I recently attended VR Launchpad 2015, a one day event where VR startups had a chance to pitch their ideas to investors and the community. The event was presented by SVVR and Road to VR and held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. As usual, several well-known VR personalities attended, and I took the opportunity to catch up with my good friend and fellow podcaster, Cris Miranda.

Rev VR Podcast: Episode 110

Back at the first SVVR Expo, Cris and I, along with the other podcasters in the VR community, had a chance to sit down with Palmer Luckey and record our first UberCast. We recorded this in the media room at the Computer History Museum, so Cris and I felt it necessary to use that same room for this podcast.

We discuss the pitches, our current take on the state of the industry, and our outlook on the future of several VR trends. As with any conversation with Cris goes, we did approach a few rabbit holes along the way. Overall, I really enjoyed having this opportunity to ramble a bit with a fellow VR evangelist, and look forward to continuing to have this type of conversation as we witness the progress of this growing industry.

Be sure to check out Cris’ podcast, EnterVR, for more exciting content from his wonderful mind.

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