Pixar Announces First VR Project ‘Coco VR’, a ‘Next level social experience’

A “next level social virtual reality” experience


Revealed during the Oculus Connect 4 keynote today, Coco VR is Pixar Animation Studios’ first-ever VR project, coming to Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Timed with the launch of Disney-Pixar’s new animated film Coco in November, Coco VR is described as a “next level social virtual reality” experience.

The brief gameplay footage shown the trailer, which appears to run at an unusually low framerate, shows various scenes in which players appear as characters from the Land of the Dead, with plenty of interaction and customisation on offer.

According to this report on Oh My Disney, the app uses Facebook’s technology to enable social functionality, allowing users to explore the world of Coco with their Facebook friends. Animation World Network reports that the project is “a co-production from Disney-Pixar and Oculus, with VR creative development and execution by Magnopus.”

Coco VR will be available for preview at various Día de los Muertos festivals across the US and at Camp Flag Gnaw Music Festival in LA beginning October 28th, as well as in select Disney Stores and movie theatres through November 22nd. The app is due to launch on Oculus Rift on November 15th, followed by Gear VR on November 22nd.

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    The fat fingers sure straddle the uncanny-valley between fingers and bones! COCO is CACA

  • Skippy76

    Unusual low framerate??
    Maybe because its running on the oculus rift?? LOL

    • Andrew Jakobs

      well if it doesn’t run on the rift, it also won’t run on the vive……

      • Matt Clark

        yes it does run on the Rift.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          Yes, I know it does, but skippy76 said sarcastically ‘because it’s running on the oculus rift’, but if it’s running for shit on the oculus, it will also run for shit on the vive..

          • Matt Clark

            ok gotcha

    • Skippy76

      Im not sure about that..
      Rift users often complain about framerate drops in Raw Data, Rec Room and Onward. Maybe its a coincidence that they were all too cheap to buy a proper video card but that’s what I’ve been hearing.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        the same you hear about vive…

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