Almost none of the predictions I made during my 2014 year-end podcast were correct. In fact, If you listen to that podcast now, most of the comments I make could technically be made again right now and still be relevant. Despite the fact that 2015 wasn’t the breakthrough year for VR that we wanted, I still felt the need to do a quick summary and make some final observations.

Rev VR Podcast – Episode 114

2015 didn’t put consumer level products on the shelf. In fact, despite the iterations that were reported and demoed, not much at all was released out to the public. Sure, we got the HTC Vive, and a few mocap Kickstarters were fulfilled, but overall, we didn’t get any huge hardware dumps like we got in previous years.

VR events, like Oculus Connect 2, were a huge improvement over last year’s. And while it’s a blast to attend these big expos, I kind of miss the small intimate collective that we started out with just a few years ago. As the industry grows, these expos will continue to draw bigger crowds. I’m not saying this is good or bad, it is just a definite change in the atmosphere.

Another change that is already beginning to occur is the increase in new folks entering the online communities. Comments and conversations that took place over two years ago are beginning to cycle back as the rookie enthusiasts attempt to play catchup to the knowledge base of the veteran community members. It may frustrate some, but it is our duty as the keepers of this knowledge to continue teaching and growing the community as we have for the last few years.

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My podcasts have not been as frequent in the past few months, as real life and a dramatic career move have required more of my attention than usual. Hopefully 2016 will bring me more time and a renewed process for my digital media output.

As we wrap up 2015, I want to thank my family and friends for being so supportive this past year, and to the dedicated fans of VR and my podcast for keeping the passion alive and my presence appreciated.

Here is hoping that 2016 will FINALLY be the year of VR!

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  • user

    annoying guy. if you dont want to answer questions of “noobs”, dont do it.

    and i dont think 360 video will be the last word on video recording. its not day 1 of archiving. its only 1 step further in a process.

  • P. Pzwski

    “2015 didn’t put consumer level products on the shelf”. Amen. Vr is still virual as 20 years ago…

  • Phil Godfrey

    You have a podcast? I will check out your previous episodes now. I don’t want to miss anything.