I sent my wife, Elizabeth, to the store to gather up all of the items we needed to build Google Cardboard from scratch. An hour later, we had it built and in this episode of the Rev VR Podcast, we give our impressions.

At first, it seemed like it was going to be easy to build. We had our “good scissors” and a sharp X-Acto knife, so we thought we were ready to go. It was a daunting task to cut out all of those slots and holes, but we finally got through it.

I filmed the entire process of building it, as you can see here:

The nice thing about having my wife and children trying out new VR gear is that I get a good sense of how the average consumer is going to respond to it. My wife is not a tech geek in any way, so her opinion is usually an honest representation of the masses.

See? She has a normal size head.
See? She has a normal sized head.

The first thing she noticed is that it was not comfortable on her head. She felt that it was digging into her nose, and her reading glasses didn’t fit at all. She feels like VR companies are going to need to take into consideration that everyone’s head is not the same.

We take a look at the Android app that Google provided, and it has a few good points mixed with a few bland ones. All in all, it is a good first move for Google, but it will surely need to be improved if they want to impress the VR community.

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A big thanks to Elizabeth for taking the time to talk to the VR community.

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    It’s pretty amazing that you could actually send your wife to gather stuff for you :)