When the guys at Survios invited me over to check out their setup, I had no idea that it would turn into an epic podcast that felt more like a recorded party than an interview.

This was the largest group I’ve had on my podcast at one time. It was also a big surprise to be joined by Scott Broock of Jaunt as well. We circled around the microphone, grabbed a few “beverages” and had a terrific conversation. What did we talk about?  Everything from zombie digestive systems to the possibilities of virtual conferences. Giving a description of this conversation would not do it justice. Listen for yourself and you’ll understand.


Here is the circle:

  • Reverend Kyle, host.
  • James Iliff, Co-Founder & CCO of Survios
  • Hunter Kitagawa, Community Manager at Survios
  • Scott Broock, Vice President of Content at Jaunt
  • Ben Lang, Big Chief at Road to VR
  • Nathan Burba, Co-Founder & CEO at Survios
  • Graham Matuszewski, Software Engineer at Survios

I started off by trying Zombies on the Holodeck. Wow! A completely self contained VR experience that truly made me forget that I was in a room being watched by a bunch of people. Their tracking system and gameplay was spot on, and it was an extremely satisfying feeling.

Thanks to the guys at Survios, Scott from Jaunt, and everyone in the audience for making this such an amazing podcast.

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  • Siew

    very interesting discussion.
    but i found the laughing a bit too loud and annoying^^

  • Siew

    i suggest watching Virtually Incorrect.
    its a much less chaotic discussion, in which the participants are not trying to drown each other ;)

  • sponge101

    A bunch of guys talking about killing zombies in vr– what more can vr fans ask for?
    But in all seriousness, we need to solve the problem locomotion because people are going to be in confined spaces and they’re going to be hitting things while they’re moving around in vr space.

  • WiredEarp

    New ZOTH looks great! Glad to see its no longer black and white only. The old version was already the best VR game I’ve played – its loads of fun to drop your gun and pull your pistols out!