‘Pistol Whip’ Gets New DLC & Long-term Roadmap Reveal, Heading to PSVR in July


Hit VR rhythm shooter Pistol Whip got a brand new DLC level today on PC VR and Quest. Developer Cloudhead games also shared its long-term roadmap, including DLC planned for Q4 which will mark “a whole new era” for the game with a “cinematic campaign built from linked scenes.” The studio also announced a July 28th release date for Pistol Whip on PSVR.

Pistol Whip got a brand new level today called ‘Religion’, available now on both PC VR and Quest. Cloudhead Games describes the new track as its “most intense yet—fans will think ‘Death’ meets ‘High Priestess’—boasting a five-and-a-half-minute gauntlet of pure physicality that is sure to push even veteran players to their limits.” The new track includes three difficulties and a new John Wick-inspired collection of pistol skins.

Image courtesy Cloudhead Games

The new track is the latest in a string of regular updates since the late 2019 release of Pistol Whip which now boasts 15 tracks. But Cloudhead Games is far from done.

The studio announced today that it has plans for a brand new, free DLC pack called ‘Heartbreaker’ which is due to launch in August. This upcoming update will add three new levels, two new modifiers, new customization options, and it will bring achievements to the game for the first time.

Heartbreaker will also see Pistol Whip reaching into new musical territory. The studio says the levels will be accompanied by a “poppy and summery vibe, with abstract, colorful, and highly musical scenes.” Sounds like a chill time compared to the heavy EDM of the game’s existing levels.

Cloudhead also announced today the next DLC after Heartbreaker. Slated for release in Q4 this year, ‘The Concierge’ is the first of what the studio is calling an ‘Action Pack,’ which will “mark a whole new era for the game,” the studio says.

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While prior updates have added new levels and songs, The Concierge sounds like it will be more ambitious and significantly shake up the gameplay. Cloudhead says the update will bring new weapon types, enemy types, and a “cinematic campaign built from linked scenes.”

Image courtesy Cloudhead Games

And last but not least, the Pistol Whip PSVR release date is set for July 28th. The game will include all of the DLC available on existing platforms (though the Heartbreak update isn’t expect to be added until after launch). Pistol Whip on PlayStation VR will include 26 trophies.

Update (July 17th, 2020): A prior version of this article stated the Pistol Whip PSVR release date as July 27th. This has been corrected to July 28th.

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  • Rob Farthing

    Love the support for this game, need it on PSVR!

  • Popsicle

    Tbh, all I want is more songs (free or paid), but it’s nice to know that they plan to improve the game on top of that.

  • Nick Wallace

    Summit Studios: “Hmm, they mentioned it being like John Wick but clearly it’s not…we’ll let it go”
    Summit Studios: “Ehhhh… Baba Yaga, that seems pushing things a little, can someone keep an eye on these guys?”
    Summit Studios: “The Concierge?! Ok, wtf…”

  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    I wouldn’t mind paying for a DLC if it’s modestly priced. Sythriders had set a good example by releasing a $2 DLC.

  • Joshua Stamps

    Is their going to be any DLC packs for this game. I love it but ran they the campaign fast.