I’ve been home for a week, but I am still riding the high from the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference & Expo.  There are so many wonderful experiences to talk about, so I invited a fellow attendee, Forest Gibson, to join me for a chat.

Forest is a VR enthusiast, a developer, an internet personality, and a good drinking buddy.  We share our impressions of the talks, panels, booths, and everything else we consumed during the event. We give you our own personal feeling on the technology we tried, including the major players in the HMD race. We discuss Sony’s Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift DK2, GameFace, VRelia, Durovis Dive, Sixense STEM, PrioVR, and so many other amazing projects.

For those of you who didn’t see it, Forest was also present for the historical photo taken at the sushi bar after Monday night’s events.  He can be seen directly to the left of Palmer Luckey.

"The Virtual Last Supper" Courtesy of Cosmo Scharf's iPhone
“The Virtual Last Supper” Courtesy of Cosmo Scharf’s iPhone

We are both very excited to watch as this budding industry grows and are proud to have been present for this first of many VR Expos.

Thanks to Forest for being such a wonderful guest!

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  • Jarom Madsen

    Thanks for the coverage and review fellas! I for one am super excited about the Horde game Forest is working on. Multiplayer games for the win!