‘Raw Data’ Launches out of Early Access Today with 25% Discount, Comes to PSVR October 10th


Survios’ stunning VR action game Raw Data (2017) is officially out of its long, but healthy stint on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The high-flying shooter, slicer, and high-tech beat ’em up will also be available on PlayStation VR come October 10th.

Update (10/5/17): Corrected this story to indicate that the PSVR launch of the game will come on October 10th rather than simultaneously alongside the 1.0 launch on Rift and Vive.

Update (10/5/17): ‘Raw Data’ has exited Early Access today, launching the ‘final’ version of the game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, followed by the PSVR launch on October 10th. Through October 17th players can take advantage of a 25% launch discount on Steam and Oculus. Check out the snappy new ’90s-style trailer:

Survios has also created a cool mock website for its secretly evil corporation, Eden Corp. Go to the website below and enter in the following login credentials.

Log In: Simon
PW: Ed3nLi3s

Check back for our updated review. In the meantime, check out our unscored Early Access review. You may also want to read about the interesting metrics and lessons the studio learned throughout development.

Original Article (06/17/17): Announced at E3 2017, Raw Data will launch out of Early Access simultaneously on Vive, Rift and PSVR in September, bringing a wealth of improvements to its already polished Early Access state. Raw Data’s first-person combat is some of the most impressive VR action we’ve seen to date, and recently made a comfortable transition to Oculus Touch after its debut on the Vive in July 2016; hopefully the move to PSVR will be similarly successful.

Photo courtesy Survios

Cross-platform online co-op is currently possible, but the final summer update to the PC version will see a ‘Hostile Takeover’ PvP expansion that allows ‘Eden’ vs. ‘SyndiK8’ competitive matches with up to 10 players. The trailer heading this video shows the new mode in action.

This mode is exclusive to PC, and includes new maps, revamped abilities and locomotion movesets. You can sign up to the closed beta here.

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“Our players have been clamoring for PvP ever since Raw Data’s earliest demos,” said Mike McTyre, Survios Game Design Director. “Raw Data was always meant to be played with your friends beyond traditional co-op. Now, whether it’s an intense one-on-one duel or a chaotic 10-person battle, players can actually feel the adrenaline-charged intensity of fighting for their lives—only now against each other.”

A new playable SyndiK8 hero is being introduced, Elder the Rogue Hunter, described as a “technologically-enhanced archer” armed with assassination-centric mechanics including homing arrows and holographic decoys. This adds a fourth option to the existing Bishop, Saija, and Boss characters, each offering a different play style. A “vibrant new environment set in Eden Corp’s deceptive Botanical Gardens” will also help to strengthen the launch content and increase gameplay variety.

Photo courtesy Survios

The game’s visuals are also receiving further polish, with a move to Unreal Engine’s forward renderer—used to great effect in games like Robo Recall—Survios promises a “massive graphics boost that amplifies the pixel clarity.”

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“It’s been an exciting journey building Raw Data, and it’s amazing to be here adding the final features and polish that will bring everything together,” said James Iliff, Survios Chief Creative Officer and co-founder. “Our entire development team is extremely grateful for our dedicated player community, whose support and passion drive us every day. We love hearing all the feedback from our eager fans, and we’ve implemented many of those suggestions into the title with the goal of making the most exciting VR action game in the market. It’s truly a VR experience built by and for the VR community.”

The game is being shown at Survios’ E3 booth alongside their upcoming VR platformer Sprint Vector.

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