Sony is taking down a few beloved games from the PlayStation Store tomorrow, including Driveclub, Driveclub Bikes, and Driveclub VR.

Servers are said to remain online until March 31st, 2020, however the Driveclub series and their DLC will be removed from the store starting tomorrow.

At the time of this writing, European-facing PlayStation Stores have already removed Driveclub VR, although the US store shows it still available for $15.

Driveclub VR is one of the few VR titles to have a physical disc, so if you’re still looking to jump into the game post-delisting, you’ll at least have a few more months to do so before the plug is pulled for good on its optional online gameplay.

Sony says in its decommissioned games page that once the ax swings on March 31st, and the servers are officially unplugged, all Driveclub games will lose the ability to use season passes online, represent Clubs online in multiplayer events or tours, play online multiplayer and compete in challenges, create your own events, and compete in leader boards, or share stats and player progress.

Driveclub VR joins StarBlood Arena (2017) as another Sony-published VR title that just didn’t make the cut for continued store listing.

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  • Greyl

    Good to know your PS Plus money doesn’t go towards keeping your games/ servers online.

    • namekuseijin

      why should it be kept online when there are no players? they’re clearly playing other games, like higher profile GTS with far better eSportsmanship – although specifically DC VR is far better than GTS limited VR mode. the game is plenty playable offline anyway.

      • Greyl

        Just pointing out the the dangers of investing in to a closed platform console, where your PS Plus money doesn’t even go towards keeping its games and servers alive, regardless of popularity, but for the sake of preservation. And the fact that you’re potentially always bound to lose a feature you paid for when you buy a PlayStation game, i.e. Gravity Rush 2 servers taken down after a year.

        • namekuseijin

          afaik, Gravity Rush is a single-player adventure game. wtf it even needs a server for?

          • Greyl

            It helps to actually know what tf you’re arguing about. The game had an online mode:

            Also Sony are taking down Uncharted 2, 3, and The Last of Us PS3 servers, so even their biggest IP’s are not safe.

          • Ellie 187

            Sony can’t be trusted with your money… time to switch to PC gaming. The VR is much better on PC anyways and the best part is games never disappear.

          • namekuseijin

            a tackled on mode to a single-player game. so what?

          • Greyl

            Looks like you missed the part where I also mentioned
            Uncharted 2, 3, and The Last of Us PS3 servers are also being taken down. And as for “so what?”; it might not mean anything to you, but it does to the people who purchased that game, thinking they would have a feature they could go back to any time they played it.

            No offense, but people like you are the reason Sony started charging for PSN and started taking games offline. They know people like you will just take it up the ass, and not question or be critical of anything they do.

        • Ellie 187

          This is what you get with console gaming… I switched to PC gaming decades ago and I can play every game I purchased over the last 30 years and load them up and play whenever I want.

  • Arcticu Kitsu

    A case of over-saturation? If it is, thats how other games whine when they can’t get the same cut of attention other games try to get. VRchat & Rec Room are the main ones, then you have Neos VR & others trying to compete for the same area.

    Instead of that, try aiming for Gundam VR, and stuff like that. *shrugs* Make games that actually need to be made, or put it on Steam so players can play on there.

    • Schadows

      About the fact the game is removed from the store, that’s just another case of licenses expiration.
      Every racing game has cars/tracks licenses negotiated for a period of time, and when those licenses expire, they have the choice to extend it or not, but seeing how the game is sold and play nowadays, the cost isn’t worth it for Sony.

      But shutdown of the server is probably linked to over-saturation you talked about. New games here and there, less time to play, and driveclub isn’t really a very e-sport game which would keep it’s community thriving.

      • Ellie 187

        I feel bad for anyone who purchased Sony games in the online store only to have Sony take them away from you…. pitfalls of subpar gaming experiences on consoles I guess.

        • Schadows

          You do know that even if they cannot be bought anymore from the store, you can still download them if you have purchased them previously?
          So there is no need to feel bad for anyone d(^_~ )

  • R.I.P.


    è un vero peccato.