Psychological Horror ‘Rise of Insanity’ Comes to PS4 with PSVR Support, Trailer Here


Rise of Insanity (2018) is a first-person psychological horror game that first came to PC and SteamVR-compatible headsets via Early Access back in summer 2017. Now, Poland-based Red Limb Studio has released its horror game on PS4, which includes support for PSVR.

Set in America in the ’70s, you step into the shoes of renowned psychologist Dr. Stephen Dowell; he’s dealing with a mysterious patient showing “contradictory symptoms” of some serious mental disorders. You’re tasked with uncovering the truth of what happened to your wife and child, and figuring out how the new patient is involved.

The studio says they took inspiration from movies such as The Shining, The Exorcist and Silent Hill.

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Like the PC VR version, the game doesn’t support tracked motion controllers, supporting only the DualShock 4 gamepad. The entire game is playable in VR, however Red Limb says in the store description that Rise of Insanity is “moderately intense in VR and may make some players uncomfortable.”

Although it’s not entirely clear why that’s the case, the studio notes on the game’s Steam FAQ that the PC VR version uses free locomotion (not teleportation), which can cause discomfort in some users.

Rise of Insanity is available starting today on the PlayStation Store for $13/€15/£12.

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  • I played this. A mediocre game with an AMAZING twist at the end that’s so good it makes it worth playing the rest of the game. It’s too bad they didn’t have more ideas to flesh out the actual game to match the story’s quality…

  • JIzco

    I played this one on PC and I really enjoyed it. It was really scary and surprising, maybe a bit short but with a great story.

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