CM Games, the developer behind the single-player survival shooter Into the Radius (2020), confirmed that its long-awaited sequel is set to not only include a single-player campaign, but also host up to four player co-op so you can take on the otherworldly Pechorsk Security Zone together.

Like the first in the series, Into the Radius 2 is set to initially launch on Steam Early Access for PC VR headsets sometime in 2024. The team says EA will allow them to get valuable feedback and suggestions from players, something that “played a crucial role in shaping and enhancing the game,” CM Games says on the game’s Steam page.

While the original eventually made its way to Quest back in 2022, the studio says in a post on X (formerly Twitter), that Into the Radius 2 will “first follow an early access development cycle on Steam. We’ll mention other platforms when the time is right.”

Like the original, the game’s immersive survival shooter sequel is set in a realm of surreal landscapes and deadly anomalies known as Pechorsk Security Zone, something we described in our review of the Quest 2 version of the game as “a bit like Chernobyl meets Salvidor Dali.” Whatever the case, fans of the Soviet book Roadside Picnic (1972) and/or later film adaptation Stalker (1979) will definitely see where inspiration for the blighted zone come from.

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The studio says EA users will be able to play both single-player and co-op modes, with the option to team up with up to 4 players, which from the get-go is said to offer a substantial location to explore, various types of anomalies to encounter, a range of weapons to wield, and a collection of artifacts—ability-boosting perks that change how you play the game.

There’s no clear date for when Early Access will launch on Steam; the release date is tentatively set for “2024”. The studio says however it hopes to spend a while in EA, with the full launch targeting release sometime “in late 2025.”

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  • XRC

    Excellent stuff. The first game is a huge pleasure to play looking absolutely stunning on Pimax Crystal and great body storage/ weapons handling with steamVR faceplate and Index controllers.

    40 hours in and several missions left, just wow

    Thoroughly looking forward to the second installation, the players gave the Devs great feedback on the first game.