Razer has officially launched two new Quest 2 accessories. The company is seemingly hoping its brand name will justify hefty prices that are well above similar products on the market.

Update (March 23rd, 2023): After announcing a Quest 2 headstrap and facepad at CES back in January, Razer today announced that both are now available for sale, priced at $70 each.

The Razer Quest 2 headstrap and facepad are available on Amazon and direct from Razer.

At $70 a piece, these are some of the highest priced versions of these accessories we’ve seen. Even more expensive than Meta’s own Quest 2 Elite Strap ($60) and Fit Pack ($50) which includes two facepads and lightblockers for more immersion. Not to mention similar and even more affordable offerings from smaller VR accessory companies like Kiwi Design, Rebuff Reality, and others.

Whether Razer’s offerings can be competitive at this price thanks to its larger brand name remains to be seen, but we’re all for having more options for customers.

The original article, which covers the original announcement of Razer’s Quest 2 accessories, continues below.

Original Article (January 5th, 2023): The accessories were built by Razer in collaboration with ResMed, a San Diego, California-based medical equipment company that knows its way around all-day comfort.

“Designed for long-lasting comfort and weight-balanced support, the Razer Adjustable Head Strap System was created with all head shapes in mind. The high-performance nylon material provides reliability, comfort, and durability while the optimized weight distribution allows for more balance during active gameplay. The soft adjustable straps will help gamers find their perfect fit and quick slip-on design ensures little interruption in resuming gameplay,” Razer says in a press statement.

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Image courtesy Razer

Razer’s headstrap is said to be made from a high-performance nylon material that ensures optimized weight distribution, a slip-on design, and soft adjustable straps.

The Razer Facial Interface is said to offer extended comfort and optimized support, owing to its “ultra-thin textured and profiled membranes,” the Razer Facial Interface is said to eliminate facial pressure. Made from medical grade, hypoallergenic materials, the interface blocks light while still providing ventilation.

Image courtesy Razer

Both of Razer’s VR peripherals for Quest 2 are slated to launch in the US sometime in Q1 2023, with plans to expand into other regions in the future, the company says. There’s no word on pricing, but knowing Razer, it’s definitely going to beat the third-party white label products awash on Amazon and eBay.

Additional reporting by Ben Lang

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  • Take my money, a Razer headstrap for Quest? Sign me up!

  • Foreign Devil

    Kind of late to the game. Looks like a good headstrap though.

  • Bill Lee

    Way to go Razer, nothing like getting into the VR accessories game toward the end of the Quest 2’s Lifecyle. You should have it available just in time for the Quest 3 announcement. Brilliant. I know, I know, the Quest 2 has only been out for about 2.5 years, and there will still be plenty of folks using it and not upgrading to the Quest 3 later this year, but c’mon Razer, this is an example of too little too late as the vast majority of users already have purchased face and headstrap solutions years ago. Next time take a page from VRcover, KIWI, Amavision, and AMVR just to name a few who had their Quest 2 products on the market and ready to buy within 2-3 months of the Quest 2 launch.

    • Klaus Serpente

      The quest 3 will be very similar to the quest 2 in design, so it will still be able to work with the quest 3 as well.

      • Arno van Wingerde

        Bill: you have a point, but that is for each user to decide: for me, the added comfort until the arrival of the Quest3 might be worth it. We are probably still talking about a year until we get the Quest3 in our shaking hands!

      • Do we actually have CAD confirmation that the headstrap sides will be identical to Quest 2, so headstraps will be interchangeable? I’ve not heard that as of yet.

      • Bobby

        Based on leaks, the USB C/Headphone jack are intergraded into the straps themselves so a Quest 2 3rd party strap would block those ports.

  • Volodymyr Melnyk

    Have you ever tried existing top 3 solutions? Have you ever seen gamers? I’ll give you a hint: “over-ear headphones”. There are already pretty good straps but none of them is comfortable with over-ear headphones. And you invented one more such thing…

    • Ookami

      yeah I really love those headphones on the g2, I can’t imagine switching to a non over-ear headphone solution


    Looks promising….I will certainly watch for the early reviews.

  • squirrel

    If it is from Razer, it will probably require a cloud connection to operate or adjust the headstrap, and then will leak your data in their next data breach.

  • Till Eulenspiegel

    Instead of straps, there should be an accessory that looks like a motorcycle helmet that you can wear. It will be more comfortable and protects your head from injury if you tripped and fell. Razor can easily decorates the helmet with RGB lighting like a Christmas tree.

    • Arno van Wingerde

      Nice idea, but heavy and warm… not to mention expensive!

      • Lucidfeuer

        that was sarcasm

  • ViRGiN

    Geez, I wonder why everyone is doing everything for Quest 2 and never anything for PCVR?

    • J Marcos Patricio

      Cause most people, including myself, use the q2 for PCVR.

      • ViRGiN

        “most”. PCVR playerbase is pretty much the same as before quest, so all you did was upgrade to the _best_ headset

    • Bobby

      I think because the Quest 2 is the only headset with removable straps that’s why.

    • LOL

      Ignorant troll alert!

  • Ookami

    Razer is getting into VR accessories? that’s pretty cool.

  • CrazyTrain

    Another VR headset to add to my growing closet collection.

    • FrankB

      It’s not a new VR headset.

  • Arno van Wingerde

    Well, as a Quest2 user and Resmed Abnoe mask wearer, I can certainly testify that the abnoe mask is way more comfortable: not just due to weight and size but also due to the materials used, which seem WAY more comfortable than anything that has been on my Quest2. Definitely worth checking out!

  • david vincent

    Interesting design for lying down

  • J Marcos Patricio

    Razer? So it’s gonna be crap and cost 10 times more?

  • Wonder why they wouldn’t make a halo strap? They are by far the most comfortable to use. The generic Chinese one I bought for $40 has been a godsend.