Social VR platform Rec Room is getting another big brand collaboration with the limited-time release of avatar items based on the world of Masters of the Universe, which will let you transform into He-Man, Teela, or the dastardly Skeletor.

From December 15th to March 31st, Rec Room users will be able to don the armor inspired by the legendary heroes and boney villain from the Masters of the Universe franchise. To get a copy of the avatar items, just visit the stylized pop-up of Castle Grayskull which will be in the platform’s Rec Center hub.

Ok, so He-Man is clearly missing the massive, rippling muscles you’ll see in all of the franchise’s cartoons, which include the original ’80s show, 2002 reboot, and 2021 re-reboots, but the trailer is certainly on point with everything else:

The collaboration represents another big step for Rec Room, as content is based on the official Masters of the Universe IP owned by Mattel. In the past, Rec Room has run similar events too, such as its collaboration with the NBA to bring team jerseys and branded basketballs to the platform and an event featuring popular YouTuber Mr. Beast.

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As a platform that tends to skew to the younger crowd thanks to it not only being free, but available cross-platform across essentially all flatscreen devices and VR headsets, the He-Man licensing agreement may prove as a valuable test case for similar brand engagement vehicles in the future. After all, Mattel owns a mountain of kid-friendly IP that may just as well fit in the growing platform, including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Polly Pocket, Thomas & Friends, Monster High, Bob The Builder, and Pingu to name a few.

And all of that’s possible thanks to Rec Room’s $294 million lifetime financing and reported $3.5 billion valuation. Since the studio last reported Q1 2022 data, Rec Room has attracted over 75 million lifetime users across all platforms, with a reported 29 million active players worldwide.

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  • namekuseijin

    meh, looks like just collectibles. not sure this even deserves a mention in VR, given the game is now mostly played by flatlanders…

    • Jubhub

      I have been playing for a year now and you only see a flat-screen player every now and again, I never play non-RROs so thats probably why

  • Ad

    3 billion? What’s the catch?

  • ViRGiN

    instead of covering success story of contractors vr, RtVR once again chooses slow news days mentioning absolute obsolete stuff.

  • Well, this is cool. I really hope it looks like that with all the transformations and stuff.

  • sfmike

    Meta should have bought Rec Room.

    • ViRGiN

      and immediatly close it down

      • Dawid

        I think everything what you don’t like should be closed down immediately as it does not matter that others like it.

  • Anonymous

    I never understand why Rec Room could be successful but Horizon not so much. Both are heaps of garbage with those unsophisticated, unvaried, dumb avatars that came from designs almost 2 decades old.

    • Jubhub

      Horizon has no redeeming qualities, Rec Room has games in it that give you free stuff, almost all content in the game can be earned instead of bought, a level system, very fun games like Crimson Cauldron which also gives you free clothes when you win while still being fun no matter how much you play it, if you are good at ignoring and avoiding the infants (just block or change rooms) you can have loads of fun

      • ViRGiN

        it looks fuking trash, which disqualifies it from every ‘woke’ VR user ever. rec room is for yours and my parents, who get Q2 as a xmas gift.
        It’s the metaverse that everyone else will make jokes off. I don’t want minecraft-type to be representative of VR. And rec room, along with other high-end titles like beat saber and gorilla tag is exactly that.

        • namekuseijin

          you’re one though beef. You hate both Alyx and Rec Room lol

          Rec Room gets some respect from me for very decent VR interactions and menus, the only full-fledged creation system across all platforms and for having one of the first VR BR games.

          Alyx has name and AAA looks. I’m long past that. I’d rather be playing Rush or Ancient Dungeon…

          • ViRGiN

            Ancient Dungeon was awesome when I tried it during applab; now i’m mostly consumed in Contractors.
            I’ll revisit AD with multiplayer.
            Compound came way too late for my taste, and kinda hard to justify the price tag compared to other offerings. Money is not really an issue here.

            I’d be way more relaxed about Alyx if it followed HL2 footsteps – more melee, and true multiplayer.
            It was literally the only title that could shake up things in VR FPS online, and serve as testing ground before CSGO VR, which may or may not come to VR at some point.
            Valve is sitting on several goldmines, but what they like sitting even more on, is insane world wealth in the hands of people you could count on single hand.

            Those ~350 employeees really shows whenever you try to interact with support. Worst customer service ever. Takes days to respond, and every time it’s a different person repeating the same questions or straight up ignoring you. I reported Vail developers reviewing their own games, Vail developers sending unsolicited friend requests and guess what – nothing. They just stopped responding, and no action was ever taken. You can still see their own team reviewing their own game postiviely.

            Needless to say, I would delegalize Steam, and personally will never purchase anything ever again there if I have the choice. They won’t ever talk about LGBT or Ukraine, yet they will change their store to black and white as an honour to dead communist, thanks to “invisible law”. Valve is always about the money, ever since they released HL2. So much for being “neutral”.