Popular Mobile Shooter ‘Zombie Gunship’ Now Available on Oculus Go & Gear VR


Limbic Software’s popular Zombie Gunship franchise is finally making its way from Android to VR in Zombie Gunship Raptor (2018), a first-person, helicopter-based zombie shooter for Oculus Go and Gear VR.

As the gunner of a heavily-armed gunship helicopter, you’re tasked with defending your base from an oncoming onslaught of zombies from all directions. Featuring active node sites where you can zip over to shoot, you’ll need plenty of gear, vehicles, and firepower to fend the waves of mindless brain-eaters.

You’ll have a powerful main machine gun, rockets for taking out groups of zombies, and large area of effect missiles for taking out the robust Titan zombies. You can take down the hordes using night vision, thermal vision, and IR camera vision.

Zombie Gunship Raptor also features an upgrade system “to ensure players can take their own path to increase their arsenal,” the studio says in a recent Oculus blogpost.

Besides the campaign mode, the game also boats a Survival mode which pits you against a never-ending swarm of zombies.

Check out Zombie Gunship Raptor, which is selling for $4, on Oculus Go and Gear VR.

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