Sony previously confirmed PSVR compatibility with the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, however what wasn’t so clear was whether you’d be able to use all of your current-gen accessories like PS Aim and PS Move controllers. Now Sony says those old school essentials will also work with the PS5.

This, Sony’s Isabelle Tomatis reveals in a blog post, also includes the current-gen PlayStation Camera, however it will require an adaptor.

Tomatis says Sony will be handing out these adaptors “at no additional cost to PS VR users.” More details are said to follow on how those will be distributed.

Based on images courtesy Sony

What’s equally intriguing is that the DualShock 4 wireless controller and officially licensed third-party gamepads are also said to work with “supported PS4 games” on PS5, something Sony hasn’t historically allowed by default across console generations. Games created for PS5 will however require the new DualSense wireless controller, Sony says.

Both the PS Move and PS Camera were originally released on PS3 in the late 2000s. Any PSVR user can tell you how irksome the headset’s less than performant tracking can be when the stars aren’t metaphorically aligned. Hopefully this is a concession aimed at keeping PSVR users happy in the near term and not a hint that the next-gen PSVR will use the same tracking standard as its forbear.

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To allay those fears somewhat, it appears the DualSense controllers don’t seem to contain the same sort of optical tracking markers as DualShock 4, which further supports the position that PSVR 2 will benefit from some other tracking standard altogether.

Tracking woes aside, it seems PSVR users will (mostly) be able to simply plug and play their library of PS4 games on the new console. Granted, we still don’t know the exact extent of this compatibility, and it’s something we hope to learn more about as we approach the console’s holiday season launch.

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    Is there a reason people have such inflated optimism and expectations for the Quest and not for the PSVR2? The first one sold over 7 million units even though it gets barely talked about and constantly maligned, the second is poised to sell several times what the first one did.

    • PSVR is a good set-up with ps4pro, I’ve had the pleasure of using PSVR many times, it’s always impressed especially the display and lenses.

      The AIM controller takes Farpoint to another level, what an incredible experience! I expect Sony will see great sales of ps5 and PSVR 2.

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        I’m curious to see if they’ll go with a high res RGB OLED, or a 180hz display that will flash blank images between frames for super low persistence. The best thing that could happen in my view is for it to support any headset since they make their money on software anyway, or for the headset to work on PC since that would boost consumer confidence in the purchase. Either way as long as it doesn’t have some compromised control and tracking scheme like the first PSVR it should be huge.

        • With ps5 being a more powerful unit, the quality of PSVR 2 titles should allow good ports to PCVR. If they are open to timed exclusive, which could work well for Sony and PCVR customer

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            I don’t think most PSVR games are necessarily full contract exclusives. I think it just wasn’t worth the effort to port small games made for a different hardware/controls to a smaller PC market.

    • Tommy

      5.5 million but that doesn’t change your point :)

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        I thought they updated the five million number late last year?

  • Ted Joseph

    Some of my best VR experiences are on the PSVR. I cant wait to see if there are framerate and graphical improvements using PS5 with my PSVR. I also am excited to see what Sony releases for PSVR2. Bring it on Sony! :)

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Tomatis says Sony will be handing out these adaptors “at no additional cost to PS VR users.”

    Oh, that’s so nice.. Because I’ll bet those adaptors are AUX-to-USB3, which means you can finally use the camera also on your PC. I still have same AUX and USB3 connectors laying around as I wanted to create such an adaptor myself (AUX is nothing more than a proprietary USB-3 connector, all you need to do is connect the right AUX pins to the correct USB3 pins)..

    • xtrasmiley

      Yeah, it always makes me wonder why companies bother using different connection standards. If you want to use the camera on your PC, you’re probably savvy enough to make/buy and adaptor, for everyone else, it’s just and added cost/burden for no good reason.

  • Tommy

    PSVR has been great but needs upgrading VERY badly. It’s last place in tracking, controllers, play area, and resolution. I’m not knocking it but find myself playing it less and less compared to other headsets.
    PSVR2 can’t come soon enough because I’m not buying a PS5 just to upgrade my current PSVR. I’d rather spend the $500-600 on a new headset for my PC.
    With that said, I will buy both the PS5 and the PSVR2 once released…depending on specs :)

  • notRobot2

    Sony should improve tracking. Tracking should be similar to MSVR. No more base station.
    Base stations & their cabling is ugly. Rather use wireless tech.

  • xtrasmiley

    I love my PSVR, but wish the Aim controller was used in more games.

    This article has an incorrect statement, the current PS Camera was made exclusively for PS4. The PS3 camera was a single lens design that was packaged with and without the moves.

  • PJ

    Those controllers REALLY need updating ASAP..

  • Looking for more updates.

  • Scarlet Emilye
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