Sony finally lifted the veil on PlayStation VR2 along with the final design image of the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers.

Note: This news is breaking. We’re updating this piece as new information comes in.

We’ve been waiting for nearly a year now since Sony first revealed images of its PSVR 2 Sense controllers to finally catch a glimpse of PSVR 2.

The next-gen headset itself takes on a very PS5 aesthetic—which is no wonder, since it’s the official VR headset for PS5. The company also says the orb-like headset and matching controllers are supposed to represent “the 360-degree view that players feel when they enter the virtual reality world.”

Sony says it’s paid “very close attention to the ergonomics of the headset and conducted extensive testing to ensure a comfortable feel for a variety of head sizes.”

Image courtesy Sony

The company says it’s balanced the headset weight and included an adjustable headband that can be tweaked to fit the headset closer or further away from the face. So much is pretty standard for the original PSVR too, however Sony says new features a lens adjustment dial for more comfortable viewing, among other things.

Image courtesy Sony

“We also created a slimmer design with a slight weight reduction – even with the new added features such as the new built-in motor for the headset feedback,” says Hideaki Nishino, Sony Vice President of Platform Experience. “It was quite a challenge to create a slimmer design with new features added to improve upon our first headset, but our design and engineering teams proved this could be possible when we saw the final design!”

The headset is also said to include a new vent design for better air flow. And just like the PS5 and Dual Sense controller, the new PSVR 2 Sense controller and PSVR 2 headset will feature tiny PS symbols all throughout its design.

Image courtesy Sony

Sony first shared PSVR 2’s specs back in January. As you can see below, it’s set to be a substantial upgrade over the original PSVR, which was first unveiled in 2014 as Project Morpheus and later released as PSVR in 2016.

Yes, it has tethered design, although it features inside-out optical tracking that will do away with the positively ancient PlayStation Camera, as well as PS Move controllers. If you’re looking for a bigger breakdown than the chart below, check out our PSVR 2 spec comparison article for more.

PSVR vs. PSVR 2 Specs

Resolution 2,000 × 2,040 (4.1MP) per-eye, OLED, HDR 960 × 1,080 (1.0MP) per-eye, RGB OLED
Refresh Rate 90Hz, 120Hz 90Hz, 120Hz
Lenses unknown Single element non-Fresnel
Field-of-view (claimed) 110° (diagonal presumed) 100° (diagonal presumed)
Optical Adjustments IPD Eye-relief
Connectors USB-C (no breakout box) USB, HDMI (breakout box)
Cable Length unknown 4.4m
Tracking Inside-out (no external beacons) Outside-in (external camera)
On-board cameras 4x IR (external), 2x IR (internal) None
Input PSVR 2 Sense controllers (rechargable), eye-tracking DualShock 4 (rechargeable), PS Move (rechargeable), PS Aim (rechargeable), voice
Audio 3.5mm aux output 3.5mm aux output
Microphone Yes Yes
Haptics Controllers, headset Controllers
Weight unknown 600g
Release Date Expected Q3/Q4 2022 2016
Console Compatibility PS5 (backwards compatibility not expected) PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5

There’s still no telling when PSVR 2 will release. We’ll be following this story in the coming days, so check back soon.

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  • Tommy

    Don’t care about the cord. This is my new PS5/PCVR headset. No more tiny FOV using my other headset.

    • FrankB

      It’s not confirmed as PC compatible but people managed to hack the first ps headset to work on PC, and this looks like a better fit for pc games

      • kontis

        PSVR 1 isn’t a full experience on PC as the tracking code is proprietary running on the console and even camera has a modified plug, so people use a total replacement for positional tracking.

        In case of PSVR2 it will be interesting how the tracking is done with its internal cameras. It’s probably also done on the console, but that would require sending all the 6 camera feeds to the console, so maybe they have a chip on board to do this work. That would be nice as PC would be able to use that data and have the original tracking algorithms working.

        If community has to remake the inside-out tracking it will probably never work as good as on PC.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          You can get a aux to usb3 connector for free from sony, so that problem with the camera is solved. You can fully use the PSVR on the pc without needing a ps4.

        • Cless

          If they made the headset just “compatible” with PC, I would get it no questions asked. Since its not the case… I will probably just wait and probably end up getting a higher tier headset later on…

        • Bob

          “It would be great if Valve struck a deal with Sony – they are both the relatively less powerful guys in XR field”

          Instead of this, there is a rumored collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung. Both have a tight relationship and are apparently working together on the next MR headset.

  • asdf

    I have the index but this will be great too!

  • implicator

    I might get one of Gran Turismo 7 has full VR support.

  • Ragbone

    lol they finally made decent looking hand controllers :P

  • Banana Lives Matter

    I want one.

    I buy HMD’s and never use them since all of them have shit graphics.

    Had PSVR [Played Half game], Rift S [played half game], Quest 2 Tethered [Played half game] and I even got HP Reverb G2 v2 and just shoved it in a corner after doing the setup process, its not that much better then quest2 but more cumbersome to use.

    I tried playing native Quest 2 game and its like Vaseline and PS2 graphics, got that star wars game the one with DLC, it looks horrible

    This will be my next, if its good ill play if its more blurry ass looking trash, ill be waiting for the next one.

    So far VR is a huge disappointment, maybe they need to make DLSS part of every VR game and increase resolution some more, right now its just meh compared to playing on 4K OLED

    • NL_VR

      Not tryingto sound like a butthurt VR-enthusiast ;)
      Just wondered what you excpected? VR is hard as it is on performance yes and screen are not to be compared to a flat screen. But couldnt you get immersed at all? hell i find even blocky minecraft graphics immersive as long as i know what i get and how i will “live it in”, dont know how to say :)

      But maybe its and age thing, i have been playing games for over 30 years, it feels i have played all games already. Maybe thats why i felt and still feel VR can bring something new. and its getting better and better luckuly :)

      • ApocalypseShadow

        He’s just bringing nothing to the conversation other than negativity without even seeing the final product when the article is about the headset reveal. Which looks rather nice.

        As you can see, nothing pleases him. Even on PC where it sounds like he could buy a powerful PC and the highest resolution headset but I don’t think they would please him either unless it looked like reality.

        • Banana Lives Matter

          I have a powerful PC already, but it cant fix low resolution screens used for VR, nor lack of AAA VR games, I mean games that are so good so ill choose them over something else on PC.

          Alyx is the only AAA game, everything else is either ports of games I played like Fallout, Skyrim or Horrible Indie games like rhythm games or gorilla games [isnt it the most played VR game?, just show what kind of people invested in VR].

          Yeah I can dig something up like Blair Witch, The Exorcit, i have 80 steam VR games and I have some exclusive Quest games, but none of them are screaming “I must play them now”, im finishing Dying Light 2, then there is Elden Ring and then I have PS5 games i skipped, even replaying Mass Effect Trilogy on PC and Dragon Age [its been years since it originally came and its great game without much woke propaganda like modern games] sound more fun .

          BTW, I never said that this product will suck, actually im hyped for it, it might save VR, SONTY is the only company that has AAA VR games, but lacked on hardware and controllers, this product looks PREMIUM, it screams they invested money into research and it wasn’t a Test run like PSVR that was using PS3 era Eyetoy controllers, resolution looks kinda OK [I would like minimum 2560×2560], but because its PS5, we probably wont see games uisng the 2000×2000 resolution, I hope Sony comes up with PS5Pro soon after they release PSVR2

          • Cless

            I mean… you have an actually good PC, but complain about low/mid tier under $600 headsets.
            If you care so much about resolution and such, you should have gotten something that goes on par with your graphic card, like a Varjo headset.

            I mean, its like saying “man, PC gaming SUCKS, look at all the jaggies in the games!!” while you are playing on a 720p “HD READY” bottom of the bin monitor.

          • Banana Lives Matter

            There is balance in everything, I use what everybody uses, I wont pay more for HMD then I pay for 55inch OLED or the already expensive 3090 im not rich im a hobbyist and its a big difference, also to be honest with you, I would pay for one as long time investment [like you buy a tv for 2-3-5 years] IF i had actual games to play, or if every game had VR mode.
            But right now its expensive toy to play Alyx and forget about it.

      • Banana Lives Matter

        Im a hardware enthusiast, running 3090 and 5950x.

        I like good, sharp graphics, if it has blur i wont play it, it annoys me.
        Quest 2 with super sampling looks kinda ok, but the second issue is lack of games, i have over 50 VR games on steam, my steam library is nearing 1400, yet none of them are so good to not play something else and play them, since we have limited time.
        There is Alyx and walking dead, Blair witch, bunch of games I played before like Fallout and Skyrim, but the main issue that annoys me that VR becoming a niche of indie trash level games, no one makes AAA games anymore, even Bethesda that ported bunch of them and then quit, and the games people play and talk about are something I wont be forced to play even if they pay me, like that idiotic music rhythm game or Gorilla game and so on, i would be ashamed to be seen playing that, nor I find them enjoyable.

        The good news is that SONY has GOOD VR games, what stopped me from enjoying them is dildo gamepads and trash graphics.
        I have PS5 from day one, so ill be buying this and I hope it runs on PC too [why not], i might finally get good enough graphics and AAA games.

        Right now VR is limited, like PSVR has the best screen, real RGB OLED but low resolution and dildo gamepads, HP Reverb and Quest is LCD, its not even funny, the previous gen used AMOLED [Pentile] OLED, which had huge HOLS between pixels [just google Pentile AMOLED and read on technology, its poor mans OLED made for mobile to save money, basically RGB OLED 1080p has the same amount of subpixels and Pentile AMOLED 1440p.

        So something always limits the medium, either low resolution, bad screens, bad gamepads, and the most important lack of AAA games.

        • NL_VR

          So in the end its about taste.
          i know about the different screens i have tested almost all VR-headsets except the most expensive ones.

          Why there is no AAA-games on VR is that there is no one able to make them.
          VR-Devs dont have money and time to invest in big projects they need to sell games.
          and most AAA-gamestudios dont have experience to do VR, so the VR-games growth is slow but it is there.

          and i dont agree that AA/Indie scene is crap, its on the indie scene we get the best games, even on flatscreen.
          Its the indie devs that love to make games and no just follow the formula that works “for the masses”.

          • Banana Lives Matter

            Lets be honest here: VR had more AAA hype when Rift S came out then what we have now.

            Let me remind you that ALL Big Publishers dipped their toes in VR: Bethesda [no more], Ubisoft [no more], EA [No more], Activation [No more]

            The last VR game from Bethesda was Cyberpilot,
            the last one from Ubisoft was either start trek [they lost a license to it and its removed from stores] or Transference [total they made 6 VR games]
            EA had Star Wars Squadron game and from that point nothing
            Activision, I think they only had that freeware PSVR Call Of Duty Infinite space battle experience

            Facebook tries to make some games by paying studios and people start to screech “exclusivity is bad”, at least they trying but they have money in this, yet i dont like Quest only games, we users have no power over them, we cant increase resolution no matter our hardware, RE4VR is good example, it has no Rift S version to play in Thetheret mode and it looks like all new games will be Quest 2 only

            By Indie I don’t mean Independent studios but small teams and low production values.

            P.S. I also forgot to mention that Space game, second part just came out 2 months ago, its on Rift S, i forgot its name ,you play as robot with woman something like that, I have both games, loooks fun but never played yet

          • Tommy

            Lone Echo 2

          • Alexisms

            Bethesda [no more], Ubisoft [no more], EA [No more], Activation [No more] <<< isn't this from a Proclaimers song?

  • TechnoHunter

    Finally Inside out tracking, Thanks Sony! PS5 ONLY! Shoot no backwards compatibility!? Damn the only downside! Also hope there are no more flakes from the cushion back head support. That was annoying.

    • FrankB

      yeah, the rubber on that cushion was poor design choice. Everytime i use PSVR now i have to deal with little black rubbery crumbs.

  • StormyDoesVR

    Looks a little bit like a concept render, but not in a bad way! Glad they added white plastic to the controllers, the dual-tone look really works well there.

  • flamaest

    Sony is taking too much time to ship this. Quest 3 will be out by the time this things ships and it’s game over Sony.

    Also, this PSVR2 better be dirt cheap or it’s lights out SONY; you can get a GREAT VR headset today with decent games for the price of a PS5/PSVR/SONY-GAMES.

    • Cless

      So… how is it that Sony keeps selling quite a few old PSVR headsets… since the Quest 2 came out?
      Also, you want a dirt cheap but high quality headset? Dude, are you out of your mind?
      And please, tell me where I can get such “GREAT VR headsets” you are talking about…

    • Bob

      PSVR 2 design has been finalized. Testing is done. Production validation is about to finish. Moulds are ready. Sony are already preparing to shift into mass production by July ready for a product launch on November 2022.

      Also here’s a hint: Sony always launch a product during the same year the product design is officially unveiled. Quest 3 isn’t slated to launch until 2023. This has been confirmed by Meta/Facebook themselves. Why? Due to Project Cambria. Google it.

      PSVR isn’t designed to compete with the Quest 3. Sony’s business strategy is entirely different to Meta therefore there isn’t a need to compete on price.
      Yes they’re both VR headsets in the same consumer market but they’re both very different platforms with very different ecosystems and different audiences. One is tied to a mobile SoC running Android OS, and the other is tied to a dedicated gaming system running Orbis OS.

  • Cless

    Man is that HDR OLED display sexy…

  • Fabrizio

    I do not agree with many opinions i am reading
    VR is a revolution because you are inside the game
    You can’t have the same experience playing with a PC/Console and 65 inch TV as monitor
    You can’t have the same experience playing with a PC/Console and a Cinema projector
    The whole world you see is 3D
    This means you see all the details of objects that are near while far objects show low details as in the real world, the floor in VR is where is your floor, Also audio is 3D and at 360 degrees
    If you want to improve the experience there is locomotion and other accessories
    VR Headset Pimax 8K X
    My PC is 10850 K + 3080TI and 16 Giga Ram,
    Headset : Good Plastic, no breaks
    Comfort: No Eyestrain , No marks on my forehead
    Resolution: no issues with frame rate and High Resolution
    (I do not see pixels),
    Colours are good,
    Tracking is good: using Two towers for basestations
    I play at 75 Hz , but 90 Hz works and works also 114 Hz in Upscaling
    No Distorsions at Normal FOV
    SweetSpot : with only few Horizontal degree more this could be the definitive VR headset . I wear glasses, so maybe users without glasses will experience a better sweetspot than me
    Pimax 8K X is not Plug and Play: While first setup with Pitool 271 (Alfa version – It’is second version- I recommand it ) went perfect you will have many issues with pitool and you have to discover some workarounds to avoid or reduce them and then fast solve these issues when happens to begin playing
    Ultimately i believe these issues are the combination of bad pitool/firmware programming, incorrect operation of the user and the fact that games are not made for Pimax But for example Last time i played Pimax 8K X was Plug and Play
    I have moved the issue from BAD to MIXED because on the other end of the scale Pitool have many tools
    If you move your head fast in a direction then in the opposite direction all your VR world shake. While you play this do not happens. Sometimes you have this issue in a mild form and you have to quiet your head movement

    • Tommy

      No one is talking about playing flat games with it on PC. We’re talking about using it as a PCVR headset.

  • Adam Sermet

    Bummer it doesn’t come with on headset headphones like the index. Having to f around with separate audio while putting the headset on is always a bad time.

    • Tommy

      Just get a pair of Mantis off ear headphones. They worked great on PSVR1 and should work for PSVR2 too

  • Sion12

    assuming its a USBC to USBC cable. and nvidia cancelled the VirtualLink. i wonder if it works on pc with a USBC to HDMI cable

    • FrankB

      unlikely, unsure if the USBC on the ps5 is also a mini displayport. If it’s just USB and its compressing data the same way the Quest does with link cable then definite no. If its mini Displayport, i’m not sure how well displayport to HDMI adaptors work.

  • FrankB

    Have to say i’m a little concerned that it connects via USB-C, does that suggest its squirting compressed data to the headset the same way the Quest does over link? There’s never been a definitive answer as to whether the USB-c on the front of PS5 is also a displayport.

    • Tommy

      If they use USB-C 3.2 2×2, they can get 20G transfer instead of 10G. If they implement Thunderbolt tech they can get transfer up to 40G.

  • Rosko

    This might finally make me buy a console for the first time in my life & hopefully get some decent vr games.

    • Merzcat

      You really missed out skipping on the PS2