • Devin C

            Is there a particular reason every liberal moral activist comes across as an arrogant asswipe? You’ve offered no proof or at least criteria to explain your assertion that Republicans are racist or what methodology you’re using to assess the intelligence of Democrats vs Rebublicans or proof that intelligence has any influence on ideology. You’ve side stepped every question and challenging viewpoint with snide remarks and the practically playground level insult that someone’s spelling sucks as if anyone gives a shit. Plenty of people have challenges with spelling while still being brilliant. What’s your point? Pull your head out of your fifth point of contact and stop ASSuming your point of view is the only correct one.

          • We seem arrogant because we are. Does that answer your first question?

            Republicans are on the record as working diligently to oppose equal rights. This is not something I need to prove. It is well-reported. Google it if you require some evidence.

            Statistically, Republicans attract a less educated group. This again is well-documented. Google it.

            The association with Republicans, Trump, and white supremacists is once again well-documented and in fact openly discussed by Republicans.

            You do not see this white supremacist association going on with Democrats.

            And lastly, no, most brilliant people do not have challenges with spelling. You’ve seen that in a movie somewhere and thought it was true. That, by the way, is another snide remark.

          • Devin C

            If you are going to assert something as fact, you do need to prove it. Have you ever even written an expositive essay? Give sources and facts. You are free to believe what you want but you do need to learn to show a modicum of respect to other people and their point of view. Being arrogant and snide and considering others as beneath you are not traits you should be proud of. Rather you should work to correct these flaws so people will actually want to hear your point of view. Have a Merry Christmas and consider adopting a more friendly character for the new year.

          • I do not have a friendly character.

            I do not show respect to people defending a point of view that includes intollerance. Despising racism and intollerance is not racism or intollerance.

            We do not need to ‘prove’ things that are obvious. You are asking for proof of intollerance by Republicans which is absurd because that intollerance is openly practiced without apology.

            No one lacking for intollerance would take children from the arms of their parents and put them in ‘detention centers.’ No one lacking for intollerance would allow crowds to give the Nazi salute at presidential rallies. No one lacking for intollerance would encourage violence against journalists.

            This list goes on and on. Something that you are very well aware of.

            Palmer Lucky may or may not be intollerant. His association with Republican viewpoints is not a good indicator though.

          • Devin C

            Why do you place so much importance on someone’s political ideology? Niether Democrats nor Republicans are a monolith. We hold varying values and I have never met a Republican that supports intolerance or racism while I have met many democrats such as yourself who are hateful and intolerant towards anyone with a differing point of view. Difference of opinion on Government size, involvement, or immigration should not affect our ability to respect one another as people. You have never met me and yet by your standard I am a racist and intolerant because I am a Republican. It troubles me that anyone could think that way as it allows an individual to justify disrespectful and at times violent behavior. I would honestly suggest that you let go of this negativety and participate in some meditative activity like yoga or thai chi for the enrichment of your own life.

          • Whatever your experience of meeting fellow Republicans may be, that party has forcefully, vocally, and openly associated itself with some of the most bigoted and intolerant policies, ideas, and statements seen in American politics over the past thirty years.

            No one here has justified violent behavior as you seem to suggest. Republicans certainly have though – as has been seen and filmed during numerous Republican events.

            Certainly, there may be Republican exceptions. However, as a general rule at this point, the Republican party represents exclusion, resentment, racism, and bigotry.

            I realize that a number of Republicans may be horrified at what their party has become. They should leave. To remain without objection is to support the party’s positions.

            There is no proper reaction to intolerance and open displays of racism from a political party that isn’t negative.

            You are arguing as if spitting into that fan of obvious fact. We’ve all watched in shock and horror as Republicans have repeatedly attempted to disenfranchise non-white voters. We are all watching. Your attempts to squelch what you call ‘disrespectful’ behavior cannot blind anyone to what the Republicans are showing us every single day.

            And, buddy, you are one of them.

          • Devin C

            So I should be ashamed of voting for a president who has achieved better relations with North Korea than we have had in 6 decades, reduced my taxes, increased the economy, brought black unemployment to an all time low, and is pushing for actual border security. My mother and I are quite happy with our choices thank you. Better him than a women who improperly handled classified material and illegaly deleted incriminating evidence and who attacked and defamed the women her husband actually sexually assaulted.

            It is not Republicans that are terrorizing cities and campuses in black bloc, damaging property, assaulting people, or trying to deplatform conservative speakers. Look in a mirror and stop projecting.

          • Seriously? North Korea? Ok, we can all stop laughing now. That’s pretty funny.

            Clinton has never had a charge made against her. Not a single one. The only person with loads of people being charged with crimes and being sent to jail is Trump. And charges are being prepared for his post-presidency.

            Dude, look, you can support anything you want. That’s fine. You are on the record and fully out in the open supporting… Donald Trump.

            Donald Trump is a New York casino mob guy. Most of us who lived there for a long time are well aware of that.

            That’s your guy.

            Clinton’s emails are a Republican chirp of desperation in the face of a nation leaving their bigotry behind.

            And Bill Clinton has never been charged with anything either. What assault are you referring to? Please show us Mr. Clinton admitting to assaulting women. We have Trump gleefully admitting to such behavior. Where’s is your Bill tape? Oh wait, that’s right… you made that up just like a good Fox News viewer should.

          • Devin C

            Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson are racist now? That’s actually funny. As to North Korea you can laugh all you want but they do represent a danger to our allies in the region and have viewed us as an enemy for a long time so while you might not care, I’m sure South Korea and Japan are relieved.

          • You don’t sit and listen to those two and think ‘Oh yeah, these guys are totally normal and cool?’ Do you?

            Those guys are the types who generally resist as people expand freedoms and rights. They find issues with everything because they don’t want people to all be equals. They have problems with women, non-white people, immigration. They couch their bigotry in language that smoothes it out a little. Gives it an academic flavor.

            And if you are seriously talking about Trump and North Korea you should do standup. South Korea and Japan consider Trump an abject fool.

            You need to know that your support of this Trump clown is quickly putting you into a lunatic minority. Remember what I said in a few years when even Republicans are celebrating his return to private life.

            This has been a really bad time for Republicans. They’ve become so associated with racism and hatred that it is going to take time and effort to recover and improve. Democrats aren’t perfect. Some of them are fakes. Trues. But they do not represent as a party or as an ideology the rejection of fairness and equality and a return to the racist ways of the Deep South in the 1950s.

            They can recover. It will just take time. It’s going to be slow. Won’t happen until those schools out in the suburbs and farm areas get better. All schools, for that matter.

            Every wonder why Republicans tend to be the most dense way out where the silos are?

            Bad schools. Go check it out sometime. You’re jaw will bounce off the floor. It’s basically Afghanistan with white farmers.

          • Devin C

            Republicans were the ones pushing for equal rights in the 1950s while Democrats were holding klan rallies. Sorry our bad schools didnt get the updated revisionist history that tries to deny that. Clearly you haven’t listened to Peterson or Shapiro if you think they are racist, bigoted, or against women. They have even addressed such baseless accusations so you can listen for yourself. Hell, if you dont want to listen to a concervative or a centerist, listen to Dave Rubin once in a while. He’s a brilliant liberal that anyone should be able to respect.

            As a side note though, get off the elitest high horse. Liberalism is not the only correct ideology nor is it a measure of higher education (though probably higher indoctrination). There are racist people out there, on the left they’re “intersectional” and identitarians while on the far right they come right out call themselves white nationalists. Both groups are reprehensible and neither represent a political party. I disagree with most liberal policies but I can understand that they have many of the same good intentions as I do as a conservative. Republicans do not stand against equality. Women and minorities already have equal rights, but you probably think the gender pay gap is actually real and that the legal system is racist because more minorities are incarcerated… So keep on claiming I’m uneducated but while you’re doing that, how about you learn some statistics and that correlation does not equal causation.

          • You are clearly denying things that are proven to exist. You sound reasonable right up until the end where you try to suggest the pay gap is not real. It is real. It’s math. It’s statistics. Data.

            Because you are able to say that there are reprehensible people on the far edges of either party or ideology, doesn’t legitimize your overall logic.

            The good intentions of conservatives where left behind by the Republican party many years ago. The overall tendency of conservatives today is to lean toward restricting rights and benefiting the wealthy over the middle class and the poor. This isn’t even debatable because it is structural to every initiative Republicans undertake.

            Your continued reference to Klan rallies and Democrats in the 50s is absurd. The south at one point did in fact vote more Democratic than it does now. And we are all very familiar with the deep and unrelenting racism of the ‘Deep South.’ Everyone knows it was there in the 50s and it’s still there now. Because those racists may have voted more Democrats into office in the 1950s doesn’t mean the Klan was founded by Democrats or that Democrats are now the party of Klan. Ridiculous.

            Even the racists of the 1950s voted out of self interest. Democrats held some positions then that were beneficial to voters in the South. So what? That has nothing to do with the deep and pervasive racism of Republicans in 2018.

            The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s was led by Democratic administrations. Then came Nixon who didn’t appreciate many of those efforts very much, and on the Republicans went from there. Right up to they are today: electing a bigot who enjoys bragging about assaulting women and who is watching his circle of friends to to jail as they flip and hand over evidence against him to federal investigators.

            Republicans love this guy who runs fake universities to defraud people who get suckered into his scams. They love this New York real estate crook with mob connections coming out of his ears.

            The only party associated with militias, white supremacists, and Nazi movements is the Republican Party. Surely you’ve noticed this.

            As a rule, liberalism is the better tendency in general. It tends to allow people to be. To exist in their way and follow their paths. Conservatism tends to restrict. To withdraw. To disallow. To circle the wagons, so to speak.

            Conservatism is the tendency of people who are afraid. Liberalism is the tendency of people who are free.

            Those are basic underlying tendencies which can be healthy when they aren’t being warped into extremism.

            Republicans have been sliding into extremism. No party who elects a Trump can possibly be on a healthy track.

          • MosBen

            And even if someone wanted to quibble with extending the term racist to all Republicans, Steve King is absolutely, unquestionably racist.

        • Bryan Ischo

          You are a part of the problem, not a part of the solution.

          • Oh no sir, make no mistake, I am part of the solution. And the solution is coming much faster than you think.

          • Bryan Ischo

            As long as there are people intolerant as you are, there will always be a problem.

        • fdf

          Haha did you just say republicans are by definition racist? Did you know that Democrats founded the KKK? Did you know they rallied and the majority were against all Civil Rights movements? Get a life Alessandro.

          • Your history is somewhat suspect. The Democratic party did not found the KKK. Furthermore, we are discussing the political parties of today, not the distant past. Parties evolve. Sometimes for the worse.

            The Republican party of the past 40 years at least has allied itself and positioned itself to appeal to racists and intollerant people. The Republican party doesn’t hide this effort. You seem incapable of handling actual facts in favor of your own poorly informed imagination.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          uhh, in your logic Democrats are also racist. Not that kuhpunkt has an actual point and is just as much a racist as Luckey is.

      • kuhpunkt

        Hit a nerve, hmm?

        • Bryan Ischo

          Welcome to my block list. Have fun with the other idiots in there.

    • Surykaty

      since everybody is prejudiced, has some biases (like jada smith against blondes).. nobody is good enough, nobody is pure therefore everybody is racist… and since everybody is racist noone cares in the end… go sleep in fear dear cowpoint.. you just made the world a really fearful place.. lol

      • kuhpunkt


    • killer Spinach

      Don’t pay attention to politics. It’s all fake. It’s all rigged and all it makes you do is be cynical about everything an unable to enjoy anything.

      • kuhpunkt

        Racism isn’t politics.

        • Daban

          You have won the coveted “Most Retarded Comment” award of the day.

          • kuhpunkt

            If you say so… (Racism can be used in politics, but it is not political itself)

          • kuhpunkt 5++

    • Mateusz Pawluczuk

      I saw photo of Palmer and his old time friend Cymatic Bruce not that long ago on Twitter. I’m not sure what your on about.

  • NooYawker

    I had to look up what a spudger is.

  • Oh my god! I did this with the pot of dye and I threw my Oculus Go in there and it came out totally black but now it won’t turn on!

    Oh god I can’t believe I took this foolish advice.

    • Baldrickk

      You took all the electronics out first right?

      • dk


  • Yosarin Blake

    The battery is now hot-swappable. OMG!! Flashlights from the 80s had batteries you could swap out. But a high tech VR device from the 21st century? No. I’ve listened to Carmack speak. They consider 1001 factors when making these things. But come on, a key complaint is the short battery life! Luckey sure does a good job of making that mob look like they could try a bit harder!

    • dk

      yep having any size battery on the top removing weight from the front and swapping it is an excellent feature ….the quest will need it too

  • Patrick McKee

    Nice mods Palmer. Waiting for Quest to release, if it’s any good, I will mod the shit out of it.

  • Palmer Luckey is the man

  • Kenji Fujimori

    Not sure why he is focussing on his past companies products, Facebook fired him and the Zenimax lawsuit etc..

    • Andrew Jakobs

      because they are available and easily upgradable? And maybe he still gets them for free?

      • Kenji Fujimori

        Even so, the same company that fucked you over, you would not want to even touch it again. Should just reinvent yourself, not look at former glories..

        • Andrew Jakobs

          Well, not everybody is so vendictive as you seem to be, and if a company already paid $2 billion for my small hobbycompany and made me very VERY rich, I wouldn’t give a damn (and he propably got a very big severancepaycheck when he was ousted)..
          With doing this, he just shows he really hasn’t changed that much as before he was at facebook, doing the things he loves to do, hack a device and change it for a better VR experience..

          • Kenji Fujimori

            True, I agree with you. The payout, is of course great for more than its worth from a Kickstarter project. Though Zuckerberg is a prick in general lol

  • Lucidfeuer

    Luckey, still doing a better job than Oculus while not working at Oculus…

    But he’s still an engineer not a conceptor, so those are great hacks in pure functional terms but not great in conception and design terms.

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    Also Palmer created a mini-computer inside a keyboard shell that can be used together with Virtual Desktop! Very futuristic and I can totally see this kind of setup being used as a replacement for laptops etc