The guys from Kite & Lightning have already been on the Rev VR Podcast twice, and now Ikrima is back again to introduce their exciting new VR game title, ‘Bebylon Battle Royale’.

Rev VR Podcast: Episode 111

Before the podcast started, Ikrima sent me an image from the game that sent me into a laughing fit. A baby, tatted up and wearing a fedora, with a sinister look on his face. I knew right away that this was going to be a fun conversation.

bebylon-battle-royaleIt sounds like Kite & Lightning has put together a solid mix of humor, gameplay, and virtual reality, to create a multiplayer experience that will resonate deeply with hardcore gamers. Hearing that this title will also be available on a variety of HMDs within the next year or so just sweetens the deal.

I look forward to seeing more footage and screenshots from ‘Bebylon Battle Royale‘, and am very happy to have Ikrima on the show once again.

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