Pimax Unveils New Knuckles-style Controller, Supports SteamVR 2.0 Tracking


Pimax, the company behind the wide field of view “8K” VR headset, today unveiled a new  controller design intended to ship alongside their upcoming VR hardware. Much like Valve’s still unreleased ‘Knuckles’ controllers, the new Pimax controller is designed to strap to your hand for an ‘open-palm’ experience.

Pimax boasts a number of changes from their penultimate prototype; the more compact Knuckles-style design straps securely to the back of your hand, letting you essentially forget the act of actively holding the controller so you can interact in VR more naturally. Like Knuckles, it now integrates capacitive sensors on five major areas of the controller to offer basic five-finger tracking. The company is also promising compatibility for both SteamVR 1.0 and 2.0 tracking standards.

image courtesy Pimax

Pimax says each button is ergonomically designed to “fall under the right finger, which will make the controller feels like an extension of your body.” The company still plans on offering both thumbstick and trackpad style controllers.

“When developing the new Pimax 8K controller, we listened closely to the needs of our global community to develop an innovative new controller that enables a more comfortable and immersive VR experience. As we continue to innovate, we look forward to collaborating closely with our community,” said company founder and chairman Robin Weng in a press release.

The new controller was designed for the new Pimax “8K” prototype, and followed what Pimax says was an intensive development process.

Image courtesy Pimax

The unveiling of the controllers comes hot on the heels of some less flattering news; Pimax’s long-awaited “8K” headset is still seeing delays, this time related to a lens design issue which will push the pre-production models out to a supposed May launch and leaving the consumer version still up in the air launch-wise.

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Thanks to some pretty substantial outside funding, Pimax has some room to get things right though. The company has garnered a record-breaking $4.2M from their Kickstarter campaign, and since taken on nearly $15 million in Series A funding, giving them more runway to further refine their hardware.

Check out our hands-on with Pimax “8K” from CES this year for a better idea of what the headset has to offer.

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  • NooYawker

    Will they turn this into a separate Kickstarter campaign?

    • Light

      What? that makes no sense. This is part of the pimax package.

      • NooYawker

        Because it doesn’t state that the controllers are finalized, fully working and ready to ship. “Intended” doesn’t mean it will.

        • EpsilonRose

          They were part of the previous campaign and included in a number of the pledge levels.

  • Angelus Aac


    • Ted Joseph

      Single word review. Have you tried one? If so, please give me your detailed analysis. I take these “ripoff” comments/reviews with a grain of salt…

      • VRfuntime

        What are you talking about? He’s obviously a highly intelligent and respectable Beta tester, or beta cuck, I can’t remember which one.

        • gothicvillas

          Good one ;)

  • Ted Joseph

    Not sure why people are bashing Pimax. The people who have tried it online have stated it is definitely a leap ahead of the current HTC and Rift FOV and resolution. I have been asking for an upgrade since I purchased my first HTC (then moved to Rift). I am having a blast in Skyrim on the Rift, but imagine how it would be with better resolution and a 210 deg FOV! BRING IT ON!

    • VRfun

      Yeah, I’m not sure if they are just intimidated or just think anything that isn’t what they regard as elite is just junk. I’ve seen this a lot. I’ve been following development for about 4-6 months and their communication (even being a chinese/China based company), has FAR more feedback compared to Oculus/HTC. Hell, look at HTC lately, it’s a sham what they are doing to consumers. I would rather Pimax take time and push dates back a bit since we see they really are working on it. They randomly release videos looking through the lenses of the HMD to show the changes and updates, they’ve had a few times that people had a chance to try them out with legitimate reviews online from testers, and they continue to take feedback from the community. I’m not a shill for the company but even I can see they have been working hard. They even have a semi-successful product that’s been on the market. Also, what fool holds a company to the EXACT date for the kickstarter. They should know better.

      • mellott124

        I’ve seen it at CES. It’s damn impressive for the price point they’re trying to meet. It’s not perfect though and as long as you realize that, it’s a great option.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        “Hell, look at HTC lately, it’s a sham what they are doing to consumers.”
        It’s not a sham, they are aiming at businesses, not consumers..

        • VRfun

          Aiming at businesses isn’t the same as advertising to consumers, and then selling the product as a CONSUMER product on Amazon. Sham is bad wording but it would have been more acceptable if it wasn’t marketed to the consumer market at all, period. VR arcades, corporations, and other businesses that would utilize this do not care about a few hundred dollars in overhead costs.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            businesses also buy their stuff through amazon these days (the regular vive business edition is also available through amazon).
            And they actually said they were aiming for business with the Pro, so it’s not just something I think they are aiming it at, it’s what they said..

          • daveinpublic

            I don’t see Vive Pro as professional. It’s just bulkier and looks like a design that a 15 year old would be excited about. One positive thing I’ll say about it, I’m glad that they increased the resolution of the screen to match the Odyssey.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            You make it a CONSUMER product solely due to it being sold on Amazon, even though Amazon also sells to businesses. And yes, you’re right those companies don’t care about the higher costs.. but incase you missed: https://www.vive.com/us/newsroom/2018-04-24/
            And hee, if some consumer also wants to put that ammount of money on the table for getting a set, who are they to say no.

        • Kelly Rankin

          I think it is a sham. You can try to paint it however you want.

        • Lucidfeuer

          I can guarantee you that no businesses (at least in the domains which invests in VR experiences, which are all branding based companies…which is most) cares or wants to bother using a Vive, even less with that price-tag and design.

          It’s either Oculuses or their own internally made headsets. Vive is something I see more often in the artistic/interactive installation realm where there’s a need for large-space tracking.

          • Andrew Jakobs
          • Lucidfeuer

            I would have first-hand things to say to that, but I can’t really in this case. The only thing I can say is that unless we’re not asked for demos and installation (which we never aren’t), we don’t want to produce experiences for Vive, which we’re never asked to…so…

          • Abominable Bee

            I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’re quite right, making your guarantee rather baseless. There’s plenty of arcades/gaming arenas where they are invested in Vive, and will continue to do so in Vive Pro. IMAX VR at Trafford centre is an example.

          • Lucidfeuer

            Way to go over the point. I don’t care about a few VR arcades, I work for branding/events/institutions…but I’m sure the Vive is the best headset for these cases, the only one for large interactive spaces in fact.

        • Sandy Wich

          They aren’t aiming the PRO at businesses, they’re aiming at early adopters, then making a blanket excuse for the price to trick gullible, inpatient people.

          If it was aimed at business, the price wouldn’t have been conveniently hidden when they announced it.

          • Andrew Jakobs
          • Graham J ⭐️

            Did you read your link? The Pro doesn’t come with the enterprise features, you have to get an Advantage subscription for those. Thus the headset itself is not “enterprise”.

            To recap: They charge up the ass for the headset, justifying that with claims of being an enterprise play, but then charge even more for the enterprise features. I think you have to be pretty gullible to fall for that.

            The OG Vive had a more expensive Enterprise edition too yet I didn’t see anyone claiming the headset itself was targeting enterprise.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            I never said it was the enterprise version, I said they aimed at businesses, that’s what’s said in the newsarticle of HTC.

          • Graham J ⭐️

            Enterprise and business are interchangeable in this context. It’s not aimed at business if it doesn’t come with Advantage.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            If HTC says it’s aiming at businesses than they are aiming it at businesses..

          • Graham J ⭐️

            Like I said, gullible. Actions speak louder than words.

        • Andrew King

          He probably meant “Shame” by context and missed the E

    • McGamer

      No, not true. There have been plenty of people who have tried Pimax that have been clear that Pimax is not the holy grail of VR and still has screen-door effect and texture stretching. Do not mislead.

      • misread*

      • daveinpublic

        “No, not true”

        He didn’t actually say Pimax was the holy grail, only that it’s “definitely a leap ahead of the current HTC and Rift FOV and resolution”. I can see that. And the people that get onto Pimax have to understand that they aren’t finished with their product yet, it will be a more finished product soon, and then will be a better time to compare. But, more competition, and driving the market to 200º FOV sooner than later is great. Can you imagine the big companies giving you 10 more degrees ever 5 years?

    • NooYawker

      I think it’s more the annoying fanboys who cry.. OMG Pimax is so much better than Vive/rift/oddessy etc when it’s not even a real product yet. It’s not as bad as Leap Magic but it’s about as annoying. And the bullshit 8k thing is just.. such bullshit. 2 4K screens does not equate 8k.
      If it does get released then great, bring it on.

      • VRfun

        I’m under the asumption that you also don’t like Apple (the company) because it doesn’t look like an apple (fruit). Haha. Lighten up. 8k was a marketing decision (not a great one I admit) but then again, interpretation based on chinese companies and names is different. 4k Pro, or something like 4k-X would have been suited better for the Western market. No reason to spout garbage because you’re upset with naming. Also, I’m assuming by the same logic you completely HATED Oculus Rift’s kickstarter, esp with the non-existent product and the push back dates as well. Hum… (head scratching meme).

        • Will Cho

          Noo Yawker has a point. I’m all for pimax if they can bring what they promised. I have doubts because if 210 FOV and two 4k panels were doable without other concerns regarding VR(like VR sickess and etc), I just don’t understand why HTC, Oculus and all the other companies didn’t try or create one. With all the research HTC, Oculus and other companies poured money into and they didn’t. So if these companies with money to burn didn’t, there must be a good reason. If something is too good to be true, 99.999999% of the time, it’s not. But, once in a while, a company does surprise us. I hope that’s Pimax.

      • Peter K

        Screen is 8k Wide, and they didn’t market it as 8k UHD so it’s not deceiving I suppose.

        • daveinpublic

          But the product isn’t called ‘Pimax 8K Wide’.

      • Jistuce

        “4K” is misleading in and of itself. The name implies a much higher resolution than 3840×2160 since home video formats are described with lines of resolution, so it’s 2160p if you’re being HONEST. More importantly, the name was adopted to imply the TVs the label was applied to adhered to the DCI 4K standard, which they don’t and can’t. DCI 4K specifies among other things 36-bit color with no chroma subsampling as well as a wider 4096×2160 resolution(yes, there’s actually a 4K value in DCI 4K).

        So… who cares if Pimax is abusing a situation CREATED BY the 4K label?

        More broadly, cute shorthand names for resolutions exist solely to sow confusion. If you care about misleading labelling, you’re going to start listing actual resolutions, in which case it should be the Pimax 2x3840x2160. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

      • FireAndTheVoid

        Somehow, every piece of Pimax news (*even negative news*) draws out the Pimax loyalists who are ready to praise Pimax and defend them from skeptics. I am an 8k backer (yeah, I don’t care for the name either), but I think it is obvious that there will be a few more schedule delays and us backers will be lucky to receive them by Q4. Also, by the time Pimax is ready to market a consumer product (not kickstarter), I fully expect a second gen Vive to be on the market and possibly other competition with higher FOV. A product that is still in the prototype phase cannot be compared to products that are available for purchase. Thanks for pointing this out NooYawker.

      • polysix

        More because those fanboys are clueless about GOOD VR, finely balanced systems of excellent controllers, tracking and HMD. ANYONE can just stick the largest rest/screens in a tub and call it high res VR. There’s a reason they (HTC, Oculus and Samsung) haven’t yet, and it’s because it needs to be done properly and with polish.

        THe ‘race to the top’ is almost as bad as the race to the bottom (Gear VR/Go)

    • Actually RoadtoVR & Tested were critical of it.

      I am not bashing them, I just don’t trust them since I actually own their ‘4K’ version and the same marketing stunts were used resulting in a pretty mediocre experience. With the 4K mode being useless if you didn’t use their video app which was rated at 4K 30Hz. And their Open VR adaption drastically reduced the resolution to fit within the bandwidth requirements of the HDMI 1.4 standard, and even then it was not capable of 90 Hz. Add to that a constantly drifting IMU and the focal length of the lens being too long allowing the edges of the screen to be seen (or the screen was too small since it was only a 5″ screen). The lenses were sharp since they were not a Fresnel design, but suffered from chromatic aberrations along the circumference like the original DK1 & DK2. Plus the design was pretty good with a good feel to it.

      In any case I hope I am proven wrong and everyone winds up with great new headset. If not, I will just pick one up when the hit eBay for half the price or less.

    • Lucidfeuer

      High specs are not an excuse for terrible image. In fact low specs aren’t either, the PSVR for example gets constantly criticised for it’s tarnished, stretched screen despite being cheap. Pimax needs to fix that, even if that means either changing the lenses or actually cutting a bit on FOV.

  • Cdaked

    That angle is a nose breaker…

    • Gus Bisbal

      What does this comment mean?

      • Bryan Ischo

        I’m guessing Cdaked means that the angle of the plastic wrap-around above the thumb is dangerously likely to break your nose if you swing the controller up too fast, because it sticks out from the controller a good ways and it’s angled in such a way to concentrate the force of impact pretty much directly at your face.

        • Gus Bisbal

          So I don’t know how Cdaked does VR but my nose is pretty much covered with a big fat plastic thing with a screen behind it. I am not sure how you would hit your nose even if you were aiming for it.

  • antonio mora

    Way to go Pimax!

  • gothicvillas

    Wow now I’m all ears. Can we buy them seperate and would they work with Vive?

    • Andres Velasco

      They will probably work with the Vive since it uses Steam Lighhouses

      • gothicvillas

        This would make my day!! I’m dead tired opening my Vive wands every other week. Trackpad issue on both wands is constantly there. I can’t use favourite weapons in Skyrim only because of this. And have given up now!! I rather have limited gameplay than opening up wands again. Every time I do it, I am 50/50 of they will ever work again. Very happy if this could be a legit replacement to Vive wands.

        • Morfium

          I asked the same on vrodo.de and they asked for this specifically. The response was “Yes, they do work with HTC Vive.”
          Pretty hyped for that too. ;)

    • mellott124

      Me too. Would love to buy just the controllers!

  • Nathanael Mooth

    This is looking more and more interesting.

  • Tom Daigon

    Oh good. More airware from CrapMax. Sure wish Valve made and sold more hardware based on their great engineering designs and blew CrapMax and Vive out of the market.

    • DJHeroMasta

      There’s always at least one of you.

  • Riley Prescott

    Why do people hate on the Joystick so much? Or at least give us a swap out capability to choose.

    • Riley Prescott

      but I mean otherwise they look great. Didn’t mean to shit on it.

      • Firestorm185

        The article actually says they’ll offer both joypad and joystick options, but yeah, I agree. Joysticks for life. >w<

        • Molmir

          If devs start to use Sprint Vector Fluid Locomotion system as a universal standard we won’t need either :)

          • dogtato

            Sprint vector still uses the touchpad/joystick though, and that’s actually why I don’t play it much because it requires too many touchpad clicks which are a crapshoot on the vive. also I may be lazy.

    • UserID10T

      I’d love to see a hybrid opportunity!

      I’ve already seen someone create conductive PLA printable joysticks for the Vive, why can’t we get a designed attachment that snaps onto the edge of the trackpad’s outer lip? This would be pretty simple to design, and probably be fairly effective for natural joystick use.

      I want to see more flexibility in designs of iterations, so we can enjoy more freedom of gameplay without being limited to buying in to viewpoints. It’s not just about the shape and finger tracking, input matters too. Options for 3rd party SteamVR compatible controllers is a really great start! Flex the tools we have more!

      Loving being a part of the VR community!

      • Gus Bisbal

        “…why can’t we get a designed attachment that snaps onto the edge of the trackpad’s outer lip?”
        Well what is stopping you? Please reply on the reason you haven’t done this yourself. Why are you asking the world to get you want you want? Why are you not going out and making what you want?

        • UserID10T

          Because I just got a 3D printer to make things like this myself. Still learning the quirks, before I focus on design.

          I appreciate the encouragement, but you dont tell an investor to build it themselves. I’ve been an early adopter of VR to not only be able to try it myself, but to give others a chance to try it.

          If we don’t give feedback or have complaints or ideas, progress wouldn’t be made on iterated products.

          Hope we all can look forward to these kinds of improvements in the future without the need for self modding.

          BTW if you saw my headset, you’d know I will be trying to make those thumbsticks. My Vive has some heavy mods already, so I may as well try. Just need to buy conductive PLA.

    • Jerald Doerr

      This message is for the track pad lovers)
      Humm I would take analog joystick over analog dumbass trackpad 10000% over… Your not a real gamer if you think the trackpad is awsome.. Trackpad’s are meant for TVs, DVD players and media crap.. Not games..

    • Sandy Wich

      Nobody hates the joysticks outside of fanatical, “trying to justify buying/being forced to use trackpads”, Vive consumers.

  • Molmir

    That grip button is awkward. Isn’t the point of the knuckles design to not need a grip button because you grip the actual controller naturally?!
    And that triangular-ring looks a little too much like the vive logo. Maybe it’s intended, to mock HTC for not having knuckles, lel.

    • SomeGuyorAnother

      A grip button may still be needed to prevent accidental triggering grabs just because you close your hand a little bit, giving more control, and more cross compatibility with games designed to use the grip button for something other than grabbing, rather than forcing adopters of these controllers to do without until the devs redesign their controls.

      • Jistuce

        Which I assume is why Oculus has both capacitive sensors AND buttons on the grip and trigger buttons. Also because tactile feedback is kinda nice.

        (I’m less sure why there’s capacitive sensors on the top buttons and the thumbstick)

        • Doctor Bambi

          Actually, I was shocked to discover not too long ago that the grip buttons on the touch controllers are not capacitive. Somehow I just assumed and never really put it to the test.

          I think this is part of the reason why you never see touch designed games where you can fully extend the middle, ring, and pinky fingers (on your own). There’s no way to tell when the user’s finger is lifted off the button completely.

          • Jistuce

            Really?! Dangit, Oculus, how am I supposed to flip someone off in VR?

            Honestly, I’m shocked I never noticed. I guess prioritizing the thumbs and pointers was a good call.

          • Doctor Bambi

            These are the important questions, and we need answers!

            Luckily in my game I found a way around the issue. It’s a bit fiddly, but basically it references the state of the index finger to decide how much the other fingers will extend when the grip button is released. If the index finger is just resting on the trigger, the others will follow suit and open to a relaxed state. If the index finger is clenched or fully off the trigger, the others fully extend. So you can wave and flip people off more naturally!…. Luckily Knuckles will make this a non-issue in the future.

  • Zach Mauch

    I still don’t understand why the vive is pushing trackpads instead of analog sticks so much. I HATE the trackpads. This is definitely a good alternate option, but many developers are targeting/adapting for the trackpads. This means you often can’t use it for locomotion.

    • Sandy Wich

      Vive is pushing it’s what Gabe and his Steam coworkers want. The vast majority of all gamers loath the trackpads.

      They will NEVER catch on, and the only reason they sold with the Vive is because they were simply forced upon the consumers if they wanted the VR product.

      • Trip

        Couldn’t agree more, I’ve talked with a single gamer that likes the damn track pads. It’s a really bad move on Valve/Steam’s part to insist on continuing to push them after this long when we keep begging them for thumb sticks. =(

  • Jack Liddon

    Would be cool if they sold these controllers on their own, as an upgrade for us HTC Vive owners.

  • Why isn’t Oculus doing this(or as a certain someone would say…Octopus)?

    • Jistuce

      Don’t summon him!

    • Miqa

      Simple. Oculus wants to grow the market. 800 dollar headsets that requires 1080 TI for full utilisation doesn’t do that.

      • Sandy Wich

        Well I don’t know how much the Pimax 8k is going to be with release, but I’m pretty sure the kickstarter said 499 not 800 for the 8k headset.

      • Can’t imagine why you are talking about $800 HMDs in an article about

        Knuckles-style Controller…

        • Miqa

          Ah. Was a semi-reply to some other comment which seems gone now?

  • David Herrington

    A lot of people are invested into their favorite VR companies at this point (HTC and Oculus and Sony) and so you will hear a lot about how a new company will never make it, but what Pimax is doing to Vive and Rift is the same thing that Vive did to Rift 2 years ago.

    If you stop innovating in this sector even for a second, then you will be lost in the dust. Oculus backers were angry at HTC for releasing the Vive full VR system and many said the Vive was rushed so HTC could get out a full room scale system with controllers before Oculus could release Touch.

    Now Oculus and HTC lovers are angry at Pimax for bringing a “cheap wide POV headset” and “knock-off Knuckles controllers” sooner than Oculus or HTC could. The funny thing is, if Pimax works great and then stops innovating, then someone else like LG or similar will try to undercut them as well.

    This is just how new technology works, people. Don’t get too attached to one company like Oculus, or HTC, or even Pimax. It is the sole objective of a company to make money and not to make you happy. So don’t expect your favorite to always be the best.

    • dogtato

      If I’m pissed about anything, it’s the lack of third-party VR controllers. I thought I’d have an assortment of wii-mote type things by now. I really hope these controllers can be used with a Vive.

      The delays in the 8k just make me feel better about buying a Pro since that will be the nicest gear available for a bit longer.

      • NooYawker

        I think after gen 2 hardware is released we’ll see much more third party everything. You have to remember there’s probably maybe a million VR users right now. Not exactly a huge pool of consumers.

    • NooYawker

      My Gen2 VR headset will be the best one I can find. I’m vested in Steam, not HTC. If it can run through steam I’m open. I could care less if HTC disappears tomorrow. The only company I absolutely refuse to give my money to is Facebook. Too shady. But I’m open to everything, even if this Pimax actually gets released I’d be interested.

    • Get Schwifty!

      It’s good to stay objective. HTC still needs to get their shit together and get a decent controller out…. roomscale 2.0 is nice, better resolution is nice, but the controllers simply reduce the immersion substantially. Unforgivable that they (not relying on Valve either) have not put the effort into better controllers at this stage.

  • Jerald Doerr

    I wish they would just focus on there HMD… everything else is just gravy at this point!

    • Meow Smith

      I disagree their previous controllers were pretty outdated and unimaginatively fugly, their hmd still has alot more issues that needs sorting out in the meantime, i doubt these controllers are holding back the hmds release by that much .

      • Jerald Doerr

        My point is why reinvent the wheel? Well I guess I’m being a bit selfish in thinking I already own a vive all I want is the HMD as an upgrade and plan on using my HTC controllers or Valve knuckle controllers as an upgrade.

        But I understand they need a full pkg option for new customers to VR..

      • Sandy Wich

        Previous controllers?.. What previous controllers? They’ve never sold any that I know of??

        Or are you talking about prototypes?.. Might wanna google, “controller prototypes”, and you’ll be amazed what every console had going on before the launched.

    • Icebeat

      Actually they were working on a drone design too.

  • MarquisDeSang

    I am eager to see their final release version in 2021.

  • Lucidfeuer

    A great start, a terrible finish: no thanks, I don’t want a huge, “useless” tracking ring around my wrists. Oculus did it better, and even the Vive opening. Otherwise hurray for the knukles

  • J.M.Wagner

    I’m part of the Pimax 8k group on FB, and am on the forums + a backer. I can tell you this company is definitely not messing around. They are very serious about releasing a refined headset – even to the extent of delaying it for the sake of quality in every respect.

  • Get Schwifty!

    And HTC lumbers on with the crappy wands…. amazing…. even Pimax has what looks to be a better controller….

    I love the design style of these as well….

  • Tenka

    Why the thumb pads?! .. Who is out there actually wanting thumb pads?!

    I really hope that diagram of the one with the Analog sticks suggests they are releasing both. Cuz I would love to use that one with my Vive headset instead of the garbage “wands” that come with it.

  • jarjarplinks

    My only concern for Pimax is whether they can sell enough units to survive long term. That’s not a dig at their ambitious take on VR, it’s great to see their innovation develop into a product all of us would like to see improved in VR.

  • They seem more Oculus Touch v2 than Steam Knuckles

    • Firestorm185

      true that

  • James Gerlach

    Without a question, what pimax is moving toward is making something new, oculus went for the first immersive virtual experience, vive built on it making a larger play area and more reliable sensor setup, but Pimax is wanting to make something so good, that it will allow users to forget they’re in a game. To create an experience that doesn’t leave people saying, cool seems kinda real. They want people to say WOW this is AMAZING. They want us to be able to read text, to get the full view angle, it’s ok Pimax, this is where vr has been trying to go for the last 20 years. Just get it right, and we’ll see the small vr community go to something to rival Xbox and play station. I sure would like developers focusing on VR and I think Pimax is paving the way, making a system that is worth building some seriously great games for.

  • shayneo

    Have they fixed their drivers yet? I have the 4K ones, and getting the damn thing to work was such a pain in the next (It’d just mysteriously not register in Steam, and it’d take a reboot or 3 to get working every…damn….time). So its been gathering dust, because I dont have the energy to fight drivers everytime I want to bash monsters in 3D. I mean the hardware is spectacular. Software, not so much.

  • polysix

    Touchpads in VR need to die. They sucked on Vive and they’ll suck on this.

    Rift sticks are STILL the best locomotive/pushback system (for a sense of gauging speed and force) and are super high quality.