Meta today revealed at Game Developers Conference (GDC) a fresh bit of insight into Quest Store stats.

The company says in a developer blog post there are now 500+ titles available on the Meta Quest Store, 40 of which have grossed over $10 million in revenue.

At Connect 2022 in October, the company reported that 33 titles out of the 400 apps on the Quest Store at the time had tipped over the $10 million mark. Since then, the Quest Store has ostensibly added around 100 games in the time span of around five months.

And it seems those high-earning games are picking up steam too. The number of titles at the $20-million mark has doubled year over year, Meta says.

As far as today’s stats tease go, Meta is most certainly counting all Quest apps and games on the store, and not just those targeting Quest 2 or Quest Pro. Notably, the company is sunsetting the original 2019 Quest soon.

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Chris Pruett, Meta Director of Content Ecosystem and Head of Third-party Games, outlined a few key metrics in what’s performing best on Quest:

Top game genres include multiplayer competitive, physics combat, horror adventure, fitness and workout, social collaborative, and shooters.

Growth categories include single-player narrative adventure, boxing/golf and sports, RPG, simulation, and survival.

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Referring to game revenue, Pruett says there’s a “giant correlation between quality and sales.”

“The cohorts of Quest customers over time, the ones coming in recently, look very different than the early enthusiasts,” Pruett said to the GDC crowd. “Their expectations are like those of a modern game console.’

Pruett doesn’t think we’re “anywhere close to the upper-bound for visual quality and game complexity on Quest 2—partially because we have some awesome tech that most of you aren’t using yet.” Continuing, Pruett concludes that “increased revenue potential on the platform is what’s going to drive quality.”

Despite the blogpost announce, the company hasn’t revealed any change in gross app revenue since Connect 2022. Meta is still stating it’s generated “over $1.5 billion” in revenue from Quest games, tallied from the platform’s founding in 2019 to October 2022.

We have boots on the ground at GDC 2023 in San Francisco, so we’re sure to learn more while we’re there. Make sure to check back soon for all things VR/AR gaming from this year’s GDC,

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  • Yeshaya

    “Growth categories include single-player narrative adventure, boxing golf and sports, RPG, simulation, and survival.”
    I would pay an irresponsible amount of money to play a boxing golf game. I don’t know if we have to punch the balls instead of using a putter, or maybe we box the other golfers to gain some sort of advantage. Either way I’m in.

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  • Sven Viking

    “A giant correlation between quality and sales … visual quality and game complexity…”

    Gorilla Tag has entered the chat.

    • Isaac

      It certainly has the game complexity. It’s movement is very intuitive for VR and has a high skill ceiling.

      • Sven Viking

        Definitely a high skill ceiling and a highly versatile mechanic, but the whole thing is concentrated on simplicity. There’s not even a tutorial as such, you’re intended to figure out almost everything about the movement and rules intuitively. Complex in one sense of the word but the opposite of what most people commonly think of as game complexity (often over-complexity).

      • namekuseijin

        game complexity is not moving your arms like a chimp, dude. get a grip, it’s some of the most smelly crapware ever. great to keep kids away from other games, but I wonder if it would be as popular with a pricetag…

  • Mradr

    So a little less than 8% of all titles will make something like 10mil then?

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    super quality Lol

    the enthusiasts long ago gave up on the device and the new guys coming with console expectations are obviously not engaging enough because content is obviously not meeting expectations…