In this episode of the Rev VR Podcast, I am joined by my good pals over at the Left-Handed VR Podcast, Bob (aka Coznefx), Jason (aka Apieceoffruit, and Matt (aka Holotape). We discuss GDC, STEM, Lighthouse occlusion, Hover Junkers, and much more.

Rev VR Podcast – Episode 116

It is nice to break away from the standard interview format once in a while. Crossover episodes are always fun to record, especially with the LHVR gang, because you get a wide variety of personalities interacting and debating in a more relaxed manner.

We have a fantastic conversation about the separation between Vive and Rift fans on the /r/oculus subreddit. Which one wins out, and who canceled their orders? You will have to listen to find out.

Thanks to the LHVR guys for joining me in this episode. Be sure to check out their podcast and follow them on Twitter.

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  • John Smith

    Loved the joint podcast, guys. You had me cracking up all throughout.

  • Bryan Ischo

    I prefer when you talk about the topic at hand instead of random things. Hard to listen to when I want to hear informed discussion of the products and I can’t find anything except in jokes and non sequitur banter.

    • Bryan Ischo

      Also, the Irish (?) guy is reasonable to listen to. The American guy with the deeper voice is super annoying with no useful perspective and I just wanted him to stop speaking every time he opened his mouth.

      • Bryan Ischo

        Stopped listening around 34:00. I have better things to do with my time than listen to another internet moron try to justify their personal operating system bias, and/or whine and complain about their personal “twitter battles” with other morons.

        I might listen again if you get that guy off the show. Otherwise, no thanks.

        • Jason Lee

          Hate to say it but ‘That Guy’ you are refering to is the host of this Podcast. Rev Kyle. I usually enjoy this podcast but the randomly outrageous speculation of Sony’ VR product because of their lack caring for it since it isn’t PC was unfair. I thought this was a VR Podcast – not a PC elitist radio show. Then we get OS and product bashing, and just plain complaining throughout. Not good.

    • Jason Lee

      Very much agree. It was a bunch of bitching and complaining by Kyle with little constructive talk. The Irish dude was the saving grace of this.

  • Mateusz

    I prefer traditional interview format.

  • Kraufthauser

    Sorry, couldn’t listen to this crap. I usually enjoy the rev’s podcasts…..

    Edit: removed unfriendly remark.

  • Mario Baldi

    One of the most annoying podcasts I ever heard.
    Just bashing everyone else’s opinion is not the most professional way to democratize VR.

  • Jib

    How can you be that scared of Sisters that you stop playing, you wus, I thought you where hardcore VR evangelists.

    Also why do you have such old graphics card in your home PC? you need at least a GTX 970.

  • George

    The Apple-bashing segment was self-indulgent and misinformed. I will probably keep listening to the podcast but for me, Reverend Kyle definitely lost a lot of credibility with that ill-informed rant.

  • Brandon Toy

    And with that, I have officially stopped listening to this podcast. Glad to see other people expressing similar views in the comments here. I’ve always cringed a little bit while listening to this podcast, but this one just crossed too many lines. Very misinforming anti-Apple rant with no real correlation to VR. I personally can’t part with OSX as of yet, despite attempting to do so several times in my life. Still, I’m pretty sure my computer would admirably outperform Kyle’s little machine.

  • Jacob Stewart

    Wow a lot of vitriol in the comments. Loved the podcast. I like it when my 2 favorite podcasts collaborate.