Several folks emailed me and asked, “Where is the podcast with the Apollo 11 developers!?” Great idea. I reached out to the developers, David and Sandra Whelan, and Drash, to talk about their hot new Kickstarter campaign.

Rev VR Podcast – Episode 95

Most of you know David and Sandra as the folks responsible for the popular website, Virtual Reality Reviewer. Drash is also a well-known name in the VR community for his hit title, Titans of Space. David reached out to Drash to team up on a new virtual reality experience, and it looks like they have created something wonderful.

Education is important to all members of this team, and they want to use the power of VR to connect students with significant moments of the past. Their first project seeks to recreate the the Apollo 11 lunar mission, putting students in the seats and spacesuits of the first people to ever step foot on the moon. They’ve already taken their experience out to local schools to demonstrate the power of virtual reality to the next generation.

Their Kickstarter campaign will give them the opportunity to take this experience beyond their already amazing demo. They want to add much more to the educational side, plus take you to the moon and allow you to freely walk around. Going forward, the company behind the project, Immersive Education, plans several other historical experiences, including a glimpse at the trenches of World War 1 and a stroll through a medieval town in the midst of the Black Plague.

I encourage you to go back the Apollo 11 Kickstarter right now. If you want more information about their vision for education in VR, you can also visit their website.

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I want to thank David, Sandra, and Drash for taking the time out of their busy schedule to talk to the community about their project.

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