Rhythm Shooter ‘Pistol Whip’ to Launch in November on Quest and PC VR, Trailer Here


Cloudhead Games, the studio behind The Gallery series and Aperture Hand Labs, today announced that its upcoming ‘action-rhythm FPS’ Pistol Whip is set to arrive on November 7th.

Pistol Whip is said to include cross-buy for the Oculus Store version, meaning you’ll only need to buy the game once to play on either Rift or Quest. The game also supports HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows VR headsets via Steam and Viveport.

The studio maintains that Pistol Whip is also heading to PSVR soon, although it hasn’t mentioned any specific release window yet.

In case you haven’t seen the game’s E3 2019 reveal back in June, the unique action-rhythm shooter is being billed as ‘part Superhot and part Beat Saber‘; it also includes a runner-style movement scheme that sends you hurdling through an abstract crystalline world that’s teeming with baddies that need to be shot—and providing they’re close enough—pistol whipped to pieces.


Cloudhead says they were also inspired by action films such as John Wick and Equilibrium, and if the new trailer is any indication, it’s pretty easy to see how.

“As a VR-centric studio, we’ve always placed a focus on player agency in VR. With Pistol Whip we wanted users to feel like their favorite action hero, planted in the center of an unstoppable action sequence,” said Denny Unger, Cloudhead CEO and creative director.

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To supply the rhythm-based game with music, the studio has partnered with Montreal-based Kannibalen Records to deliver what it calls a “pulse-pounding 10-song soundtrack,” which is said to include music by EDM bands such as Apashe, HVDES, and Black Tiger Sex Machine. Cloudhead says regular music and level updates are planned for post-launch.

You can wishlist Pistol Whip on your preferred platform below:

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  • Arcticu Kitsu

    I’m interested. Now this is how you do a VR article, not “depressive” like Nostos’s article. No flaunting of experience, just talking about the game. This is another game I can put on my VR list of games to play and to support VR ain’t dying. Awesome :)

  • AlexLogin0ff

    Graphics at the oculus quest level, did not bother to do for PC

    • kuhpunkt

      Why? Because it’s abstract?

      • AlexLogin0ff

        God forbid there will be such a tendency to make quest games at the same time without laboring for PC !!!

      • AlexLogin0ff

        Abstraction is a cheap daub

    • Peyton Lind

      Keep enjoying that wire while talking down Quest graphics, elitist clown.

      PC VR to Quest convert here. I laugh at PC VR elitists that talk crap of the Quest (especially without even using it) and actually think graphics are more important than being untethered.

      • Jarilo

        Some of us PC-VR guys are un-tethered from the PC already and also own Quests. “Convert” sounds really funny, like it’s a cult thing of either one or the other. The limitations of mobile VR are obvious though and no amount of calling others elitist or whatever is going to change that, you can go wireless on PC VR, but you can’t go higher no matter what on the refresh-rate in the Quest.

      • Damon Estes

        PC and untethered here. I don’t feel much like a clown…..

    • Jarilo

      Yea but anything optimized for the 72hz mobile software is going to do 144hz on the PCVR hardware and that’s just freaking dope.

  • doug

    watched trailer, didn’t see rhythm element.

    • If you look closely, he shoots the enemies and dodge walls following the beat of the soundtrack

  • Doesn’t appear that they shoot on the beat. I could imagine a game where they did though. Maybe a bullet-hell game by a more clever developer? This is just trying to rip off SuperHot and that TERRIBLE game, BeatSaber.

    I’m SOO sick of hearing about BeatSucker. It’s the height of laziness. Cubes and Light-sabers. Why isn’t Disney suing them? Compare it to the BRILLIANT rhythm game Thumper. What an AMAZING visual and auditory feast! BeatWanker has nothing on that game, it’s a freak’n work of art!

    • Jeremy Kins

      You write like Trump became a game critic.

  • This game looks cool, I would like to try it, to see if it shootinf following the beat is really cool

  • Jarilo

    Looks like a blast, and being a questicle it probably means I can steam roll it at 144fps on the Index. Awesome.

  • DanDei

    Ugh, this music sucks so bad. Can we for once get good electronic music and not shitty american EDM trash?