Bethesda today announced at E3 2018 that DLC for Prey (2017) is coming, and that two VR-compatible game modes will be available soon—a single player escape room game and a multiplayer game called ‘Typhon Hunter’, both of which will be available later this summer as part of the Mooncrash DLC, or in the Prey: Digital Deluxe.

In Prey, the main baddies are the typhon, an alien race of mimics that can turn into things like moon rocks, mugs – basically anything.

Typhon Hunter is a multiplayer gamemode in Prey: Mooncrash, which essentially plays out like a game of cat and mouse; hunt the typhon disguised as a trashcan or Windex bottle. According to Bethesda, the new competitive VR mode pits the series’ protagonist Morgan Yu against mimics that will stalk, hunt and hide in plain sight as they try to take Yu down.

Typhon Hunter will also be available outside of VR, which is good news for keeping the playerbase healthy.

Arkane’s Typhon Hunter update is also said to include a solo escape room in VR mode called ‘TranStar VR’. In TranStar VR, you solve puzzles in the Talos I space station. TranStar VR will also be downloadable later this summer, as a free update with the Mooncrash DLC or the Prey: Digital Deluxe.

The news of fresh Prey DLC came in tandem with the the announcement that a VR-compatible standalone game Wolfenstein is coming too.

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  • MarquisDeSang

    So just sell the mini VR games, no way I am playing on my retro 4k hdr tv

    • jordon321 .

      You’re comparing two completely different products for gaming… who care’s about your 4k tv? I’ve got one to, I also have an oculus because it’s a completely different way to experience games rather than just “looking nicer”. By the way, if you’re playing on consoles, your shit is upscaled and not 4k anyway bud, most of it at least if you plan on keeping your framerate decent

  • Raphael

    I’m not interested in short-play VR. I expect the whole game in VR at some point.

    • You must have scoffed at the tomb raider one :)

      • Raphael

        I’d love to see Lara in VR but I passed on that VR tomb raider thing… it was just one level wasn’t it?

        • HybridEnergy

          I haven’t played the Tomb Raider one either. lol

          • Raphael

            Looking at the steam page discussions for tomb raider VR… someone bought it at full price thinking they could play the entire game in VR… it’s only the manor that’s playable. That’s why I don’t like half-assed VR committment from developers. Either commit fully or not at all :)

  • kool

    Is this for psvr Bethesda isn’t very clear in their messages.