At Sony’s Tokyo Games Show conference this morning, the company revealed its vision for consumer VR powered by a console – it’s now known as Playstation VR. But there were also some glimpses at what we can expect, in the Japanese market at least, from games being launched for the new virtual reality platform.


The slide above detail some of the titles on their way to Sony’s new VR platform, some familiar, some not so much.

The biggest name on the list, front and centre on the slide is of course Final Fantasy XIV online. Square Enix’s biggest franchise, the latest online version of Final Fantasy launched to myriad issues, prompting an entire restructuring, retooling and relaunching of the title on PS3 and PC as ‘A Realm Reborn’ last year. Since then, the title has carved a niche for itself as a MMORPG to be reckoned with. It’s visuals are stunning and gameplay compulsive, and on the face of it – the title is one that would benefit for virtual reality. Quite how the development team are going to handle umpteen tiny menu screens on a (relatively) low resolution device however, is unclear at this stage.

Other titles we’ve already seen, The Playroom VR, Summer Lesson, Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, not to mention played – many of these were present at E3 2015.

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The remaining title we don’t yet know much about, at least in terms of VR support. Joysound VR appears to be a virtual reality Karaoke game for the platform, with Aquarian Evol seemingly a sequel to the 2005 anime series Genesis of Aquarion. 

We’ll try to dig up more on these titles as soon as we can, in the mean time it’s great to see the Playstation VR games list begin to take shape

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