Most of you already know Nick Pittom from his successful Kickstarter for “RedOfPaw’s Big Crazy Stupid VR Adventure and American Pie”. What you might not know is that he is also working with developer Jon Hibbins on an amazing VR dungeon crawler game called Crystal Rift.

We discuss the differences between games today, and old-school games from the past like Atari’s Adventure (1979). The elements that make these traditional games so much fun need to be brought forward into today’s games as well.

Is Crystal Rift a horror game? Not at all. We discuss how a good game mechanic can be enhanced by a few jump scares if the player wishes, but Crystal Rift gives you the option if you feel like the game stands well enough on its own, which it totally does.

I mention in the podcast that I will be sharing my playthrough from a previous Live Sunday stream. Here you go:

The conversation flowed into a small discussion about Ready Player One, and whether or not the book is correctly predicting the future of VR. We also touch a bit on Alien: Isolation and I share my wife’s experience while playing it at E3 2014.

Please go out and support Crystal Rift on Steam. They need votes for their Greenlight campaign, and you can help them succeed.

I want to thank Jon and Nick for sharing their stories and being such fantastic guests.

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