I met Alex and Kuangwei at Oculus Connect last year, and we had a great time talking about VR video and their company’s vision for the future. Now, they join me on the podcast to share their vision with the rest of the community.

Rev VR Podcast – Episode 101

With a very soft launch of Vrideo.com last month, Alex and Kuangwei’s team began their quest to become a provider of virtual reality video content for all of our VR headsets. Sure, the big guys like YouTube are soon to be taking VR for a spin, but so far they are not focusing the much-needed attention to it like Vrideo.

We discuss the concept of ‘killer apps’ for VR, and how delivery of VR-ready video content is definitely going to be one. Sporting events, concerts, and out-of-town family parties will hopefully build the demand for consumer ready video devices which can make the type of content that Vrideo is ready to provide. Right now, GoPro rigs, and Ricoh Thetas are leading the way. This will change soon enough.

I want to encourage everyone to go try out Vrideo’s site and test out their content with your Oculus Rift mobile VR device. Follow the instructions and you will find how easy it is to consume the growing library of content. You might even want to contribute your own videos to the site. Either way, it is a big win for the VR community.

I want to thank Alex and Kuangwei for being fantastic guests on this episode, and I look forward to hanging out with them again at the SVVR Expo this May.

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    It’s hard for people to imagine that a huge company like Youtube with so many resources could ever come in 2nd once they’ve decided to compete, but it happens all the time. It’s not because Youtube doesn’t have good people. They have brilliant engineers, but they all get to go home at 5pm and not think twice about it. They’re not hungry for it like the underdogs. Stay hungry, guys. You’ve got this.