OrbusVR, the MMORPG for PC VR headsets, is getting another free access weekend very soon.

OrbusVR’s free weekend starts July 19th at 10AM PT (local time here) and goes through July 22nd at 12AM PT (local time here).

As the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, OrbusVR went into Early Access late last year to an overall positive effect. While the game is decidedly a low-poly experience graphically, the promise of an open world MMO is undeniably attractive to many looking for the classic experience in VR.

Featuring classic MMORPG elements, including multiple quests, world bosses, dungeons, and a story taking place in a large open world, the free access weekend should give you some solid time to check out the game’s multiple player classes, dragon pets, player trading, fishing and crafting.

While OrbusVR supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift via Steam, the free weekend is being hosted via the Oculus Store, meaning this go around is Rift-only. Owners of Vive and Windows VR headsets itching for a chance to play can should definitely look into Revive, the free utility that opens to door to Oculus platform exclusives.

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  • nasprin

    Ah, OrbusVR, also know as “Creepy out of shape asthmatic dudes breathing into the mic” simulator.
    Playing in a group is seriously fun, than again the game is not very easy to solo anyway. Seems they have a constant lack of players, there was a steam free weekend two months or so ago.

  • Holger Fischer

    Tried it on the last free weekend. There were a lot of issues that needed ironing out.
    Maybe I give it another go just to see if they made some progression.

  • V Z

    Last free weekend didn’t help their sales? No wonder. It’s a crapware full of glitches and shit graphics.

  • sda

    Graphics aside, gameplay looks like fucking trash.