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It’s time for the day three recap as our pals Ben Lang and Paul James report on even more VR stuff from CES 2015. The meetings continue to stack up, and they are running on empty today. Luckily, they were able to call into the podcast from the actual show floor to report on today’s findings. Let’s listen to what fun things they got to experience today.

Rev VR Podcast: CES 2015 Recap – Day 3

Jaunt, the company who has been bringing us amazing 3D 360 degree content for our mobile and desktop HMDs, took some time to talk to our guys today. Not much new to report, but it looks like they are still plugging away at making some great content for our devices.

Next up was Technical Illusions, who were showing off their pre-production CastAR prototype and demonstrating their augmented reality setup. Ben reports that the multiplayer ball game is really impressive and he can’t wait to plaster his apartment walls with retro-reflective material.

Do you want a VR smartphone adapter that will fold up and fit in your pocket? Pinc VR might be the perfect thing for you. They got a chance to check this out and were more than impressed with this option. Like we said yesterday, there is going to be a heavy flow of VR smartphone holders hitting the market very soon.

And finally… 3DHead. Is it the “Oculus Killer” that everyone was talking about?

Of course not. It was nothing more than an unfortunate marketing scheme with very little actual tech to back it up. Stay tuned to Road to VR for a full interview with a 3DHead representative.

Why "Embodiment" is More Important Than "Immersion" – Inside XR Design

One more day! Tomorrow’s agenda includes Immersion ImmersionVrelia, Vrvana, and Seebright.

Stay tuned as we conclude our CES 2015 recaps tomorrow!

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