The lack of backwards compatibility between PSVR 2 and the original PSVR is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, we’re getting a ton of games for Sony’s next-gen VR headset that have been specifically built or overhauled to make use of the new hardware, but it also means a lot of games in your PSVR library will forever be stuck in the past.

Thankfully, there are a handful of developers who have pledged free PSVR 2 support for their games, many of which you can already grab on the store before the headset launches on February 22nd, 2023.

Note: There are a ton of games coming to PSVR 2 you might recognize, although not all studios have mentioned free PSVR 2 support for those games. We’ll be updating this list, so check back for more. Also, in addition to previously released titles getting new PSVR 2 support, we’ve also included brand new titles launching with both PSVR and PSVR 2 support. You’ll find those at the bottom, labeled [NEW].

We’ve also included a [Awaiting Further Confirmation] section at the bottom, which we are in the process of vetting.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Based on the series’ graphic novels, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners tosses you into the flooded ruins of New Orleans, where you face gut-wrenching choices: Kill the zombies? Sure. Join a gang? Okay. Execute someone who may be innocent to maintain an alliance..? That one’s on you. While not a launch title, Skydance is bringing the free PSVR 2 upgrade on March 21st, arriving alongside the sequel as it finally leaves Quest exclusivity.

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Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places is a jigsaw puzzle for the virtual age, bringing to life a vast selection of real-world places that were captured with a technique called photogrammetry. Sit back and relax with a lower number of pieces and enjoy the intricate bits of each puzzling scene, or go for the most difficult mode where you’ll find yourself matching carpet patterns and wooden desk venires in one of the most surprisingly fun purist puzzle games out there. Yup, previously purchased DLC is coming over too.

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Song in the Smoke: Rekindled

Looking for a survival game that lets you craft everything you need to fend off the wild primeval beasties of the nigth? Song in the Smoke has your number, and the ‘rekindled’ edition for PSVR 2 is said to be fully remastered with supercharged graphics, new haptics for Sense Controllers, and a new free jump and clamber mode.

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Synth Riders: Remastered Edition

Kluge Interactive announced a remastered version of its hit rhythm game Synth Riders. This includes remastered visuals, more nuanced controller haptics, headset feedback for in-game obstacles, next-gen performance and SSD optimization to dramatically reduce load times. And yes, it includes all music DLC previously purchased on the original PSVR so you can pick up where you last left off.

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NFL Pro Era

NFL PRO ERA is the first fully licensed NFL VR sim that puts you in the shoes of QB of your favorite NFL team. Lead your team to a Super Bowl, improve your QB skills by participating in drills, or play catch virtually with your friends in your favorite NFL stadium.

Store Link

Gran Turismo 7

During Sony’s CES 2023 conference, the company announced that Gran Turismo 7 will support PSVR 2 at the headset’s launch via a free upgrade for existing owners. Not much was shared about exactly how the game’s VR compatibility will work, including whether it would support the headset’s new motion controllers or rely on the standard PS5 gamepad. Still, it’s a pretty exciting prospect since GT7 is a big upgrade over GT Sport.

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Resident Evil Village

A free PSVR 2 upgrade is expected at the headset’s launch in February, which includes the entirety of its main story in VR. We went hands-on with Village back in September, and it proved to not only one of the best-looking games on PS5 to date, but probably one of the best in VR, offering up a level of visual detail that approaches Half-Life: Alyx territory.

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After the Fall

Team zombie shooter After the Fall is cross-compatible with PC and Quest, but it’s soon to be available on PSVR 2 too, as Vertigo Games is tossing out support for Sony’s latest and greatest at some point in early 2023. It’s basically Left 4 Dead in VR, and it’s most definitely worth getting a team together since this horde shooter is cross-compatible with PSVR, Quest, and PC VR headsets.

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No Man’s Sky

This space simulator used to be considered gaming’s biggest flop, but thanks to Hello Games’ continuous updates it’s become the industry’s biggest redemption story. With the promise of free PSVR 2 support, you’ll be able to strap into No Man’s Sky on launch day with your shiny new headset.

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Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is a rhythm-shooter from Cloudhead Games, which has thrown out tons of updates and free DLC to keep you blasting away like John Wick to some pretty infectious beats. On PSVR 2, the game is said to offer fine-tuned haptics, adaptive triggers, higher resolution, 3D audio, and SSD optimization to bolster how the game loads and runs.

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Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City is one of VR’s most successful MMOs to date, offering up hundreds of hours of quests, jobs, classes, you name it. Developers Ramen VR say it’s getting a free PSVR 2 upgrade. If you already own the PS4 version, the PSVR 2-supported PS5 version is already free to download, so nab it early so you can play with all of your friends on Quest, PC VR headsets, and the original PSVR.

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The Light Brigade – [NEW]

This is a new title coming to both PSVR and PSVR 2, developed by Funktronic Labs, the studio behind Fujii and Cosmic Trip. The Light Brigade tosses you on a procedurally-generated journey to free the souls of the fallen trapped within, making for a tactical roguelike shooting experience you can play on launch-day.

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Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue – [NEW]

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue is another new title getting both PSVR and PSVR 2 support, letting you delve into the same universe of the popular Hello Neighbor stealth horror series. Sneak into your creepy neighbor’s house to save your friend, and don’t get caught.

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Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is a 1-4 player VR adventure game set in an alternative western frontier, where discoveries, dangers and digging await the Prospector. The player is a Prospector who begins their adventure in a seemingly abandoned camp with a goal to extract valuables from the caves, to trade them for new tools, upgrades, and locations in order to advance their frontier exploration.

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Job Simulator

As the original gangster of VR launch titles, Job Simulator is making the jump to PSVR 2 for free. Yes, you’ll be able to job with the best of them upon PSVR 2’s February 22nd launch in this parody game that is all about stepping into the world of work from a future robot’s point of view.

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Vacation Simulator

The sequel to Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator imagines what vacations must have been like in during the age of humanity. This parody game is bigger and arguably funnier than the first, taking you to more locales and giving you more mad cap fun along the way.

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Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending

Abducted by accident and enrolled into the Startenders Bartending Academy, you will have to shake, slice and serve to survive until you can find a way to escape! Use your skills to create delicious concoctions to serve to your alien patrons, use wacky machines and even wackier ingredients to earn your way home.

Store Link

The Tale of Onogoro

In The Tale of Onogoro, Haru has summoned you to the magical Onogoro Island, a floating island in a parallel world. Together, you must solve sprawling puzzles and defeat giant beasts called ‘Kami’ that are blocking your path.

Store Link

Swordsman VR


Sinn Studio announced it’s bringing a free PSVR 2 upgrade of its physics-based combat simulator. You’ll have to upgrade by May 2023, presumably before the PSVR 2 version will begin charging for newcomers to the game.

Store Link

Awaiting Further Confirmation

There are a number of games that many expect, or have heard will get either cross-buy or some form of free PSVR 2 upgrade at some point. We’re in the process of verifying these titles; they still have poor documentation (some guy in Discord said it!), or studios haven’t fully committed to free support (“We want to, but we still have to figure it out..)

We’ll move these up to the section above as studios release word, or we find verifiable confirmation. Remember, this list is growing rapidly, so feel free to comment and let us know so we can make this the most complete and accurate article on the subject.

  • Beat Saber – Beat Games (Meta)
  • ALVO – Mordonpool
  • Suicide Guy VR – Chubby Pixel
  • Swordsman VR – SinnStudio
  • Windlands 2 – Psytec Games
  • Rc Airplane Challenge – Strange Games Studios

– – — – –

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below, as we’ll be updating this article all the way up to PSVR 2’s launch in February.

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  • Chicken Waffle

    Baby Hands will receive a free update for PSVR2 at launch! :)

  • Tommy

    I personally don’t give a crap about older game updates and would prefer these studios work on new PSVR2 games instead. If I want to play an older PSVR game, I’ll play it on PSVR.

    • Dan Vincent

      Same. I want new experiences!

    • Charles

      Both are important. Update old games initially, to fill in the gap while new stuff is being developed.

      And of course, people who enjoyed a game on PSVR1 would love to re-experience it on a majorly-better headset. PSVR1 was very primitive VR technology compared to even what was released a couple years later.

      • Tommy

        I was only speaking for myself. I will not be downloading or buying anything already on PSVR. Hell, I won’t even buy a new one if it’s available on PCVR. I love modding my games and until Sony allows it, all my multiplatform games will be bought on PC and I will only buy PSVR2 exclusives :)

        • Peter vasseur

          If you own the game and the patch is free and you never beat it. Why would you not want to play of the best consumer vr hmd out there?

          • Tommy

            There really is nothing on PSVR that I would go back and play again. I only do one playthrough per game and then on to the next new thing. I understand I’m in the minority here. I just don’t care about BC and would rather the devs focus on new content.

          • Peter vasseur

            I’m with you in the one play theu then on to the next. I’m just a junkie with games and have a bunch I haven’t gotten around to play. If they patch the them for psvr2 . I’ll play them on that over a psvr 1 version. Of course that’s only if there a lull in new content. Still it’s nice option to have.

    • gothicvillas

      Don’t you want Job Simulator HD version on PSVR2? :D

      • Tommy

        Lol, I didn’t want it on the first PSVR

  • Dan

    the fact they didn’t announce either a new game from Japan Studio or even an upgrade of Astro Bot is beyond strange and why I am not preordering PS VR 2.

    • JT

      Beyond strange, really?

    • Dan Vincent

      Probably news at E3 January 7. I preordered mine for switch back and RE8. But yes I would love to see a upgrade or new game from Japan Studio!

    • Anonymous

      Not strange at all.
      Many of the Japan Studio staff have been let go because SIE boss Jim Ryan apparently said he is only interested in making AAA titles, whereas Japan Studio usually tend to focus on novel, smaller games.

      • Pulstar44

        Wow, that sucks. Astrobot Rescue Mission was a full game, and so was Astro’s Playroom… I don’t get it.

        • Rome

          Japan studios was closed but staff were move to Team Asobi (creators of Astrobot) and Asobi are still going, apparently their next game is their biggest project yet. I would love to sew AB rescue mission on psvr2, it’s the game that sold me on VR and one of my favorite titles. Sony have an actual Mario competitor on their hands and don’t seem to want to do much with it, praying their next big project isn’t some live service nonsense. AB rescue mission needs a psv2 port & sequel, it’s a VR must have and would be heartbreaking to have it locked on old hardware.

  • Well, this is good to hear. I hope far more PSVR games get the same treatment. People who have the original and are going to shell out for PSVR 2 deserve to be treated with respect.

  • ApocalypseShadow

    So many games from all directions. New IPs, updates, ports from PC and mobile, AAA, indie, etc. Not even out yet and it’ll have much support and higher quality than other headsets.

    And the extra immersion from the controllers and headset will put PS VR 2 over the top.

  • SONG IN THE SMOKE will be “bring the PSVR 2 version of the game to players as a free upgrade to the original game on PSVR”

    this is what you wrote in your own article of December 30

    • Hi David. You should note the full text reads: “The studio says it *wants* to bring the PSVR 2 version of the game to players as a free upgrade to the original game on PSVR, although *Kazdal admits they “still need to figure out the logistics of that.”*

      Until things are official, we can’t say one way or the other.

  • Pepan

    That would be nice. There are games that I didn’t finish thanks to low resolution. If there are more updates even for let’s say 10 USD, I will grab them.

  • Edward Andrew Andrews

    Need Rush of Blood added to PSVR2

  • NL_VR

    i want psvr exclusives to be ported to PSVR2

  • Hokhmah

    Til now the two most interesting titles for me are Horizon and Hello Neighbor. Especially the 2nd one seems interesting and I didn’t hear anything about it before it got announced.

  • Bryndyn Williams

    I love Zenith but I wish the creators RamenVR and Thirdverse (the ones who made Altair Breaker) would team up and give us a bomb ass vrmmo.

  • Randy Bradley

    Would be cool if you could guide the blocks with just looking in the direction you want to go and blink each time you want to rotate a block.

    • Randy Bradley

      $10 upgrade region pending.

    • Apparently a long-blink activates Zone (though you can disable it if it becomes a problem).

  • Brian Moraes

    Anyone know if the ZEN pinball VR will get an upgrade

  • Hanouzz

    is there gonna be a minecraft bedrock edition for vr 2? its something i enjoy on my ps5 and i think minecraft bedwars in vr would be very fun.

    • Hanouzz

      i only have the ps5, not a ps4**

      • Hanouzz

        and i dont have og psvr, i dont want to buy both unless i really must

    • Tommy

      Unfortunately, that decision is up to Microsoft :(

  • orangeblossom

    Puzzling Places was just announced as a PS VR2 launch title with a free upgrade for current owners!

  • Chris Boers

    Saints & Sinners can be added to this list.

  • Hospital IMO Instituto Mineiro

    Skyrim VR !!!!

  • Upgrade confirmed by the devs in time for the launch window.

  • Well, this is a decent list. Hopefully it keeps growing at a steady rate. I think it would be rubbish if all these PSVR games basically go to waste on the PSVR 2, or if people have to go out and actually buy them all new again even though they already own them on the original model.

    • Tommy

      Even if it’s not free, maybe we can pay just a $5 upgrade fee or something like that. I would pay that for a couple I really liked.
      Looking at you Polybius…

  • sfmike

    I would like to see Blood & Truth ported over the PSVR2. Amazingly well done game that was hampered by the crappy old controllers.

  • domahman

    waiting for the psvr3 when ps6 comes out.