Sprint Vector (2018), the VR racing game that uses a unique locomotion system to send you speeding through the world’s Mario Kart-style tracks on your own two feet, is finally getting a free access weekend on Rift. Oh, and you might have the chance to win big at Oculus’ ongoing two-year Rift anniversary giveaway too.

Already in effect, Rifters can grab Sprint Vector for free right this second and play in its adrenaline-pumping multiplayer matches. Free access continues until April 9th at 3 AM ET (local time here).

To enter in a chance to win a prize, you’ll need to play a multiplayer match on Saturday, April 7th between 1PM – 2PM PT (local end time here). And no, you don’t have to win the match to enter, you just have to play during that one-hour window. Prizes include Oculus Store credits, a brand-new PC, and the exclusive “Golden Account” that unlocks 100 games for free.

If you miss out on this weekend’s giveaway, next weekend marks the last chance to try as Oculus will open a new free access weekend for a yet-unannounced game.

What makes Sprint Vector so unique? Developers Survios dub their novel locomotion scheme “Fluid Locomotion,” a system which requires you to pump your arms as if you were running in place in order to move. You can also think about it as if you were skiing with ski poles, but instead of pushing off the ground with a pole, you thrust your arms downward while activating the trigger button on your controller, thus moving you forward.

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It really is massive amounts of fun, but just make sure to keep a bottle of water and a towel handy for longer sessions. Check out why we gave Sprint Vector a solid [9/10] in our review.

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  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Where are my feet tracking? I want full body tracking now. Hollywood has it (mocap studios), I want it.

    • JJ

      you need special cameras for mocap suites, even more special than whats in headsets and base stations though they’re sort of close. But yeah it takes a lot of processing to compute a persons animation from a mocap suit live, it would be too much to then use that in a game at run time as well. I’m not saying its impossible, but at this point nobodys doing it.