In Death, the roguelike bow-shooter in Early Access from Everest VR (2016) developers Sólfar Studios, just opened up a free access weekend on Rift.

With access already in effect, In Death is free and open to Rift users until Sunday, June 3rd at 11:59 PM PT (local time here).

In Death is one of the most polished VR games out there, featuring excellent bow-shooting mechanics which includes several different arrows to help you defeat the increasingly difficult enemies such as ghosts that can morph through walls, and seven foot-tall knights strapped with broadswords and shields. Check out our hands-on with In Death for more about what makes this incredibly fun (and curiously fatalistic) game tick.

Set in a procedurally generated medieval world, you drive forward unlocking achievements; some help may you, some may make enemies even more difficult, changing your experience of the game as you get more proficient.

This isn’t a melee brawler; you’re only given a bow and a shield, making it all about shooting, dodging, blocking, and tactically teleporting out of the way as in-coming arrows and enemies threaten to end your run.

Image courtesy Solfar Studios

In an April update, Sólfar Studios added optional dungeons, which if you choose to enter in hopes of receiving a big loot payout, you can’t escape until you reach then end, and battle an imposing demon boss. Previously featuring only leaderboards, the update also brought with it an asynchronous challenge mode that lets you post a challenge to other players, making them play through your best run with all of your unlocked achievements.

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In Death is truly shaping up to be a must-play worthy of at very least a weekend of monster slaying to get a taste of what a the medieval archer’s Purgatory is all about.

Check it out on the Oculus Store here. In Death is also available for Vive, Rift and Windows VR users through Steam.

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  • NooYawker

    Doesn’t work on the Vive. Fatal error, tried to inject or patch with revive, it starts up outside of VR.

    • Torben Bojer Christensen

      Nonsense. It does not work on your Computer that is – It works on mine with on the Vive.

      It is like when Destiny 2 works on my (and many others) computer but not on my brothers (and many others) computers – even though the are almost the same configuration.

  • Les Vega

    Best game of 2018 so far but give it a few hours as how this game hides it’s surprising amount of content is pretty unorthodox.

    • Torben Bojer Christensen

      I find myself drawn to it again and again – even when I am playing other games I begin longing to beat it.

  • Gonzalo Novoa

    Best VR game I’ve ever played. 240 hours played so far and I just can’t stop.