Minecraft, one of the most influential games to support nearly every modern gaming device in history, may be coming to PSVR soon.

Games publication MP1st reports that an internal developer build of the game on PS4 launched yesterday, update 2.03. The publicly available version on the PlayStation Store is currently at 2.06, which launched in mid-April.

Change logs obtained by MP1st reportedly show that developers have been working on PSVR support since at least April, and that now internal developer notes list it as “PSVR Feature Completed”.

A separate update tracker shows that the 2.03 internal patch does indeed support PSVR, although there’s no indication when (or if) this internal build will push out to regular consumers.

Thankfully for its developers, Minecraft has been adapted to several VR platforms by now, with Samsung Gear VR getting the first official implementation back in 2016; a full-fledged version of the game arrived on PC VR platforms a few months later.

As with all reports, we’re waiting to see this one for ourselves before rushing to any conclusions. That said, the evidence suggests we’ll finally get Minecraft on PSVR.

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  • Jeff Axline

    This needs to come to Quest and PCVR Steam

  • kool

    It might be worth checking out

  • Lucas Cunningham

    Looks like im getting PSVR despite already owning a Quest. Also, why did is this coming out before servers or realms? (Most likely $ony’s fault no doubt)

  • ComfyWolf

    I know PSVR is pretty successful, but I feel like there’s probably bigger demand for a Quest version.

    • Kataki kun


    • PJ


  • Wojtas!

    Yeah! Can’t wait!

  • Jeremiah Robinson

    Just installed this in anticipation of the next patch.

  • PJ

    I wouldn’t get too excited, As it stands Minecraft in VR is crap..

    It’s should be amazing, but sadly it’s quite frankly terrible

  • Wojtas!

    Ladies and gentlemen, here we go! The wait is over, Minecraft PSVR is here!