Annie and Peter are two virtual reality fanatics who worked together, found virtual reality, became friends, started a company, and founded a VR meetup. You can’t have a better story than that.

Rev VR Podcast – Episode 97

I’ve been chatting with both of them about being on my podcast for a while now. Several times I encountered one or both of them in a Riftmax event, and through an online conversation. Annie and Peter have both been active members in the VR community for some time.

The timing of this episode is perfect, because this weekend, they will be showing off their latest project, Virtual Runway, in public for the first time. What is the most obvious place to demonstrate a virtual fashion show? At a real fashion show, of course. Their plan is to usurp the attention of the fashionistas and transport them into the future of digital runway experiences.

Their project relies on stereoscopic 3D video that Peter films with his own custom rig. Relying on conventional 3D techniques, the effect is effective and perfectly suited for the seated VR experience. This is just the first step though. Eventually, Peter and Annie want to take this to the next level and use more advanced filming mechanics to allow the users to move around within their virtual fashion show.

Atlanta has a large share of VR enthusiasts. When Annie and Peter decided to host their first Atlanta VR Meetup, they had no idea that 150 people would show up. As most of you know, hosting a VR meetup has its challenges. Organization and flow of demo tables are just some of the obvious obstacles, especially with so many people. As they planned for their second meetup, they were determined to make the experience a more efficient one. They were successful, and each following event was a huge improvement over the first.

I want to wish Annie and Peter much success with their Virtual Runway presentation this weekend, and I am looking forward to seeing photos and hearing the results of the event. If you would like to see them as well, follow Annie and Peter on Twitter.

If you are in the Atlanta area, and would like more information about their meetup, check out their page.

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