Facebook officially unveiled Quest 2 today along with third-party hardware accessories offered direct from Oculus.com, which includes two new headphones from Logitech and replacement facial interfaces from VR Cover.

VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set

VR Cover facial interface for Original Quest, Image courtesy VR Cover
  • Price: $29
  • Description: The facial interface from VR Cover provides anti-fog airflow channels, removable nose guard and wipeable foam replacements that are designed to improve hygiene, immersion and comfort.
  • Availability: Available in North America at Oculus.com.

Logitech G333 VR In-Ear Headphones

Image courtesy Logitech, Facebook
  • Price: $50
  • Description: Oculus Ready G333 VR is the official in-ear audio solution for Oculus Quest 2. Fully immerse into the virtual world with audio directed into your ears only and reduce outside noise. Custom-length cable and straps provide a focused, hassle-free VR experience. Dual dedicated audio drivers deliver incredibly detail-rich sound. Choose between three flexible, soft ear tips. Aluminum housing ensures reliable durability.
  • Availability: Available in North America at Oculus.com and Logitech.com, and through retail partners Amazon and Best Buy.
Quest 2 Official Accessories Include Elite Strap, Elite Battery Strap, Carrying Case, & Fit Pack

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset

Image courtesy Logitech, Facebook
  • Price: $100
  • Description: Oculus Ready PRO Gaming HeadsetVR is the official over-ear audio solution for Oculus Quest 2. Block outside noise with over-ear leatherette earpads. The custom-length cable never gets in your way. PRO-G 50 mm audio drivers deliver amazingly clear sound imaging. Soft and light materials feel great for hours of gaming. Premium aluminum fork and steel-reinforced headband ensure reliable durability.
  • Availability: Available in North America at Oculus.com and Logitech.com, and through retail partners Amazon and Best Buy.
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  • psuedonymous

    Hopefully the G333 is made available outside the US, it’s currently not listed elsewhere.

    • Azreal42

      Yes I just looked at the same thing. But, I think there is only one stereo jack unlike on the quest 1. That would imply any headphone will do the trick.

  • flamaest

    What does the “Oculus Ready PRO Gaming HeadsetVR” look like?

  • Przemo-c

    It still boggles the mind how they went from Rift style headphones to something with worse quality audio and as a solution they suggest in ears or pretty much regular headphones…

    • mellott124

      Most likely cost reasons. Make the headphones the customers problem/choice and drop the price.

  • Rupert Jung

    Is they any over-the-ear audio solution available (Index / Reverb G2 Style)?

    • VR Ears by Rebuff Reality should work. They are on Indigogo right now

  • SKD007

    At least they couldn’t have provided 2160×2160 per eye and 140 FOV with 5G connectivity for PC wireless use. It would have simply made it the best headset in the world..

    • For $1000

      • SKD007

        Not really. My 700$ reverb already does 2160×2160 and it’s a year old..

        • Sure, but not at $299 – at that resolution at 140 FOV you aren’t going to be getting very high settings in games at 90Hz even with a 3090 (ask me how I know – as I have a 3090 AND a Reverb Pro)

          • SKD007

            For that setting and 140fov I can use medium settings and still the experience will be awesome.

            Anyway I bough quest2 and already spent 2 days with it. I will test it fully before I give it to my dad as a upgrade from his oculus go.. but I felt Q2 video looks more clearer than on HP reverb. May be because of the default color settings.. HP the colors don’t look so rich..

            I have been breaking my head trying make it work wireless on steam and no luck. The menu options are different form quest and I can’t find the side loaded ALVR app in the headset. Wasted 19$ on vertical desktop.. even with the UsBc cable I am
            Unable to get the steam VR work. Keep getting SteamVR failed. I uninstalled all the Mixed reality stuff that I have for my reverb and still won’t work. :/

          • Not and get a solid framerate you can’t – fire up the debug tools I assure you that you are NOT getting 90 FPS in a title like Elite Dangerous in all situations – ask me how I know? I have an exhaustive analysis of all graphic settings in Elite and understand the impact of this. It’s amazing how many people get emotional about their setups are are just sure they can get “fullz ultraz baby” when if they ran a debug tool they’d see they are reprojecting constantly down to a lower framerate. Now if 45 or 36 fps doesn’t bother you great, but it does most so I’m sorry but there is no GPU on the market that will deliver full ultra in AAA titles in VR at current 110 degrees let alone 170 or 200 like the Pimax headsets as again ask me how I know (as I’ve owned 16 different headsets including those). But hey, you tell yourself you are and maybe feeling that way will help.

          • Wow, seems we have very different eyes as while I’m a big fan of the Q2, especially for the money there is nothing about it better than the Reverb Pro IMHO. Colors are MUCH better on my Reverb, blacks aren’t even in the same league and resolution is also dramatically better. Again for the money the Q2 is great but no where near the Reverb.

            As for 140 sure, I get having the option of much lower settings and a wider FOV. I tested a couple Pimax headsets (5K+ and 8K) and while the FOV was great (I mostly used 170) for me the massive downgrade in visual settings was a deal breaker vs. much higher in the Reverb. That said while it was a one trick pony that one trick was pretty damn impressive.

  • That black headphones don’t fit well with the all-white design of the Quest 2…