Sony today announced it’s putting out a new PSVR Mega Pack this year, the Europe-only hardware bundle that includes five pretty legit games. Although once again they’re still not including PS Move controllers.

Last year’s Mega Pack included Astro Bot Rescue Mission, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Wipeout: Omega Collection, Doom VFR, and PSVR Worlds.

This year’s will see the return of Astro Bot, Skyrim, and PSVR Worlds, however Wipeout and Doom VFR have been swapped out for Everybody’s Golf VR and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. All games are said to arrive as voucher codes instead of physical discs.

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Of course, noticeably missing in all of this is the PS Move controllers, which typically retail anywhere from €60 – €100 when purchased separately. Granted, all of the bundled games listed above include support for DualShock 4 gamepads, but only Astro Bot and Resident Evil 7 are gamepad-only games.

Sony says its 2019 VR Mega Pack will be available through select retailers across multiple European countries sometime this fall. Although we haven’t been able to confirm Eurozone pricing, is now taking pre-orders for £300 (~€340).

In Europe, a similarly kitted PSVR (minus PS Move) typically retails for slightly less; on it comes in at €300 (~£265), making the Mega Pack represent well over €100/£100 in savings.

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  • impurekind


    Wouldn’t be my personal pick of 5 titles but still a very cool little bundle.

  • MosBen

    I’m really interested to see what Sony has in store for the next generation HMD. They’ve done surprisingly well with a product that was already the least advanced high end HMD when it was released. Paired with a significantly more powerful PS5 and hopefully redesigned controllers, the next generation might be enough to get me to pick up my first Playstation, especially if Microsoft ends up not having any plans of their own.

  • Michael Slesinski

    “top titles” huh? color me unimpressed.

  • Alexandre

    This looks like a good bundle. But I wanna know how PSVR sales are going. We were at 4.2 million at March, right?

    They should be around or close to 5 million right now.

  • blue5peed

    Why are they so stubborn about not including the moves in these bundles.

    • David Barlia

      I think the reasons for this are: To keep the cost of entry down, and provide the simplest introductory experience to VR newbies – avoiding the need to perfect your setup to get PS Move tracking to work well.

      Something to remember about PSVR (unlike Oculus’ support for XBox controllers) is that it offers motion tracking for the DS4 gamepad, which means you have one-handed 6-DoF; VR Worlds’ London Heist, for example, makes such good use of the gamepad tracking that you get a good taste of the experience of the kind of interactions PS Move controllers enable. Moss is another great example, where you use the gamepad for platforming, and you can also reach out and interact with objects.

      • David Barlia

        …also, Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will support the current headset. When they release new controllers to supersede PS Move, we can all ditch our PS Moves for improved tracking and whatever else — all the more reason to get new VR users on board now, with room for a nominal upgrade later.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Packs without the move controllers is pretty common, I also bought mine without move controllers (not that I would have needed them as I already own some from the PS3, but it certainly wasn’t the reason why I choose that bundle)..