Facebook officially unveiled Quest 2 today along with third-party hardware accessories offered direct from Oculus.com, which includes two new headphones from Logitech and replacement facial interfaces from VR Cover.

VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set

VR Cover facial interface for Original Quest, Image courtesy VR Cover
  • Price: $29
  • Description: The facial interface from VR Cover provides anti-fog airflow channels, removable nose guard and wipeable foam replacements that are designed to improve hygiene, immersion and comfort.
  • Availability: Available in North America at Oculus.com.

Logitech G333 VR In-Ear Headphones

Image courtesy Logitech, Facebook
  • Price: $50
  • Description: Oculus Ready G333 VR is the official in-ear audio solution for Oculus Quest 2. Fully immerse into the virtual world with audio directed into your ears only and reduce outside noise. Custom-length cable and straps provide a focused, hassle-free VR experience. Dual dedicated audio drivers deliver incredibly detail-rich sound. Choose between three flexible, soft ear tips. Aluminum housing ensures reliable durability.
  • Availability: Available in North America at Oculus.com and Logitech.com, and through retail partners Amazon and Best Buy.
Quest 2 Official Accessories Include Elite Strap, Elite Battery Strap, Carrying Case, & Fit Pack

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset

Image courtesy Logitech, Facebook
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Oculus Ready PRO Gaming HeadsetVR is the official over-ear audio solution for Oculus Quest 2. Block outside noise with over-ear leatherette earpads. The custom-length cable never gets in your way. PRO-G 50 mm audio drivers deliver amazingly clear sound imaging. Soft and light materials feel great for hours of gaming. Premium aluminum fork and steel-reinforced headband ensure reliable durability.
  • Availability: Available in North America at Oculus.com and Logitech.com, and through retail partners Amazon and Best Buy.

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  • psuedonymous

    Hopefully the G333 is made available outside the US, it’s currently not listed elsewhere.

    • Azreal42

      Yes I just looked at the same thing. But, I think there is only one stereo jack unlike on the quest 1. That would imply any headphone will do the trick.

  • flamaest

    What does the “Oculus Ready PRO Gaming HeadsetVR” look like?

  • Przemo-c

    It still boggles the mind how they went from Rift style headphones to something with worse quality audio and as a solution they suggest in ears or pretty much regular headphones…

    • mellott124

      Most likely cost reasons. Make the headphones the customers problem/choice and drop the price.

  • Rupert Jung

    Is they any over-the-ear audio solution available (Index / Reverb G2 Style)?

  • SKD007

    At least they couldn’t have provided 2160×2160 per eye and 140 FOV with 5G connectivity for PC wireless use. It would have simply made it the best headset in the world..

    • For $1000

      • SKD007

        Not really. My 700$ reverb already does 2160×2160 and it’s a year old..

  • That black headphones don’t fit well with the all-white design of the Quest 2…