Portal-style Puzzler ‘ChromaGun VR’ to Launch on PSVR Next Week


Initially slated for release last year, Nuremberg, Germany-based indie studio Pixel Maniacs have announced that the first-person puzzle shooter ChromaGun VR is headed to PSVR next week.

The original ChromaGun targeted a variety of platforms including PC, mobile, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, launching on PC via Steam back in 2016 after about a year in the now defunct Steam Greenlight program. It’s latest version, rejiggered for virtual reality, is set to release February 19th exclusively on PSVR.

In ChromaGun VR you use a paint-shooting gun to color walls and floating spherical Worker Droids, leaving you with the task of guiding your orb-shaped pals to door-opening triggers, switches or electrified tiles so you can progress forward. With only one solution to each puzzle, and plenty of opportunity to mess up, users typically find themselves resetting puzzles to discover just the right mix or color-coded instructions.


Steve Crouse, creative director at Pixel Manics says in a PS blogpost that while some rooms in the original game were resized to improve performance on PSVR, the overall gameplay mechanics are unchanged.

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“There are no new chambers in ChromaGun VR. This was a touchy decision to make, because a lot of levels follow a curve, forcing players to turn around. Had we designed new levels for VR, we could’ve made them lead straight ahead, making it more comfortable to play. But in the end, we wanted players to be able to experience the original ChromaGun in VR, not some watered-down port of the game,” Crouse says.

ChromaGun VR supports both DualShock 4 controllers and PS Aim, the gun peripheral originally launched with VR shooter Farpoint (2017). You can check out the PlayStation Store link here.

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