‘Pistol Whip’ Action Rhythm Shooter Announced by Cloudhead Games


Cloudhead Games, the studio behind The Gallery and Aperture Hand Labs, has revealed Pistol Whip. In what appears to be a significant (and quite intriguing) departure from their previous works, Pistol Whip is described as “part first-person shooter, part rhythm game […,] an action-hero sensory trip.”

While Pistol Whip isn’t the first attempt at a VR rhythm shooter, though compared to Audica, it looks to have a greater focus on action. In Pistol Whip, players are moving forward through their environment, shooting enemies and dodging bullets to the beat.

From the video reveal above, it isn’t clear exactly how the rhythm mechanics will integrate into the gameplay, though the studio writes that you can “sync your actions to music to energize the world with colour, sound, and light,” so it sounds like it’ll be about making your action fit the groove.

Cloudhead Games says Pistol Whip is “coming soon” (which we expect means 2019) to “major VR platforms” (which we expect means Rift, SteamVR, and PSVR, though Quest is the big question mark). We’ve reached out to Cloudhead Games for more detail on the game’s release date.

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  • dogtato

    I’ve wanted a game like this but wasn’t sure exactly how it would work. The Gallery was nice but this looks more to my taste

  • Beards are in then :D

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