Gunfire Games’ most recent release, the space adventure game From Other Suns (2017), is playable for free this weekend. The game is exclusive to the Oculus platform and designed “from the ground up” for the Touch controllers, coming from the studio behind Chronos (2016) and Dead & Buried (2017).

The free weekend lasts from Jan 19th at 7:00 PM CET (local time) until Jan 22nd at 9:00 AM CET (local time). Reverting back to its normal $40 price tag after the weekend, it might just give you the opportunity you need to see if the game is right for you.

With similarities to the roguelite FTL: Faster Than Light (2012) and the Borderlands series, From Other Suns is a compelling space adventure game that works best as a co-op experience, combining action FPS gameplay and spaceship management. The procedural technology makes for randomised locations and encounters, and the vast array of weapons allow for “over 2000 possible variations”.

In our full review, we noted the challenging resource management could prove frustrating for some players. But the premise should appeal to many sci-fi fans and fans of FTL in particular, and its gameplay is backed up by rich visuals and audio.

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  • kool

    I need this one to xome to psvr, but its occulus exclusive so not likely…maybe some kinda knock off.

    • Elizabeth

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  • Jason Mercieca

    To the Editor:
    I read and enjoy all your articles, its well done and very informative, but can you please state in the email link to which platform any particular post is intended too, I (and many others) have a vive, and do not buy anything from oculus store even if revive can run it in vive (due to there nasty marketing, its a question of principles), so clicking on the link just to learn that this has nothing to do for me can be altogether avoided.

    • kool

      I feel your frustration but asking them to get less clicks…

      • Janet

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    • Jerald Doerr

      Dude…. It’s free… Download it with revive or stop crying because Oculus devs are getting paid bank for exslusives.. We are actually lucky they’re not shutting down Revive as they can! This is the way stuff works.. You get a PS4 Sony pays big bucks for it to be on othere systems or whatever the contract involves. It’s a fact of life and I don’t expect RTVR to just E-Mail the hole article.. Just flipping click on it if you’re at all interested to support the site and stop being lazy and have him do 500% of the work for you!

      • J.C.

        So, you’re helping Oculus believe what they’re doing is “the right way”. I refuse to install ReVive, it’s a bandaid that gets Oculus more sales than they deserve. I’d happily buy several games they have on their store, IF they’d natively support my headset. ReVive is just proof that they’re refusing to do it out of principle, not due to it being difficult. So I refuse to give them money or even an extra “user” they can claim in their stats.

        • Jerald Doerr

          Haven’t paid a pinny but don’t let that confuse you with I’m boycotting them! You have the freedom to do whatever you like.. The main point was asking the “Editors” to do more work so you don’t have to look at anything Oculus.
          Get over it!

      • Jason Mercieca

        Just asking for the editor to put a small tag on links to state in what plataform is intended too is not too much asking for.
        No need for crying.
        I apriciate his work, but it is a bit fraustrating to click on 2 or 3 links to find it is of no use to me.
        And its a big NO, revive developer did a good job but its not for me, as far as im concerned Oculus can stop supporting Revive, since i wont buy anything from Oculus, but thanks 4 u r advice…

        • Jerald Doerr

          Are you and J.C. brothers or the same person? I’ve tried to be.. yeah not so nice and explain things to you.. Kool has also.. But its obvious the 2 or 1 of you don’t understand also, a majority of what you say makes NO sense. So I’m done but will leave you with this.

          As for your question to the “Editor” Kool has already answered your question!

          As for REVIVE, in no way is it made by Oculus and its definitely not supported by Oculus. It’s obvious Revive is not for you because it to much work for you to click download click install.

          You want Facebook/Oculus to be 100% open and give millions of dollars to VR developers to spend time and have a real budget to develop sold games forwarding VR and you want them to not make money and do it all (for you) out of the kindness in their harts? If you feel sooooo disgusted by Oculus business practices then go and delete your Facebook account! Becouse you do know that’s whos actually behind this all right?

          • Jason Mercieca

            Lol, my account in Facebook is totally free, im not feeding anying.
            I just asked if he could insert a tag or something to note on plataform, u seem to have problems with that, its u r problem only, its laughable :)

          • Jerald Doerr

            Everything you say contradicts the previous things you say! It’s all here buddy. What are you 9? If so I understand. Facebook is totally free, (FOR YOU)Your clicks Pay/feed them! This site is free (FOR YOU) and your clicks feed them.. So if you enjoy this site click and feed it, dude!

          • Jason Mercieca

            Im not 9, im 46 and been related with computers and tech since the early ages of commodore VIC20, and I.T. is my trade, so say whatever stupidity you want, i have better things to do than speak to an empty headed person, bye.

          • Jerald Doerr

            I can pull my balls out too buddy!
            Commodre 64, Amiga 500,3000 and a ,1200 AGA I ran a 4 line 28,800bps, Zero Day warz BBS! So Wow then you should understand all of this and your just acting dumb!! Later!

    • care package

      To the Jason Mercieca:
      Principles has nothing to do with tying in house developed games to your hardware. Get off your double minded soap box. If you want complain about exclusives why aren’t you complaining about Sony. Exclusivity deals are their specialty.

  • Adrian Meredith

    This game is excellent had an absolute blast playing this co-op. It feels quite indy however and there’s tons of room for improvement but so far it’s been great. Most importantly it has full locomotion!

  • oompah

    no money for cartooons