VR may still be young, and adoption still low compared to the world of traditional gaming, but it can’t be ignored that mounting sales of the Playstation VR headset—effectively a very expensive accessory for the PS4—is adding up to considerable revenue. In an era where Sony appears to have a significant lead in console sales already, and with PSVR sharpening the system’s competitive edge, pressure is mounting for Microsoft to figure out its Xbox VR strategy.

Update (12/30/17): Article updated with Sony’s latest official sales figures for PS4 (70.6 million) and PlayStation VR (2 million), as of December 7th, 2017.

Moving the Needle

Photo by Road to VR

Sony announced that PS4 sales (including PS4 and PS4 Pro) have reached 70.6 million units as of December, 2017. Microsoft meanwhile hasn’t publicly revealed their Xbox One sales figures for some time, though estimates earlier this year put it somewhere between 30 and 40 million units. Competitively, that’s a massive gap. And it isn’t helping Microsoft that, for gamers on the fence between the two consoles, PlayStation has a big fat check mark in the VR column while Xbox doesn’t.

It isn’t just the weight of VR support that could be furthering PlayStation’s edge, but there’s revenue to be considered too. PlayStation VR’s sales figures might not be huge relative to PS4, but it’s an expensive device—often even more expensive than the console that powers it—and it adds up to something considerable.

On December 7th, 2017 Sony officially reported that the PSVR install base reached 2 million units. The headset is sold in several different bundle configurations ranging, in the US at least, from the $500 Launch Bundle to the now discounted standalone headset at $290. Roughing out a $350 average selling price (which is conservative given the generally higher prices in Europe), we can estimate that Sony has pulled in some $700 million in hardware revenue. Software revenue on top of that stands to add considerably more.

That’s not a huge amount in comparison to revenue from the PS4 console itself, but it’s definitely a needle-moving figure—and a new revenue stream that Xbox isn’t tapping—that furthers Sony’s console lead. Pressure is mounting Microsoft to figure out how its VR plans pan out on Xbox.

A False Start for VR on Xbox One X

Photo by Road to VR

Back when it was first introduced at E3 2016, Microsoft made a clear point to talk about how the Xbox One X (at the time called ‘Project Scorpio’) would “lead the industry into a future in which true 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR are the standard, not an exception.” It was even announced that Fallout 4 VR (recently released for PC VR headsets) would be coming to the system.

Hardly more than a month later, Xbox head Phil Spencer was giving mixed messages about VR support on the Xbox One X. In 2017 it became clear that the console wouldn’t have any type of VR support at launch, and Microsoft hasn’t even said whether or not we’ll see VR on the Xbox One X in 2018.

The marketing blunder is particularly odd, as Microsoft has executed an impressive rollout of their ‘Windows Mixed Reality‘ VR platform on the PC side. Last month saw the launch of Windows VR headsets from a slew of PC hardware vendors, and a big update to Windows 10 which bakes VR directly into the operating system.

Acer Windows VR Headset Review

With the Xbox One X purportedly running Windows 10 underneath the hood, and Microsoft continuing to push their ‘Universal Windows Platform’ (which encourages developers to build apps which are cross-compatible with any Windows 10 device), the writing is on the wall for Xbox One X to get roped into Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform at some point. The big question is: when?

In a candid interview earlier this year, Xbox Head Phil Spencer suggested that Microsoft was staying away from VR on Xbox because they didn’t feel that the family room is a good place for tethered headsets. He figured at the time that the industry is “a few years away [from a wireless VR solution].”

But if Microsoft is planning on waiting “a few years” for wireless tech before rolling out a VR offering on Xbox, they could be handing away a couple billion dollars in extra revenue to a competitor which already has a sizable lead.

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  • Pre Seznik

    That’s too bad, would love to play Forza games in VR.

  • gothicvillas

    I have never spent so much money on games as I do on VR. To me this is the best thing ever happened to gaming. Im 42 and been gaming since got my first Atari back in 86 :)

    • Rob H

      This is a very good point that I hadn’t really thought of before; I too have spent far more on games in the past year of owning a vive than i have done in previous years. Would be interesting from at least an industry point of view to see the average annual spend on video games of those with a VR headset and those without.

      • Gonzalo Novoa

        Same here. By the way, quality on psvr is much better than most people think. I have both psvr and Oculus and oculus is obviously better but psvr is very good. RE7 and Farpoint, for instance, are two of the best vr games I’ve played so far.

        • XboxRules

          No, real VR is only on PC. That’s why the PC gets full games and not a crappy race that consists of only 2 cars (pathetic).

    • DirkaDirk

      I want to try the psvr too but only have the PS4. Yes some games do run better on PS4 pro (clearer text, smoother gameplay) but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the plunge. There are good experiences now to try, who knows what it’ll be like in a few years, why wait. I plan on getting psvr now for my PS4 and if I enjoy the experience I’ll upgrade to the pro and just sell my PS4.

      • Justin FlowerPristine

        yes one the best games to show that off is free ps4 plus games in November, a true example of what PSVR is capable of (bound) hands down one of the best VR games available very clear, and smooth

    • Fear Monkey

      Same here, I buy more VR games on PSVR than regular ps4 titles . I have never tried a Vive, but the PSVR is great, and has exclusive titles that are very good. Im waiting to get VR on PC when I upgrade my PC, as its a bit old now but still capable for regular games at 1440p.

      • XboxRules

        Even an old PC is more powerful than that foreign console and its low res 1080p HMD.

    • Des Dearman

      I’m 42, in many years I’ve not spent so much on games as I do now in VR. I consider it to be the best thing to happen to gaming, beyond the original online rollouts of quake and the like.
      I thank to the stars every time I reflect on how great the vive experience is….
      My Atari fix started in 83 though:)

      • Jason Mercieca

        Same here, started gamming even slightly before the commodore 64 era, vr is just so different, so immersive and with the vive roomscale well it makes it complete, interactions with the game itself its a big WoW, i tried vive once with just space pirate trainer and i could not believe the great experience i had, dogging lasers, aiming physically, well we all know now, its the most immersive way to play and brings tons of more enjoyment than the good flat old tv gamming, only game i now play in tv/monitor is bf1/bf4, and thats because its not in vr, when it is bye bye monitor/tv.
        And yes i have purchased at least x4 more in vr than i would for monitor in any given time line.
        Now for me to buy a non vr game it must be extremely good like bf1..
        VR is the best way to play a game, simply cause it puts u inside the game :), no looking more to flat screen trying to imitate real 3d and vr :) best money i ever spended

    • Zachary Scott Dickerson

      Wow, that is EXACTLY the same as myself, older gamer, spending way more on gaming than ever before thanks the VR (VIVE). It has renewed my interest in all things gaming and I can’t look back.

      • Massimo Depero

        Me too

        • MeowMito

          Me too! VR made me go back into gaming.

    • Brant S

      Same here 49 yo and have 90% of PSVR Games x2 (Wife too) More games bought in last 6 months than I would normally have in 2 to 3 years. And 60+ More coming by end of year! Opens wallet…

      • Frances

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      • XboxRules

        Real VR is only on the PC as of now.

    • AtmosContagion

      If you have a Rift/Vive the PSVR honestly doesn’t bring anything worthwhile other than a couple of exclusive games (most of which are timed).

      The motion controllers aren’t very good in comparison and you don’t have 360 tracking like on pc.

      As far as the games go, they play well enough and it’s a good experience overall if you don’t have a Rift/Vive.

      VR games are definitely an entirely different beast from your standard flat games.

      • Evgeni Zharsky

        I don’t agree, moving forward I think PSVR is a lot more committed to VR development, especially AAA titles than either Oculus or Vive, no question.

        • Eddie Barsh

          Agreed. Resident Evil 7 is iconic to VR. RE7 is kinda like VRs version of Mario or Sonic in terms of impact and the way it changed our perceptions of gaming and then way it influences future titles

          • AtmosContagion

            Resident Evil is just iconic in general, but not necessarily to VR. It’s a big name franchise, but it didn’t really bring anything new to VR other than that big name.

            It’s a fun game though.

          • Eddie Barsh

            I somewhat disagree w that in the sense that it was the first Major title on a. VR headset at the console level. It is constantly cited as one of the beat if not thee best VR game at the console level and it was recently revealed that Resident Evil 7 DOUBLED the amount of time users spent playing VR. I feel that it opened the gateways to console VR for users who have never tried VR before and were skeptical about it. In my private time I’m basically promoting PSVR (although I’m an xbox guy) and I always put RE7 on for ppl and I’ve flipped a couple dozen ppl after letting them play RE7 on PSVR. this includes non gamers, old ppl, kids, women, stubborn gamers who only want to play on an outdated form of gaming on a TV I’ve flipped all kinds of ppl to VR because of the GREATNESS of RE7.. IMO years from now I think we will look back on RE7 and also games like Lone Echo and see the influence they had on opening ppls minds up about VR

          • Graham

            I don’t know about you but I find some pc vr supporters can be a little condescending when it comes to psvr. ;-)

            RE7 was a huge step forward – one of the biggest / first genuine triple AAA vr experiences that included the whole game in VR. That was a point widely agreed across all these vr sites. Think it was a bit more than just a “fun game”!!

            I have to say though that I am very much looking forward to expanding into pc vr as well next year and trying the likes of robo recall. Just saving the pennies….

        • AtmosContagion

          That’s actually not very true. I don’t know about you, but I find a lot of PSVR users are out of touch when it comes to what’s out there for VR.

          Oculus has already put quite a bit of money into funding VR game development (somewhere around 500 million if I remember correctly). They actually paid almost 10 million for a game from Epic games made purely for VR and then gave it away to Rift users for free! (Other headsets still have to purchase it). 4a games (Metro: Last Light) also recently released a game for Oculus.

          Respawn entertainment (Titanfall) was also recently announced to be working on a game due for release in 2019 on Oculus Home.

          They are also paying Unreal engines licensing fees for any devs building a game that releases on the Oculus Home storefront.

          Lone Echo, alongside it’s multi-player counterpart Echo Arena, released on Oculus Home has been noted as one of the best VR games of the year by a large part of the VR community.

          While PSVR is getting a timed exclusive with Skyrim VR, PC is getting Fallout 4 VR. Every platform seems to be getting Doom VFR (except Xbox lol, cause they don’t have an hmd still).

          There is a lot going on with the PC side of VR and support is stronger than ever for VR in general, which is fantastic.

      • matthew de la hunty

        Lots more content on ps4. And if you buy the disks you can sell them on at the end.

        • AtmosContagion

          There is actually lots more content for PC VR. Many of the games on PSVR are actually ported from PC.

          Most “exclusive” games being released for PSVR already have a VR counterpart on PC that are as good, if not better.

          Most of the “big” names are just timed exclusives too.

          Also, only some of the VR games on PSVR have physical disc releases, usually only the bigger names and first party games, but if you are limiting yourself to purely physical discs, you’re actually missing out on a ton of content.

      • Bitekr

        PSVR is cheap and extra easy to set up. Most people do not want to spend a lot of money for it and do not have the time to set it up on PC. That is why consoles are selling better than PCs for games and PSVR sales better than PCVR. PSVR is for masses and PCVR is for enthusiasts

    • The OG-PS4 does just fine with VR. Anyone who tells you differently hasn’t actually tried it.

      • XboxRules

        Wrong, real VR is only on PC as of now. Wait until XBOX ONE X gets it.

      • ApocalypseTC

        I have both HTC Vive, with a decent PC (Geforce 1070, Intel I7 proc, 16 Gb RAM), and a normal PS4, with PSVR. The experience is simply different with the PSVR, not noticeably worse. The exclusives sold me on PSVR, and flying in a virtual X-wing made me buy a game I already owned on X-Box. The PC loads a little faster, but for the most part, I could pick up games for whichever is cheaper and not feel cheated.

    • Kei Loper

      haha, nice to see so many of us with a few years on us ;)

      I’m 37 now going on 38, and I also started way back in the 80’s with an Atari (85 for me). I’ve spent a lot of loot on games prior to VR, but I’ve never spent anywhere near as quickly as I have when I found out that VR is really here now compared to back in the day. It’s such an exciting time to me!!!

      I’ve used both the Vive and Rift (bought the Rift over the Vive after trying both, but would happily own either), I haven’t tried the PSVR, but my brother in law got one about a month or two ago so I can try it whenever…just been too lazy haha. He does enjoy it though, but uses it less than I use the Rift, but I think that’s a pretty natural thing.

      As an aside, I’ve noticed that the majority of people that I’ve met in VR have all been in our age range outside of a few outliers. Using Bigscreen Beta has been so incredibly pleasant much to my surprise over this year and some change that I’ve had it now. I was worried that it’d be something where a bunch of rude kids/teens would pop in and try to make it awful, but it’s been the exact opposite. Awesome :)

    • impurekind

      Modern VR is the start of the biggest paradigm shift in videogaming since it went fully 3D back in the 90s–of that I have no doubt whatsoever.

      And, yeah, I’ve spent more on VR gaming in the last year than I have on all other gaming platforms combined in probably the last ten years.

    • Totius82

      Same here, I’m 35 and I’ve been playing videogames since I was 6. Since I got my Rift I’ve spent during the last 6 months what I did in the last 6 years, I’ve got every single “big” release. I’m lucky I’m leaving these exciting times!

    • matthew de la hunty

      500 all in if you sell the games. So much content.

    • care package

      I thought I’d never go back to 2D gaming, but now that’s all I play again. Totally bored with VR myself. I’ve got like 5 VR games still sitting unplayed.

    • FloridaOJ

      It’s becoming a problem. I buy everything that looks good, without discretion. I would NEVER pay full price for a console/PC title without my friends nagging incessantly… yet pretty VR title pops up and I’m like “it’s the same as dinner and a movie?”

    • Jack Fisher

      I totally agree, Microsoft is failing XB users not releasing VR. They lost the battle in the beginning and now I just don’t understand what they are waiting for. I wanna play Doom VFR Fallout 4 VR even GTA 5 is possible on VR that is new and allot of fun. Kinect was boring and a fail, VR is the future..

    • XboxRules

      Atari in ’86????? I sure hope it was the ST computer as by ’86 I was already on my second Amiga computer.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Why would anyone buy a console that has no future and is heading into a wall. People are not stupid, they buy PS4 in the hope that one day they will be able to buy VR. XboneX is not powerful enough for VR, it’s incapable of VR for an obscure reason.

    • David Herrington

      Lighten up buddy. Maybe try some more fiber in your diet.

      • Johan Pruijs

        He is right at some points…. I tried the PIMAX and yeah…. love it!!!

        • Evgeni Zharsky

          cool, but i’ll wait for more in depth Pimax reviews.

    • Eddie Barsh

      You CLEARLY have no idea what you’re talking about. Xbox One X can’t run VR? Yeah you’re smoking rocks. The OG PS4 runs PSVR just fine. JUST FINE! and the xbox one x is farrrrrrrrr stronger than the OG PS4 and has 40% more power than the PS4 Pro. It can handle VR no questions asked. They’ve just chosen not to link WMR to the Xbox One X because of the cords. I have the PSVR and I can tell you that the tracking on WMR is far greater than the tracking on PSVR. it has inside out tracking built into the headset so no need for all the cords to hook up like the psvr. The WMR headsets have some pretty impressive specs for their price. Especially the Odyssey! Do you even VR bro?

      • David Herrington

        Its best not to feed the troll :). Jean does this every time he posts so there isn’t any point in correcting him. He just wants a rise from people even if what he is saying isn’t true.

        • Eddie Barsh

          Ahhh I see. Thank you

  • me

    As a previous Vive owner, current Rift owner and PSVR-PS4pro owner – I truly love my PSVR. It is by far the most comfortable HMD to date, and while the move tracking is not on par with the Vive, as someone mentioned below some of the best VR experiences have come from the PSVR (Farpoint, RE7, London Heist, etc). So much to offer for a comfortable couch/living room experience.

  • Justin FlowerPristine

    PSVR is the pathway mainstream VR ,Its bit more than gimmick at this point and its here to stay , the tech will get bigger ,better , and improved faster and improved its still new technology, and id bet my $ the hardware is going to get better at very quick pace

    • Eddie Barsh


  • Justin FlowerPristine

    Novemeber PS4 plus games if people are non believers of what PSVR is currently capable of , try the BOUND game in VR hands down one best optimized psvr games out there.

  • impurekind

    Yeah, I feel like Microsoft is dropping the ball a little bit on this one.

  • Jim Cherry

    Ms doesn’t respond well to consumer market pressure. The last thing any one wants is another kinect except for VR instead of motion gaming.

  • Roy

    PSVR is hands down the best gaming purchase I’ve made in my 29 years of gaming. Being inside the games is so amazing it’s hard to describe. I’m so glad to be alive in an era where this is a reality. I’m so excited to see what the future has in store for us.

    • Eddie Barsh

      Exactly!! I’ve dreamed of this my entire life and didn’t think it would actually happen in my lifetime! I’m so happy VR is actually here I am absolutely amazed by VR

  • Fear Monkey

    I can’t think of a good reason to buy an Xbox One X. I own a PS4 Pro, PSVR and PS4 this gen and loved the Xbox and Xbox 360, but never got a Xbox One. I love RPG’s mainly, and MS ruins Fable and kills Lionhead, never even releasing Fable Legends, MS never releases sequels to my favorite Xbox and Xbox 360 games like Mech Assault, MechWarrior, Crimson Skies, Blood Wake, Kameo, Viva Pinata, etc. Crackdown is coming to Windows, Im not a huge Gears of War fan, not a huge Racing fan for Forza, and I love Halo but thats one game, and nothing Halo is being released for Xbox One X. If MS released a fantastic VR headset for Xbox One X and exclusive games, I may have had to have a serious look at it. I don’t have a 4k TV yet either, so MS really hasnt given me a reason except its powerful hardware. It amazes me how much MS dropped the ball with the Xbox One.

    • Eddie Barsh

      Agreed. I just don’t see how Phil Spencer got promoted. He’s been terrible! In the NFL, NBA , MLB you can literally get fired after winning coach of the year or taking your team one game away from the World Series. It keeps pressure on teams to continually innovate and succeed. I guess it isn’t the same in the gaming world. Phil Spencer just got promoted for leading Xbox to 3rd place in sales, when just a few years ago we were 1st in sales. Shocking. Xbox has fell so far. There’s clearly a level of dysfunction for the past several years and IMO I feel like a lot of ppl need to go. They need to clear house and go back to the drawing board.

    • Life of Black Tiger

      “Crackdown is coming to Windows”

      if you have a pc capable of running crackdown 3, why wouldn’t you just buy a oculus rift? it has more games than the psvr, it’s better quality headset and has games like robo recall/elite dangerous.

      • Eddie Barsh

        Perhaps we should stop comparing which touch/move controllers are better and start appreciating the fact that PSVR has move controllers because I know too many ppl who really enjoy the move controllers

        • Life of Black Tiger

          “PSVR fans will likely agree that Move has far greater issues that we were hoping would be addressed. For starters, the lack of analog sticks can make controlling some games a challenge, especially considering PSVR only supports 180-degree controller tracking, meaning you can’t face away from the PlayStation Camera. Moreover, the single-camera setup for the platform means the controllers are susceptible to drifting, meaning they’ll move slightly even when you’re holding your hand still.”


          personal preferences aside, the psmove controllers were not designed for psvr and rather adopted to work with it. that’s never an ideal situation for consumers, just for corporations.

  • Brant S

    Tell ya what. I am a PRO-Microsoft person since MS-DOS 2 days. XBOX original up to XBOX-One. (Not S, was waiting for Scorpio). I’ve been to E3 2009 when I won the Kia Soul on the XBox Download and Win sweepstakes.

    However, I’ve been wanting VR for a LONG time! At the time, RIFT and VIVE were out of my price range as I’d also have to upgrade my Computer.

    E3 2017 rolls around. VR wasn’t mentioned ONCE by Microsoft! Sooooo…

    Hello PLAYSTATION VR! My 1st Playstation and VR Headset and, at the time of this post, 90% of the Games in the library. (Non-Experiences… don’t care for Experiences)

    Oh yeah, x2 PS4’s and PSVR’s, as my Wife got hooked and she’s now PSVR all the way. (Also never having owned a Playstation ever)

    But then Oculus had their 6 week sale.
    Well, hell, bought one of those and an RX580 Video card.

    Well, hell again, Now MR is coming out. I will ONLY buy MR, (as I have Ocuclus) if XBOX ONE decides to support it and my library of PSVR and Oculus hasn’t grown too large to abandon.

    So, they missed my VR $$ at this time.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Don’t worry, MS will come with VR support on the X-box pretty soon now they have released the Creators fall update with Mixed reality. And once the MR headsets are more easily available they will release the MR support on the xbox one (X). I think it will arrive by the end of the winter (March)..

    • silvaring

      Don’t you think it’s odd how many previously unknown people have sudddenly come and posted on the story in this page? Roadtovr never has so many people commenting on such a normal piece, and especially not individuals who sound like they are shilling a company or view point. Something fishy is going on…. What do you think Andrew?

      • Edward Morgan

        It looks like standard console gamer fare to me. I bet someone noticed an article “dissing my XBox” and passed it around Facebook.

  • Eddie Barsh

    I’ve been an Xbox fanatic since it debuted in 2001. My entire childhood can be traced back to countless hours waiting for my mom to fall asleep so I can sneak and play Splinter Cell on mute on school nights. Xbox has always been my heart and soul. But sadly I’ve sold my xbox one and abandoned plans to buy the Xbox One X so I can buy the PS4 Pro just so I can play Resident Evil 7 VR ! And I can confirm that several of my buddies have done the same. I can’t believe Phil Spencer got promoted!! He’s been terrible and foolish for his stance on VR. I’m in shock and disgusted by Xboxs direction the past half decade and their decision to not put out VR has been a disgrace and a smack in the face to loyal fanboys who have put up with Xboxs repeated blunders. I can no longer stand w xbox and be loyal to a company that isn’t loyal to its fanbase

    • MaeseDude

      Frankly, I’m not sure that all these strange decisions are to be blamed on Spencer. Ultimately, it’s his bosses at Microsoft that decide what the Xbox division gets budget for. CEO Satya Nadella is a known Xbox sceptic, so I think it’s not too far fetched that Xbox is basically constantly fighting for recocnition and money within the whole company.

      • Eddie Barsh

        Phil has been skeptical about VR also. He also seems quite delusional about it also. I remember one quote said “we may be 5-10 years away from wireless vr” uhm dude, Samsung Gear is wireless, oculus just debuted like 2 new wireless headsets. HTC is coming out w new wireless headsets, Pimax, AMD is supplying wireless VR tech to everybody. Wireless VR is def here already! He’s a moron. He’s really good at standing on a stage and delivering a big smile and has a keep talent for polishing terds (watch E3 2017 for proof of that) but at some point your words and actions must be held accountable. They over promised and under delivered. It takes more than specs to impress ppl when PSVR has been killing it.

        • Eddie Barsh

          As part of the senior management team Phil has strings he can pull to get everyone to buy into VR and compete w Sony. Its only common sense to make WMR compatible w Xbox. It would only increase sales. Its a no brainer. But xbox has become synonymous w these blunders which is why I want Spencers head. He must be the one held accountable for this one.

        • AtmosContagion

          It’s about good wireless VR though.

          Mobile phone level VR doesn’t have the level of tracking and performance that wired VR headsets do.

          If you want Rift, PSVR, Vive level VR wireless, there are options being released as addons that seem to work pretty well, but it’s not quite as standard as some might think.

          As far as the Oculus and HTC standalone headsets, they pretty much offer only mobile phone level performance. They’re like the gameboys of VR compared to xbox/Playstation/PC.

          It’s still not a good excuse on Xbox’s part to miss the boat here.

          • Eddie Barsh

            Yeah I’m aware that the standalone headsets are similar to phone based VR. However, AMD has been a huge supplier of wireless VR technology and as well know AMD powers to some degree both the PS and Xbox. From the way I understand it, Niteros wireless Technology is very powerful and has low latency and by all accounts has been a smashing success. There is no doubt the wires will be a non issue if it isn’t already

        • Edward Morgan

          Honestly, I think MS is hesitant to do XBox VR because they got burned HARD on the whole Kinect thing, and their games division is scared of unconventional interfaces now.

          I cut Spencer a lot of slack, because he inherited a complete dog of a platform designed by someone who fundamentally didn’t understand the market he was selling to.

  • ganesh_v

    Strategy of Windows mixed reality will soon available for Xbox one devices soon

    • Brant S

      While this is probably true, they are losing customers that moved on to systems that support it now. And once it comes to Xbox, it will have to play catch up. I, and a LOT of people in this (I don’t want to call it comments anymore, this is becoming a Forum really) forum, are done waiting.

      I agree, with another in this forum, that Xbox doesn’t want another Kinect failure and are seeming really Gun shy right now. But this isn’t what they should be gun shy with.

      • Jim Cherry

        If they actually cared about lost Customers they wouldn’t have canceled so many exclusives. Spencer appears to be focused on making sure any initiative done for Xbox ecosystem is done efficiently with very little chance of failures.

      • Eddie Barsh

        I agree. I’m sick and tired of waiting for a resolution that may never come. I can literally show you a timeline using various xbox employees who contradict one another (and themselves) on whether xbox will have VR. First it was yes then no then yes then no and now yes again (maybe) i mean, how dysfunctional can a company be ? I too am tired of waiting. I’ll just buy a friggin PS4 Pro to make sure o got that little extra bump in horsepower to handle VR well enough and buy the adapter to use a Xbox controller on the PS4 to play VR since xbox is being fucking retarded

    • Graham

      How do you know that exactly? I agree it will happen at some point but soon? Not the way the Xbox announcements seem to be heading.

      • Jim Cherry

        Ms version of soon could be months to a couple of years just look how quickly they went from announcing the one x in June 2016 to shipping November 2017.

        • Graham

          Ahhh, that definition of “soon” I can believe! :-)

          • Eddie Barsh

            Xbox, the very definition of dysfunction.

  • Eric Clopp

    Why would xbox want to back another Kinect situation. VR isn’t really VR it just putting your face right on top of a screen. Motion controls suck. I don’t feel like spending all that money is worth it. Since I’m just attaching a small screen to my eyes. It’s really lame once you get over its newness.

  • Ted Joseph

    My experience echoes many of those posting below. I am 48 years old and have been waiting for this level of VR experience for decades!! It is finally here and I am having a blast!!! I had all of the best vr solutions up until last spring HTC VIVE, PSVR with the PRO, and OCULUS Rift. With the touch controllers I for the Rift and the exclusives, I decided to sell the others and keep the Rift. I am happy with my choice as I believe that the best experiences so far are the exclusives on the Rift. I am playing Arktika and having a blast! I pre ordered an Xbox One X and am on the fence if canceling because of the lack of their mixed reality support at launch. I am also considering getting a Samsung mixed reality headset but not fully sold on it yet. Pimax also looks awesome!! So many choices.. the next 5 years are going to be amazing!! I have a feeling Sony is working on a 200deg wireless vr headset for the next PS5… cant wait to see what the future brings!!

    • Eddie Barsh

      Yessssss!!! Preach

  • Brant S

    Tell ya what. I am a PRO-Microsoft person since MS-DOS 2 days. XBOX original up to XBOX-One. (Not S, was waiting for Scorpio). I’ve been to E3 2009 when I won the Kia Soul on the XBox Download and Win sweepstakes.

    However, I’ve been wanting VR for a LONG time! At the time, RIFT and VIVE were out of my price range as I’d also have to upgrade my Computer.

    E3 2017 rolls around. VR wasn’t mentioned ONCE by Microsoft! Sooooo…

    Hello PLAYSTATION VR! My 1st Playstation and VR Headset and, at the time of this post, 90% of the Games in the library. (Non-Experiences… don’t care for Experiences)

    Oh yeah, x2 PS4’s and PSVR’s, as my Wife got hooked and she’s now PSVR all the way. (Also never having owned a Playstation ever)

    But then Oculus had their 6 week sale.
    Well, hell, bought one of those and an RX580 Video card.
    Well, hell again, Now MR is coming out. I will ONLY buy MR, (as I have Ocuclus) if XBOX ONE decides to support it and my library of PSVR and Oculus hasn’t grown too large to abandon.

    So, they missed my VR money.

    To make it worse, I’d have bought 2 Scorpios (X’s) and 2 MR’s (Probably Lenovo).
    To make it even worse on MS, Other than my Rocksmith music collection, I probably won’t touch Xbox much anymore, except for Rocksmith additions. And I play Rocksmith 2014 on Xbox360 (Analog audio out). Will probably even let my Gold status drop.

    • Eddie Barsh

      Dude your story is the exact same as mine. Xbox missed out on my money and my friends and family’s money. We’ve all been Xbox guys but many of us have switched to PSVR. It was huge life decision to me because I’ve always been an Xbox guy. VR has been a dream to me since it was a kid and I’m absolutely crazy about it!! So crazy that I switched from xbox to PS just to play VR at the console level. And I know for a fact that many others feel the same way as we both do which makes me wonder just how much money xbox is losing due to incompetence. IMO they just seem like a sinking ship.

      • Brant S

        Yeah, I’ve already talked friends into PSVR or didn’t have to talk them into VR after playing with my PSVR and Oculus. They are amazed and have bought as well.

        And, I admit, I’m not a Thumb shooter (CoD and Halo) But put a Virtual gun in my hands and I go to town. Hell, even Dick Wilde is a blast.

        • Eddie Barsh

          Again similar stories. I too have flipped alot of traditional gamers to VR gamers. I too am an xbox guy but the PSVR makes it worth to ditch the sinking ship that is Xbox. I’m disappointed and angered by xboxs decision to not have a VR device ready for the X release. Instead I sold my xbox got a psvr and have convinced many of my friends to switch to psvr..

          • Brant S

            Yep, never thought I’d go PS.

          • Eddie Barsh

            Me either but what can you do when your favorite company stubbornly and foolishly fails to recognize how truly amazing VR/AR is and the only company that offers the very thing we crave is the enemy. What can you do but go where the VR is. PS has VR. Xbox don’t. Plain and simple. If xbox wants to lose more money and customers that’s fine by me but I’m not gonna deprive myself of something I crave out of foolish loyalty. I did that for 16 years. I stuck w xbox thru the highs and lows I stuck w them thru the xbox one debut fiasco I stuck w them thru slumping sales and a lack of games but I’m not gonna deprive myself of VR . no way. Fuck that and fuck them

      • GrangerFX

        Same here. I was all set to pull the trigger on an XBox One X on the day of release but then we learned that Microsoft did not want to “distract” its game developers with VR. I still don’t know how to parse that insane statement. Couldn’t they have just been honest and said that they would launch VR for the XBox One X when they had enough launch titles? I may have still bought it if I knew it was for certain going to be released. As it stands, Microsoft has only vague promises about VR somewhere in the future but perhaps it will only be for an XBox One Y with additional hardware to support it. I am not going to take that chance.

  • Nobody

    Microsoft don’t want another Kinect 2.0

  • dr3yec

    The current resolutions kill it for me. I have had all 3 headsets and all 3 had screen door effect. I will wait for the 8k generation.

    • impurekind

      I don’t know what headsets you’ve had or what games you’ve been playing but I rarely notice the screen door effect at all once I’m actually playing a decent game in VR on my Oculus Rift CV1–and there are a lot of decent games in VR.

      • Edward Morgan

        Quite possible he’s mistaking the fresnel lens striations as screen-door effect. In my Rift, the striations are quite visible, especially in bright scenes. I understand the desire to use less material(both for cost and weight), but it seems to me like it was a poor tradeoff. I expect to see conventional lenses in Vive2/Rift2.

        • impurekind

          I’ve never noticed the striations on my Rift CV1 but I have noticed the God rays many times. Hopefully the God rays, which I think are the most noticeable problem with Rift’s display/lenses right now to be honest, will be gone or very much reduced in the next headset.

  • Miganarchine Migandi

    I am 56 and I would buy the odd rpg on flat screen but I have about 90 games for Vive VR since release, Talk about throw money at them, and now I will have to buy Fallout 4 for the second time, hook line and sinker, even if PSVR is doing so well I can only be glad as it will have a knock on for Vive devs I think!

  • iUserProfile

    I really was curious for X Box One X and VR – could have brought me back as a microsoft costumer since the 360, but with their neglect of VR I’ve now upgraded to a PS4 Pro. Next stop PCVR probably next year or so. What a missed opportunity for microsoft to get a foot in the door.

  • Tim Suetens

    The “family room”. What a dick. We don’t all have families, and not all families are stuck-up. And isn’t it up to the consumer to decide what they’re willing to pay for?

    • yag

      That’s more a thing Nintendo would say.

    • Adam Broadhurst

      Yeah,whats the obsession with the ‘family room’,did he not learn anything from the family targeted Kinect?
      Where are these large families that gather together to play video games?
      Fact is,gaming for the majority is very much a solo activity.

  • Royston Hetherington

    I’ve been gaming all my life, Earliest memory’s are with my Atari 2600 and yars revenge. 39 now and hand on heart ive had/played every games console/hand held since my Atari days. I’ve not got the PSVR yet I wanted to see how well it done first and offer more game variety. MS messed up big style and they knew it back to when the one came out. How quick they were to bring backwards compatibility out after seeing the one get battered in sales by ps4. Its all about the game play people, I know id rather be playing VR than sitting in front of the most powerful console in the world like i’ve done time and time again with previous consoles. Exciting times ahead for VR and Playstation.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    I wanted to buy a Xbox one X for VR, but when it was revealed that it was not powerful enough for VR, I sold my PSVR and bought an Oculus Rift. Like everyone I bought 90% of PSVR games and now I own 40% of all VR games on Steam and Oculus store (That is a lot of games). PSVR is in my opinion as good is as PC VR, it just does not have any serious simulators in VR. Xbox brand is dead, they killed it by clearly announcing that their console has zero potential for the future of gaming. Even if they change their mind now, it would mean that Xbox one X would not have a VR game until mid 2019. Why would anyone buy a console that has no potential for upgrade to VR? VR the most amazing thing that the human race created. I even think that the promised paradise at the end of your life promised by God is actually VR.

    • allanwith

      I don’t blame you for your reaction, the lack of clarity and direction from Microsoft here is not good. Just be aware that there is no reason to think the Xbox One X is not powerful enough to handle VR. On the contrary, it should be more than capable, having more computing power than the PS4 Pro. Also, by having essentially the same platform on PC and Xbox, games should be more or less ready to go as soon as Xbox VR is announced, which we must still expect it to be.

      So the Xbox One X DOES have potential for VR and if they released support today, games would be ready almost immediately or pretty soon after. You can, rightfully, be mad at Microsoft for other things, but not for those reasons.

  • I think they’ll add VR support in 2018, as initially stated

    • allanwith

      I think you are right, it’s just not good with the lack of clarity. They should have kept to the original statement and not caused confusion by sending mixed messages about it.

    • Brant S

      2018 E3 Update… Nope :(

  • flamaest

    Although the content of this article is very important and timely, there is no new news in this article. Can we please get an update on Microsoft’s actual standing on virtual reality for the Xbox? I was hoping there was new information here that wasn’t already discussed months ago. Microsoft is really screwing the pooch on this.

  • GrangerFX

    I bought a Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality headset on launch day. Quality wise it’s a great headset. It is very comfortable to wear (even without the missing flip up feature) and the graphics quality is excellent. I can wear it with glasses even though the stupid instructions warn you not to do that and to wear contacts instead (as if). The problem is that there are no games I want to play on the Microsoft Store and the Steam connectivity is very buggy and a total pain to use.

    My biggest problem with the Steam support is that it loves to drop frames, usually when I start turning my head slowly. Checking the system monitor, I can see that Microsoft’s MR portal is using over ten percent of my CPU while Steam is running. To work properly, Steam must be able to run without needing to have Mixed Reality running in the background. Mixed Reality should be a SDK library like DirectX that Steam uses to control the headset and to get the tracking inputs. That cliff house thing? Cute but I would never use it if I could avoid it. Fallout 4 looks great (except for the constant dropped frames) but the controls don’t work well with the MR controllers. I would not play the full game as it stands today.

    If you are considering a Mixed Reality headset, you should wait for the software to mature. I also find Samsung’s refusal to release it anywhere but the USA to be ominous. Will they drop it entirely soon or come out with a better version and obsolete the current one? The HTC and Oculus headsets are very uncomfortable to wear if you are in the 62% of people that need glasses. The best VR headset today with a great library of games, that is very comfortable to wear, is well built and has almost no screen door effect (even less than the Samsung Odyssey) is the PSVR. Make sure you get the updated version that has HDR passthrough.

    • Graham

      Very helpful summary of your experience with the odyssey – thanks. Lack of games and genuine compatibility with steam were two things I were worried about so sounds like they aren’t quite there yet – shame as I really liked the headset specs and inside out tracking.
      Having said all that, I’m in the uk so who knows whether they will ever release it over here anyway. As you say, keeping it to US only does make it feel very much like a test run rather than a full release. Very odd given all the other MR headsets were released in other countries.

      • RFC_VR

        @graham. You’re right it’s very odd the Samsung hasn’t been released into the UK (considering the size of our gaming market).

        I can’t see MS getting much traction with MR, because it’s not being promoted with any energy?

        I literally cannot find a MR demo in London (a city with reputation for tech)…I can demo Vive, Rift, PSVR, Daydream, GearVR2, etc.

        I’m not buying HMD “blind”, does it even fit my head?? What about IPD?

        No demo? No sale….

        • Graham

          Wow – no demos even in London? Very strange.

          Sadly, think I will hold fire and see what 2018 brings in terms of mr improvements / general hmd announcements

          • RFC_VR

            yes its very odd. I can go into the biggest electrical store, they have a Vive Pre still doing free daily demo duties (its been there since Vive launched), and a Daydream area where you can try “new” View with Pixel 2.

            They have 2 MR headsets on display inside plastic cases bolted to the wall, I asked about a demo, and the sales manager said, “we don’t demo them, they get broken, you’ll have to buy one to see if it works out for you?”

            I’ve been in touch with MS in UK and they could not suggest anyone I could demo a MR headset with.

            I guess the big problem is each MR partner (Dell, Lenovo, etc.) seems to be responsible for marketing their own product (which in a big electrical retailer is just another “Dell” product alongside laptops, desktop, etc. so there is no incentive for MS to offer (i.e. pay a retailer) to offer any “mixed reality” demos.

            I’m aware HTC UK paid to have that Vive Pre available for demo, and also paid Sandbox in East London to run 4 Vive’s during the Star Trek Bridge Crew launch; and Google pay for the Daydream demo space.

  • Kyle Biggs

    I’m not rich by any means, but as of this moment there are 7 VR systems in my house. 3 Gear VRs (they give them out like candy), DK1, DK2, CV1 and Vive Pre. I’m a bit on the extreme side, but I’d never have dropped this much money on traditional gaming software and hardware. MS is either foolish or quietly developing something, as it is clear VR isn’t the gimmick the naysayers wished it to be.

  • Microsoft is mired in implementing the globalist, communist surveillance agenda. They don’t have time for VR

  • Grey Lock

    Big Rift + Touch fan here who recently got the Lenovo WMR and have to say I’m now a huge fan of inside-out tracking. My hope is before the winter is out that MS will announce WMR support for XBOX One X with immediate support for Elite, Forza, etc.

    • Graham

      How are you finding it with steam? A comment below on the odyssey suggests it’s not working very well

    • gothicvillas

      not sure… to me WMR is more non-gaming headset. What we like in Vive and Oculus is the room scale. Turning and interacting without being worried whether you face the tracking camera is essential. I play at home Vive and PSVR. Both are good systems. PSVR lacks the room scale and constant worry i am facing away from the camera is immersion breaking. In the same time, I am astonished that PS4 can output VR to begin with. Finished RE7 with psvr and i think it was great. The moment it comes out on STeam I will get it in a heartbeat. I can only imagine how cool it will be on Vive.

  • Bitekr

    I bought PSVR for my PS4 Pro and i like it a lot. I have spent easily $800CAN for PSVR, Farpoint bundle and many games in the PSN store. I have not spent that much money on gaming in a long, long time. Microsoft is losing big on VR. I just can imagine how mice VR could be on Xbox One X with such power. VR games updated for PS4 Pro look very good so same games on Xbox One X would look better. Microsoft is always missing the boat, first totally blow it to Apple and Google with phones, now VR in console gaming.

  • Veisenberg

    I say this every time someone brings up VR on Xbox One X. It’s just never going to happen. Why? The base Xbox One and the Xbox One S are just not powerful enough to run VR. Simple as that.

    • Adam Broadhurst

      Yes,the XboxOne and S would strugglee so why cant the VR be XBoxOneX only?
      I know Microsoft has stated all games must run on regular XboxOne as well as XBoxOneX but surely they can make the exception for VR?

  • XboxRules

    That foreign console doesn’t have real VR just crappy 1080p demos of games, NOT full AAA games in VR like on PC. When XBOX ONE X does it, it we’ll get the full VR treatment that we get on PC. The foreign consoles 2M 1080p headsets sold is nothing if MS is compatible with Windows MR HMD’s that are already in the hands of consumers and I’m waiting for wireless HMD’s before upgrading from my Rift.

    • Meil

      you must realize by now that you are completely incorrect….right?

      Stop carrying the torch for the XBox and realize its time is running out FAST. PC gaming, Playstation, and Nintendo are killing it off.
      Not to mention, last I heard MS isnt going to release VR at all…it will either be AR or MR, not a true VR.

      • XboxRules

        I realised right away how incorrect you are.

        Stop carrying a hard on for that foreign company and realise it was over before it even began, under powered junk with a crap 6 hour controller, lame, slow, hackable, unreliable network. PC gaming is full of cheaters, I know, I have a gaming PC, we ALL do. nintendo is for kiddies EVERYONE knows that. It also has the power of consoles from two gens ago like the 360. MR is better than VR you ill-informed little kid. It has the tracking BUILT IN. AR is vastly more expensive than VR. MS does have MR HMD’S coming for XBOX ONE X, the games have been in development for over a year. Get educated BEFORE posting.

      • XboxRules

        I realise you are incorrect and cvouldn’t be more incorrect and XBOX ONE X just destroys your weak oriental console.
        If MR HMD’s weren’t coming to XBOX ONE X they wouldn’t making AAA games for it, you tool.

        • Sky Hoover

          Your right however Microsoft really needs to put out some kind of statement just to let us know we haven’t been swept under the carpet

          • XboxRules

            MS will announce when its ready not 5 years in advance like that oriental console

          • XboxRules

            MS announce things when they’re ready, not 5 years in advance like that oriental console company.

      • Sky Hoover

        Whatever form it comes in it’s still vr
        And after way to many disappointments I’ll never go back to Nintendo or PlayStation.

  • Sky Hoover

    Yes Microsoft please vr for one x at least say something about it

  • Sky Hoover

    Hay out there has anyone tried hooking up a Windows MR headset to the One X I know it wouldn’t play vr but would it display in cinema mode ? Like the psvr dose.

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