If you were saving up to buy a PlayStation 5 when it launches this holiday season, you may need to save a little more, as one of the biggest PSVR game sales to date just kicked off today. Over 100 VR games are currently on sale, which goes from now until September 24th.

Many top titles have been slashed by more than 50%, with big hitters such as Blood and Truth, Borderlands 2 VR, Superhot VR, Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Moss, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, and Road to VR’s 2018 PSVR Game of the Year Astro Bot Rescue Mission all coming in at big discounts.

Here’s just a taste of some of the titles on sale:

Title Sale Price PS Plus Price Regular Price
A Fisherman’s Tale $7.49 $14.99
Animal Force $6.39 $4.79 $15.99
Apex Construct $4.99 $19.99
Apollo 11 $4.79 $11.99
Arca’s Path $7.99 $17.99
Archangel $17.99 $29.99
Arizona Sunshine $9.99 $39.99
Astro Bot Rescue Mission $7.39 $19.99
AUDICA $19.49 $29.99
Blood and Truth $14.79 $39.99
Borderlands 2 VR $24.99 $49.99
Creed Rise to Glory $7.49 $5.99 $29.99
Electronauts $4.99 $19.99
Espire 1: VR Operative $11.99 $29.99
Farpoint $9.99 $19.99
Firewall Zero Hour $8.59 $19.99
Ghost Giant $14.99 $24.99
GORN $14.99 $19.99
Gun Club VR $9.99 $7.49 $24.99
L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files $14.99 $29.99
Marvel’s Iron Man VR $29.99 $39.99
Moss $14.99 $29.99
Paper Beast $16.49 $14.99 $29.99
Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul $8.99 $29.99
Pinball FX2 VR $5.99 $14.99
Pixel Ripped 1995 $14.99 $19.99
Raw Data $9.99 $7.99 $39.99
Rush VR $9.99 $8.74 $24.99
Sprint Vector $7.49 $29.99
Star Trek Bridge Crew $7.49 $24.99
Superhot VR $9.99 $24.99
Tetris Effect $19.99 $39.99
The Mage’s Tale $9.89 $29.99
The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners $29.99 $39.99
Tilt Brush $14.99 $19.99
Trover Saves the Universe $17.99 $24.99
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood $5.24 $14.99
Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition $4.99 $9.99
Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot $9.99 $19.99

Make sure to check out all available titles on sale over at PS Priceswhich lets you filter by genre, name, price, discount amount, and all of the other handy dandy things the PlayStation Store simply can’t do.

PlayStation says their PSVR Spotlight sale will go on from now until September 24th at 1:59 AM CST (local time here).

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  • Andrew Jakobs

    Some nice games for some nice Playstation prices…

  • So many discounts!! Great time for PSVR users!

  • notRobot2

    I tell you VR headset people , Nreal is the best technology:
    1. Use lightweight spectacles like head sets
    2. use microprojectors from top or sides to project images
    3. Use USB-C linked small pocket processor or android phone to process 3d images
    4. Also add game streaming support
    5. Use open source tech

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