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As we’ve done during other big events, the Road to VR team is using the Rev VR Podcast to recap their daily adventures at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. What did they see today? Ben Lang and Paul James talk about their experiences with all of the budding VR tech on day one at CES.

Avegant Glyph is showing off their production model, and it looks very sleek. Touting themselves as a “gateway” to VR, this device hooks up to any HDMI compatible system and allows a 720p, stereoscopic 3D experience that is sure to turn some heads thanks to it’s DLP based ‘Virtual Retina Display’. The Glyph is also offers a high-end audio experience.

Sixense has their latest STEM system attached not only to the DK2, but also the Gear VR to provide that much-needed positional tracking. Showing off their already popular light saber demo is a great way to take advantage of the wireless capabilities of the STEM/Gear VR combo.

After listening to all of us yammer on for the last few months about how amazing Oculus’ Crescent Bay demo is, Paul finally got a taste of it for himself. It sounds like it was worth the wait. Ben reports that while the experiences being demoed with the Crescent Bay are similar to those shown at Oculus Connect, there are a few differences that made it worthwhile.

Razer is jumping into the VR game with their fully hackable, open source device called OSVR. With comparable specs to the Oculus Rift HD Prototype at a reasonable price point, it will be interesting to see how OSVR fairs in the upcoming consumer VR market.

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No news yet on 3D-Head, but I encouraged the guys to check it out once they got a chance.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap where Ben and Paul will report on the Virtuix Omni and several other notable VR companies.

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